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hi guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to do a writing tag because I really like doing author and writer and whatever e-tags now this tag I've been seeing around author tube for quite some time and I just haven't gotten around to actually doing it but I kept seeing videos about it and it kept reminding me so I'm going to do it today now this is the fearless writer tag which was originally created by Kim chance and Edward grey as part of a collaboration so I'm just going to jump right into the questions and I haven't really planned any of these like usually I read through the questions beforehand at least come up with an idea but I just feel like going for it today and seeing what happens the first question is lies what is the biggest fallacy you're telling yourself with writing / being a writer I'm not entirely sure how to answer this question I guess one of the fallacies that I could talk about concerning being a writer and writing in general is that a writer or authors on line numbers as in like how many subscribers they have on YouTube how many followers they have an Instagram or Twitter somehow determines their success as a writer it's very difficult within the writing community to not compare yourself to other writers and authors and I do this all the time even though I constantly try to tell myself this isn't a challenge this isn't a competition you're only working and focusing on your own stuff and still I feel like whenever I see someone with more subscribers or followers or whatever somehow I feel like that equates to them being a more successful author but in reality it doesn't necessarily add up that way a person can have tons of followers but actually have nothing published and therefore they're not making any money whereas I am making some money of my writing even though I'm not like a best-seller by any means whatsoever so I guess the biggest fallacy is that subscribers and numbers and followers somehow equals success and the only success I guess that counts as if you are really concerned with this is having a bunch of numbers like you have good followers but does that necessarily mean that you're a good writer or a successful author with a good income no I'm just gonna leave it at that because I don't want to ramble on every single freaking question as I tend to do in tags number two starting new does the first draft scare you or motivate you the first draft totally motivates me whenever I see a blank page I'm not like oh my gosh this could just go everywhere I go nowhere to me it's like this could go anywhere like there's so many possibilities I think starting a new book or a new story or whatever tends to be a little bit easier because I'm not already tied down to the plot and the characters and all the action that I already have done so for me I prefer starting a new book because it just feels like a clean slate a fresh start it just the sky's the limit when it comes to what could actually happen in the story whereas editing is a bit more daunting to me because I'm like oh great now I have to fix all this stuff and make sure everything adds up all across the entire storyline and that's just not as much fun for me number three roadblock what's your number one obstacle stopping you from writing so far nothing has stopped me from writing I still try to be as consistent as possible but the biggest obstacle to me right now is just juggling all the stuff going on in my life and making time to write and I know people always say we all have 24 hours in a day and that's great and that may be true but not all of us have to divide our 24 hours evenly into the same types of things just having the time and adequate time to really get into a good writing session is one of the most difficult roadblocks I have right now number four reflect how can you overcome the obstacle well since the obstacle is just basically really good time management I guess continue doing what I'm doing and be as diligent about it as possible one of the things that I did do to sort of increase the amount of time I have to write is I stopped blogging as often I mean I haven't posted a new blog post in a while which I should still do periodically because that's just good for your website anyway but by giving up a strict every Sunday blogging post schedule that was an auth phone I gave myself more time to write on Sundays ideally I would write every single day but since that's not my reality I have to do what I can so as of right now my current writing schedule is Tuesday Thursday and Sunday and I tried to get through at least one chapter because I'm currently going through edits rather than actually writing a new draft but by sticking to a concrete schedule I've definitely seen that I'm making more progress than I was before when I only had two days a week to work on writing number five perfection how can you challenge yourself to get past the perfectionism procrastination trap I'm assuming this question means people who are so focused on everything being perfect that they procrastinate and end up not writing anything because they're worried that it won't be perfect I don't really have that issue because I've been writing since I was really young so I was very used to my writing being absolute crap the first time through so I'm just sort of like okay with it not being perfect so I don't procrastinate in that particular way however the issue that I do have when it comes to perfectionism is when I'm editing because editing is when you really want stuff to start being much more concrete or you want the cement to be more dry and so it's really hard for me to be like you know what the book is done it's okay you can set it aside and blood of fire has been published for over a year now and I still find myself thinking you know maybe if I just tweak this little thing or that little thing so I do find myself trying to be a perfectionist when it comes to that like when I'm in the very end stages of editing and getting ready to publish or just call the project done but yeah I mean I guess I just have to be like hey it's okay that it's not a completely perfect 100% best novel in the world project it's it's just going to be as good as you can get it and that's okay number six failure sucks how can you grow from a failure when it comes to writing I guess it really depends on what I consider a failure and I guess the only way that I would consider something of failure is if I just didn't finish a project because when it comes to writing and arts and creativity everything is subjective it's not like there is one way and one way only that this project can be considered like a success in my terms of failure as long as I finish some and feel like I did a good enough job then I will have overcome the potential failure but I don't really see like a ton of big failures I mean there's plenty of projects that I started not finished so I guess I consider those failures but as long as I finished something then I didn't really fail in my mind if that makes sense yeah I guess that makes sense to me so that makes me really curious as to what you guys would consider a writing failure in your mind do you consider like if you did something incorrectly and the draft would that be a failure or do you have like publishing failures like I don't know what is considered a failure for other people in terms of writing you have any ideas on that leave them below in the comments because I'm genuinely curious seven rejection sucks – how can you grow / learn from rejection so I had this problem more when I was querying for what do they call literary magazines because I'm indie publisher I'm self-published I never had that rejection from like an agent or publishing house but I got plenty of rejections or just ignored submissions from literary magazines and I guess part of the way I kind of worked around that was I ultimately decided to self-publish because I got sick of hearing no or your piece is good but not good enough for us but on the other hand when it comes to actually managing the rejections I tried to think of it more as they just didn't like my work it's not that my work is bad or that no one will like it it just means that it didn't fit their particular criteria especially when it comes to literary magazines I get emails I'm at an emailing list I can't think of the name it's got like a really weird long title I guess I can't think of the name where they will send to anyone who subscribed to the newsletter email whatever will get military magazines and contests that are asking for submissions I couldn't think of that for some reason my brain is pretty fried and a lot of those things will ask for very specific stuff like we want short stories from african-american women who live in Georgia like some of them are super specific and of course I wouldn't submit to something like that because I don't fit that criteria at all I just try to think of it as okay so this particular magazine does these sorts of things and publishes this sort of stuff and mine just didn't quite fit the bill that doesn't mean that I'm a bad writer or that that particular story or poem or whatever was bad it just means it's not what they're looking for so I try to think of it not as like a personal attack or saying something debating about me or my writing it's just not what they were interested in at that time did that answer the question what was the question my head hurts number eight create action how do you keep moving towards your goals I think this ties back to just like being really consistent and having a schedule if I don't have like a concrete schedule then it's not that nothing gets done it's just nothing gets done on time or exactly the way that I wanted to so the way that I keep moving towards my goals is to just be very consistent and to always show up at the scheduled time that I set for myself I'm very big on like routines and schedules and being a complete workaholic even though writing is considered my part-time job it's not like what I do all the time I still treat it like a full-time job in the sense that at this time on this day I need to be sitting at my desk doing this and this and this and don't worry about distractions just sit there until this time and then you'll move on to something else I think that's just my kind of I guess advice about goals in general it's being very consistent and being very what's the word conscientious is that the word I'm thinking of just kind of forcing yourself to stick to the goals that you set for yourself and actually working towards them and doing whatever small steps that it takes to get from one point to the next you know kind of like a staircase you know if the planning or drafting stage is the bottom floor then what do you have to do to get all the way up to the top assuming that the top is publication or whatever number nine new year new outlook if fear wasn't holding you back what would you be doing right now to further your writing dreams I guess that really depends on what I'm supposed to fear about writing I guess I guess there is that fear of rejection the fear that I'll publish something and people will just hate it people have not hated blood of fires so I'm not super concerned about that but if it does eventually get more well known and more readers inevitably people are gonna dislike something about it so much that they give it like a 1 or 2 star review that's a fear I guess is just having bad reception about my writing and not even just the blood of fire series but any books that I'll write in the future because I do want to go back and forth between fantasy and contemporary and I feel like it would be kind of scary or disappointing if I published a contemporary book and people were like oh no you're supposed to be a fantasy writer you can do that which yeah I can because I want to if my fear is like fear of bad reception what would I do right now to further my writing dreams I guess I would just keep writing and trying to become a better writer increase my skills read more stuff within my genre z' and try to learn as much as I can and keep publishing and just trying to be consistent but I really wanted to talk about my like ultimate big time dreams it would be really nice to eventually be a full-time writer and just work for myself and be able to make a decent income off of writing alone to me that's like the shoot for the stars kind of dreams even though plenty of people do it but it's just not realistic to my lifestyle right now so I guess I could say that one of my fears is also trying to do that someday and not succeeding and having to go back to working for a company I don't know I guess when it comes to that fear I guess I just really need to make sure that I'm at a point in my life where my books are making enough money that I can actually sustain myself off of that but I don't see myself doing that anytime soon and even if that didn't happen like even if I wasn't a full-time writer professionally ever it would be really cool to work a regular day job part-time and then be part-time with writing so then I could definitely have more time to juggle all the writing related stuff that I have to do but still have a much more consistent reliable income number 10 leap of faith what is one thing you plan to do this year even though it scares you what writing thing do I plan to do this year well I do plan to eventually publish trail of flames this year which if you guys don't know if this is like the first video you're watching of me hi Marlowe York self-published out there the book that I'm currently editing right now is the second book in the blood of fire series which is called trail of flames and I did want to have it published by now but you know life gets in the way sometimes I want to have trail flames published sometime this year this is the year 2019 if you're watching from the future it doesn't really scare me but I do worry about making some of the mistakes I made with my first book specifically not having line edits done so there were like all these stupid little mistakes and then that just annoyed the crap out of me and I guess I do kind of have a fear that if I publish trail of flames it won't be super successful or something or won't prompt more people to buy the first book I don't know I'm trying not to really worry about that stuff too much I'm just gonna try and keep doing what I'm doing and do it as best as I can and not try to catastrophize about all the things that could go wrong regarding my book because this isn't my full-time job so it's not as critical that I make sure everything is done exactly the way you should be doing it and just going full throttle into writing and being a full-time author because that's not where I get most of my money so that's not where I have to put my absolute focus at this point but I'm still going to do the best that I can and try to continue to be consistent I keep saying that word a lot I feel like and yeah and just kind of do things the best that I can and try not to be really mean to myself and get down myself because I'm not as successful as so-and-so or I'm not doing this or I don't have the money to afford that marketing trick or or something like that so I'm just trying to do the best I can and gain skills and experience as I go and yeah does that answer the question I feel like that was a really long-winded way to say I plan to publish trailer flames this year alright so it looks like that was all the questions I will post the questions down below in the description so that can do them as well fellow author that I'm assuming is watching I'll also post Kim chance and Edward Grey's channels down in the description so that you guys can check out their channels so if you liked this tag please give it a try yourself I tag you whoever you are out there also if you want to support me and my channel give this video a thumbs up subscribe blah blah blah youtuber things if you'd like to check out my debut self-published novel blood of fire that will also be linked below in the description as well as my other social media places where you can follow along with me on my a writer journey so until next time see ya

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