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you realize I know nothing about politics you voted formed in you atom lying of course I did everyone voted for her it was paid for these memoirs but it's a ghostwriter he needs plus the money's good kids won't start diving in case I do this is a great opportunity for you hello who you I'm your ghost the manuscript is not to be removed from this room it's not to be copied it would be a security risk so how do we go about this I interview you and turn your answers into prose ready to start absolutely former British prime minister Adam Lang is back in the news tonight you must be wondering what you've let yourself in for the pressure wasn't down to the first ghostwriter you didn't tell me there was another writer he was drunk he drowned wonderful ever know whether it was accidental suicide was the book that killed him well have you gotten me into the prosecutor is asking to launch a formal investigation investigating me for what you looking for a war criminal of any proof you're his ghostwriter you get us the proof the truth is in Lang's memoirs you don't realize how serious this is getting down to UM trouble hello I think my predecessors murder then one decision I made in 10 years as Prime Minister which wasn't in the interest of the USA you're practically one of us now I am you're the writer that makes you an accomplice do you have something to tell me you

40 thoughts on “'The Ghost Writer' Trailer HD

  1. To say this is a asterpiece, is still just an understatement…
    And the ending, oh the ending…

  2. One of the best thriller/murder-mysteries in years. Hitchcock would have been a fan. LOVED IT!

  3. is roman the director who is wanted for rape,, trying to say blair the pm has cia contacts? I would think that is obvious? but why kill the ghost writers when blair was always accused of being bush43 lap dog?

  4. To bad it was directed by a pedophile. How old was that girl that Roman Polanski drugged and sodomized? 12…13?

  5. If you are someone who loves to fall asleep watching tv than this is your movie.. This mother will put you out in ten minutes,, if you get up to use the bathroom and its still on it will put you right back into a beautiful REM sleep. Its that boring and dry.

  6. i loved this movie. I remember seeing it at the arclight on sunset. And ewan mcgregor holding the same expression for 2 hrs (like bruce willis) actually fits this film. Anybody recommend a similar style film?dont say the girl w/ dragon tattoo, and ive seen michael clayton…??

  7. Very good film! Very actual! Of course, the US Administration didn´t support the international court in den haag. Because G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld ought to be brought there.

  8. If Kim Catrall proposed to me i would married her on the spot with no hesitation…. My women of dream….

  9. this movie was well done. It reminds me of a spoof of the Blair/Bush relationship of the recent past.

  10. Taut, clean and vastly underrated. The Ghost Writer gets better with repeated viewings. The desolation of the shoreline and ferry scenes ought to be enough to grip the heart of any romantic.

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