The Fall – A Short Poem

Falling in love is hard. It’s like trying to catch a train that’s going too fast. It’s like being on top of a mountain enjoying the view but wishing you could share it. The top. The wind. The cool breeze that lights a fire inside you. But then… You find a person to stand by you. Someone who knows the feelings of wanting, of hoping, of dreaming. You fall. You fall because that’s unknowingly what you’ve always wanted You fall further and further. They aren’t by your side anymore. You’ve hit bottom. alone again in the darkness alone. waiting for a train moving too fast to ever catch. waiting to find your way back to the top to fall once again. Falling in love in easy. falling out is hard. Hey! Thanks for watching that! Sorry I’m making and outro for this. I just wanted to say thank you to my friend Steven for being my love interest in this video my friend, Mary, for being everything. Cameraman, director of photography, making this happen and Alanna for doing the music score. All their links will be in the description. See you later. click now for my last video! 10 facts about me [CC]

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