The Gloves Are Off | Callisto 6 | Season 1 Episode 11

– Welcome back to Los
Angeles 2119 everybody. This is Callisto Six, the
cyberpunk superhero RPG here live on Geek and Sundry. How is my team tonight? How y’all feelin’?
– Ha ho. – Ooh. – Yeah we gotta big, big night tonight. – Really? – Couple of announcements
we’re gonna go ahead and just start into ’em real quick. So first all, big thing. So next week is the season
finale of Callisto six. – No. – It’s hard to believe
that it’s already here but next week will be our final
episode before the holidays. And season two will be
picking up again next year. Here’s the thing though guys. Up until now we’ve been
talking about a little thing called Measure Z, and you’re gonna hear
that talked about a lot in the coming episode. So to give you a refresher, if everybody who’s watching at home. Measure Z is the vote that
is being cast as to whether or not Corporate LA should be restored or should be essentially
officially made the finite source of power that it is. Or if the power should be given back to the elected officials of Los Angeles. So it’s a really big deal
and it’s been going on since the very first episode of Callisto Six. It’s been kind of the
undercurrent, the background noise. As everything has been unfolding
and sort of the motivator for a lot of the baddies that
everyone’s been encountering. Here’s the deal, you guys
are gonna vote on Measure Z. You get to pick
– Oh right you. – You guys at home. So what’s gonna happen is
on Tuesday of next week there will be a poll put
up on Geek and Sundry and the polls will open and we will start voting on Measure Z. Now I’m going to give you a
little bit of a GM heads up. Corporate LA might be, might be trying to rig the system so make sure to vote. – Vote. – Make sure to vote. – What day is that? – So the polls will open
starting next Tuesday, 10/30, that’s the date. – Early voting. And they will be open until
next Friday at 7:00pm. The end of our season finale
is when the polls close. – The end
– Wow. – That’s correct so the results
of this poll are not gonna be given. – Ugh – What? – The ultimate Campbell – Wow. – Yeah. – You guys are gonna get to
decide direction of Season Two of Callisto Six and what the
city and landscape looks like for our cyberpunk superhero, RPG here. So look for the posts and link on G and S socials next Tuesday. – Just to clarify, yes on
Z means corporations out. – And we’re gonna clarify on that. – Yeah, okay cool. – So get out and vote. There’s a strong possibility as we said, that the corporations might try to rig it and your vote will determine
the direction of Season Two. So yes, there will be by
the way it’s gonna be set up like a voters guide. So there will be an explanation
as to what a yes vote will mean for Corporate Los
Angeles and Los Angeles 2119. And it will be an explanation
as to what a no vote will mean. – And statements from opposing councils and a rundown of the fiscal risks. (laughs) – They’re also going to have to, – Yes actually yes – The propositions are
not stated clearly enough. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – So that’s gonna be a thing
that happens starting next Tuesday so yes there will an
explanation of who endorses and who does not, who endorses what. And the impact, the fiscal
impacts upon the city. But it will be kept very general as to not like get into
the nitty gritty of it. But you’ll get the basic idea. And then from there superpunks, we’ll find out what the
hell happens in Season Two and what our team comes back into. – Oh crap. – So that’s the first
thing, so that’s pretty big. – It’s like in comic books when they ask to dial a 100 number to, – A 1-900 – 1-900 number to determine
the fate of Robin, and then Robin dies.
– Oh man (laughs) – They had two panels, yeah I know. – Right? – I know. – This is real thing that happened. – This is a real thing that happened. – And they chose to kill him? – Yeah.
– Let me break it down. – They did this same, – Didn’t they have a voting
system in place for the Marvel versus DC, the very first
battle between Marvel versus DC? – Yeah they did, who would win. – Are you kidding me? – I don’t know man, in a straight fight I’m still back and forth
about Batman and Cap. I mean Batman typically
is gonna have the edge on that I think. – Let me answer that one once and for all. Batman himself said, admitted,
not in that mini series but in Avengers, GLA, GLA Avengers. When he sparred with Captain America and they were testing each other and they were like in the
rain fighting on a roof top. Batman said okay, it’s
conceivable you could beat me in a straight fight. But it would take a very, very long time. But how about instead
of fighting each other we go get to the bottom of
what’s actually going on. And Captain America was like agreed. And then they teamed up. So Batman himself said
yes Cap could kick my ass, it would just take a very
long time. End of debate. – Well you know, after
all the crazy cool stuff – Whoa whoa. – Thank you for that. Just to close that out my
favorite thing that came out of that whole crossover comic series, my favorite thing, and this is gonna sound
controversial to some. But my favorite thing that
came outta that crossover is Jubilee and Robin, totally. – Oh yeah
– Oh. – They like made out didn’t they? – I shit the crap outta that. That made so much sense
to me, I was like yup. – Not Robin that died, another Robin. – Yeah. Okay so a few more
announcements to get through before we start tonight’s game. – Oh no. – The next announcement I
have to give a big shout out to Spikey. One of our superpunks who
did something pretty crazy. Spikey I do have your
three-page letter here. We are kind of gonna be
tight on time tonight so won’t be able to get
through it all on the air but I will give a shout out to your wife. And I don’t know how to
pronounce the handle, it’s trin-key-lo 21. Trinkeylo 21. – Trinkeylo. – Trinkeylo 21. – Yay. – I’m givin’ a shout out to you. Your husband Spikey made me this. (cheers) This is my Callisto Six GM screen. – Oh look at the flowers – In all of its beauty. – Every fist has our power, did you see? – Yeah and if you guys don’t know, Spikey is the person who made that gorgeous GM screen
for Shield Of Tomorrow with the Sally Ride on the front. – Oh wow so that’s rad.
– So pretty. – Which ones better? – Yeah, they’re both great. – Don’t you do that to me. What’s that? – Do they take commissions? – Asking for a fan base. (laughs) – Asking for a fan base. – Now you’re thinking. – Few more announcements
so thank you Spikey. This things awesome I’m gonna
be using the hell out of this. This thing is so rad and a
big shout out to your wife. – Can you show us that
side again with the fish? – Yeah yeah you wanna
see it with the fish? – Isn’t that rad?
– Wow. – It looks like it’s apart
of the screen, no joke. – Out in the blue mist border that’s why. – He worked a long time on this thing, he worked really hard on this. – It’s so beautiful. – It’s beautiful. – Another thing real quick
just as a personal thank you to everyone who’s been
showing our cthulhu one shot so much love from last year. I just kinda posted that on the whim that we ran on Halloween night. It’s on my Twitter so if
you wanna check it out, if you wanna go check it out. Thank you so much we definitely
wanna do more comscore here at G and S so your
voices are and they do matter. Next thing I wanna tell you
guys real quick before we close up our announcements. So when Callisto Six comes
to an end this coming Friday, obviously not tonight,
but the next Friday. Our season finale, what is
gonna replace Callisto Six? Well, we kind of mentioned this before that what we were gonna do is there’s gonna be 12
episodes of Callisto Six. I’ll be our season. Then we move onto six
episodes of another RPG to close out the year. And then we comeback for
another 12 episode season. And so on and so forth. So our first game coming up
I’m very excited to announce is an RPG that I was really pushing for and happy to see us take
on, it’s called Overlight. It is gorgeous RPG
published by Renegade Games. The bigger question though as
aside this beautiful beautiful brand new RPG is who is the GM? ‘Cause it’s not me. And I’ll give you a hint,
’cause we’re gonna find out right now. The GM is sitting at the table. (gasps) – Who could it be? – It’s definitely not me. – Don’t look at me. – Surprise. (laughs) – I’m not prepared for that. Actors nightmare you’re like waking up and being handed a script. – It’s not me. It’s actually 100% confirmed. – Is it Gina? – The GM of Overlight if you
would please raise your hand. – I GM enough. – If the GM of Overlight
would please raise their hand. – I’m sitting on mine. (cheers) – Introducing Aliza Pearl,
the GM of Overlight. – Yeah. – I’m really excited,
I’m excited, I’m excited. (laughs) – That’s right so yes,
stepping into the GM chair. I’m super freaking excited for you. I was like maybe I’ll ask
Aliza if she wants to do this. And I thought it was gonna be a hard sell. Nope. – I was like yes. – Yup I got the yes immediately. – Yeah, I had just come off
of doing a three episode story on weave society. – A beautiful story. – I entirely have weave
society to thank for this because I didn’t know I would
get so obsessed with GM’ing. And then they had me on
– it sneaks up on you – and I was like this is best. And then the week after they
asked me to GM Overlight and I said yes. – Yeah ’cause I watched
that episode of weave and I was like ya know, I think I know a great
candidate for Overlight and I’m not wrong. I am GM Eric and I am not wrong. – Where can I find out more? Where can people pay attention to things? I guess just follow Geek
and Sundry on socials? – Yeah follow Geek and Sundry
there’s gonna be some more information and things being posted over the next couple weeks. And definitely come and hangout with us starting November 9th. – Oh, I’ll be in chat. – The same time and place. Eric will be in chat. Trolling. – That checks out. – Alright well unless there’s any other incredible announcements. – Incredible announcements I have nothing. – Okay great, well anyway, so
no we do not start without, we do not start without the announcement. What? – We have a real quick one. As soon as the show’s done
we are hopping on a plane like we do all the time
to go to Louisiana. And we’re gonna be
performing in New Orleans as Library Birds on Monday the 29th. So if any of you are in the Louisiana area and wanna come see the
Library Birds perform we’ll be down at the Sidney
Saloon on Monday night. – And also the Saturday
night, tomorrow night I’ll be at the Vampire Masquerade
Ball as my character X, from LA By Night. – Jason Calls gonna be
there for that isn’t he? – Nope.
– No. – I’m gonna be there. – Ahh. – Because that’s why I’m there. – Oh okay, representin’ LA By Night, okay. – I do have one more announcement, sorry. This weekend I’m going to
Geek Girl Con in Seattle. And I’m gonna be on two panels. Como cities and nerd which is about, (laughs) Which is about being
Latinx and being a nerd. And also I just got added to
the Afro Futurism 101 panel. I feel like you have something
to offer to that panel. – Yeah I think both of these
are right in my wheelhouse. – I feel like it. So yeah, those are Saturday at
2:30 and then Sunday at 2:30. – Damn. – So yeah, if you’re around come say hi. – Some good announcements tonight. – Go there and then come to Louisiana. – Yeah beautiful.
– Easy. – Divide and conquer. – Yeah alright, I think that’s
our announcements right? – Is there supposed to
be more announcements? – I think so. – Don’t you curse us like that. (laughs) – Not before this. – Well if you say so. Actually one thing that’s going on for a few folks that you
may have seen going around the internet. Is that in addition to the D
& D’s that I play around here and the RPGs that I do around here, we’re taking D & D international. And I along with some other cool folks are gonna be playing D & D in a castle. – In the UK right? – In the UK. – And that’s next summer and
they can buy tickets now? – They can do it right now.
– Oh my God that is so rad. – Man can I come with you? – Are they on sale already? – I would love to run D & D in a castle. – That sounds great but I
wouldn’t wanna do it without having like at least
one more person around to maybe like keep an eye on you and just chaperone that whole thing. – Okay, any of you wanna come with me? – Let’s bring internet
sensation Amy Dallen along. – So you, me and Amy will
go play D & D in a castle this coming Summer. – I think that sounds like a great idea. And those who want to find
out more should go on Twitter at D & D, D and D in a castle to find out more. – You can currently sign
up for the mailing list so that when tickets go on sale very soon you have first crack,
do I have that right? – I believe you do. – So go check that out
and you can be like me and be excited. – Nice segway. (applause) – With all that out of the
way now folks we are now going to start tonight’s
episode of Callisto Six. (dramatic music) TPK everywhere. Oh hi everybody, welcome
back to Callisto Six, sorry. Yes indeed. So let’s go ahead and start
the recap of tonight’s episode. Yeah last week we left in
a bit of a bind didn’t we? Successfully infiltration
into the Cassium genetics lab. Hidden away in the Los Angeles forest. The Callisto Six managed
to infiltrate this lab through the cunning use of run and punch. And the cunning use of shape
shifting thus saving civilian lives who would probably have
been caught in the cross fires in that laboratory when
you guys first entered. There were a couple of
civilian scientists in the area if I remember correctly
in the waiting room. Who upon seeing the approach of Oniko was told to get the hell out and that’s exactly what they did. Along with everybody else. You guys managed to get into this elevator of course Lacy hacking the
elevator and dropping you guys down to the lowest sub level of 20, which did not appear in the blueprints. That was basically a quick recap. The reason why you all
know about this base is because of the death list
himself managed to swipe that information right before
all the shit went down in the Corporate LA, in the, right now I’m blanking on it. Times square, it’s basically
the square of Corporate LA that big open space
between all the buildings. – Like Newcushing Square kind of thing. – Essentially yes that whole, that big combat where you
managed to pick up a new droid and get the hell out of there. Where you saw Oniko doing her dirty work for the very first time. During that whole mission
Koshi managed to essentially steal the data from Cassium which led to the location of this base. You guys infiltrated it
on Kylan’s information. To try find out if you could
uncover exactly what the hell was going on here. Because rumors, according to the data. And rumors have been going around town. Cassium has been stealing
corpses from the morgues of Los Angeles. And they have been transported
under the cover of data encryption to and multiple payoffs to this particular location. What they’re doing with them? You guys had no idea but
there’s an opportunity here to uncover and expose Corporate
LA and what its up to. Upon hacking this elevator
and dropping down to the lower sub levels of the Cassium genetics lab. The moment the doors opened
you found yourself in a rather impossible looking room. A huge hanger sized room
with thousands of pods stacking up on top of each other, leaning slightly sort of at an angle and stacked all the way up
to the ceiling, down rows and rows and rows to the very
back of this hanger sized underground complex. The place was very cold
the moment you walked in. Either from the sheer depth of
the fact that they’re keeping this place refrigerated is kind
of left to the imagination. There was only one person down here and very eerily when you
encountered him you recognized him immediately unfortunately as
Dr. Jerome Blair, the Cassium Research Director who was
encountered when Anton was down in the depths of Cassium
corporate swiping his super suit. – You found your super suit. – Yes I did. – While all this is taking place, while all of this was taking
place back at Blue Dolphin Base Oya has been left caring for Sal. The experiment that seems to have, sort of endured itself to everybody. A creature that is quite
capable of horrific violence, but doesn’t seem to be inclined
to it unless threatened. And as a result, there’s been
a bit of a bonding action that’s been taking place
between him and the team. Unfortunately in the last episode, you guys uncovered a wound on Sal. Not just a wound but it looks
like it might be serious and maybe something more in play. Essentially under his left arm, sort of below the base
of his shoulder blade. Looks like, it literally
looks like the skin and the muscle started
to cave in on itself. At first it looked like it was septic but it turns out it’s necrotic. It looks like the flesh,
everything is dead. And it looks like it’s spreading inward. So Oya has decided to stay
behind to see if she can use her abilities to maybe reverse
what’s happening to Sal. Not that you’ve ever done
anything like this before. But right now there’s
really nothing else to do. Especially because you guys
had to get to this Cassium Research Lab, which is
where we start tonight. 20 floors down, hundreds
of feet beneath the surface of the earth. In a hanger that’s being
cast in this eerie, greenish blue-ish glow all over these frosted over, the
windows are frosted over. And all these pods are just
lining the walls and ceiling. Possibly from condensation and
refrigeration on the inside. Thousands of them. Probably about a good
estimate maybe two and a half, possibly three thousand of these things. So you get an idea of how
packed in this place is. The open in space in which
you are now stepping into, that you can see out with
Dr. Jerome in front of you, he’s about 60 feet in front of you guys. In a lab coat. Looks relatively unphased
upon the sight of you. He has a data pad in his
hand it looks like it has, you can clearly see research
notes on the data pad. And he looks rather unphased
when he see’s you all coming in in fact rather eerily he seems
rather pleased to see Anton. Recognizing him immediately
when he walked into the room. Other than that this place
is so big and cavernis you can kind of hear slight echos. And there is these bizarre
somos cryogenic mists floating across the floor. From time to time giving this
place an air of almost like a frozen graveyard stacked upon itself. There’s no doubt that the
place you stepped into has an eerie cold,
sterile and lifeless feel. And your imaginations cannot
help but make the connection between all of the missing
bodies and all of these pods. And as the elevator
closes behind all of you, Jerome is smiling. Having said, it’s good
to see you again Anton. And then he says, well
this works out great. And that’s where we’re
going to begin tonight. – Luma see’s schematics developing in her head and list of code and hears
there’s too many capsules to control individually, there’s probably a
central controller system. Any sense of a shutdown
problem would probably trigger an auxiliary control. So if I altered it I would
have to reset the temperature parameters so it wouldn’t sense a problem. Should it be warmer? No warmer could have a defrosting affect. Further cold could
disrupt the homeostasis, the cryogenics depend on
this really delicate balance so if I could tell it to
go colder then it would be – Oh my God. – The cellular structure. – This is all taking, so as
this information is pouring into your ears Oniko because you
are still in the form of Oniko. Fletcher Crosses right hand assassin. Jerome stares at you and says, Oniko Son, are these guests of yours? Ha, that’s interesting,
that’s very interesting. Can I show you around? – Tell me about your science nonsense. – There’s no such thing
as science nonsense. – I can tell that to quantum physics. – I have on occasion. – Sorry. – You’re the brains I take it. – Everyone’s. – Oh, oh that wasn’t meant
as an insult, I’m sorry. – No yeah, they’re the brains. – I mean, it’s true. – You’re speaking my language,
I too crack science jokes all the time and nobody gets them. But then of course I’m talking
to 3,312 dead people (laughs) – Yeah. That’s what Oniko came
down here to show us right? The. I think, I mean, she
doesn’t really say much so we just followed where she
went and now we’re down here. – Why do cryogenics on dead bodies? That doesn’t make any sense. – What can I do for you? – I just hit Anton. – You said you wanted to show us around. – I’d be happy too. – Good I can start trying to
find the central controller. – Oya, tap into my glasses. – Can you hear me? – Oya? Are you trying to raise Oya? – Yup, the vocal.
– Nothin’ um um. – Cool, cool cool. – Nothin’. So he just says, yeah follow
me I’d be happy to show you around back here. – Great
– Yeah great. – Yeah
– great, great, great. Great, great, great, great, great. – So you guys begin to move
deeper into the facility. Yeah it’s row after row,
it’s sort of the same thing. It’s sort of a cookie cutter
image, one by one as you all walk past these frozen pods. – I wanna go up the back, I
wanna like be the tail of this. We’ve gotta be leaning into Lacy. – Okay. – Like are they whispering? – No. No. I can’t share much yet I
haven’t been listening yet. What’s going on? Why do you need cryogenics on dead bodies? What do you keep saying? – Something about the central system? – He hasn’t said anything. Yes if you see one tell me. But, what? – Jerome stops at one of
these and says, as you can see the facilities working
perfectly and a lot of the pods are still performing their job
just as we designed them too. – What exactly is the job
that these pods are doing? – We know, but like remind us. – He glances at you and says, – I do a quick little
corner smile at the doctor. – He kind of froze his brow
for a second and just says, as an investor you know my
company would be very interested. – And what company is that? – I prefer not to reveal my
sources but there’s a lot of income that could be funneled
to Cassium if you impress me. And once again he glances at you. – I don’t make a single face
and I just hold eye contact. – Okay, and he looks away and says, well what was the question? – What exactly are these pods doing? – These pods, and this entire row in fact are gestating chambers. We’re making sure that the
mutations take before we run phase two experimentation on
whether or not the cellular structure will hold. – But this has failed in the past. – Yes. – Why at this large of scale? What makes you so confident
that these pods will work? – (laughs) it’s not the
pods that are working. I’m sorry there’s a lot to
cover and I can answer these questions by showing you
if you’d like to see? – By all means. – Which one’s Walt Disney? Get it? No. (Laughs) – He turns and begins to
move down and he says, as you can see as I was saying before. This row here is the one where
we’re monitoring cellular degeneration we won’t have
the same problems that we had with one of our other test subjects. The one that was lost to us unfortunately from what I understand. – Who told you about C92? – Yes, C92 that’s correct. Moving forward with the results
we were able to obtain from the data of C92 before we lost contact with Blue Dolphin Base. We can now confidently say
that cellular degeneration will no longer take place
in any of these life forms. Unfortunately the C-six power source still cannot be contained in the cells. But we are making some impressive
advances towards genetic mutations that are quite impressive. If I could get my hands on
that first experiment though. It’s a shame. – So are you storing these cryogenically? – They’re being stored
cryogenically as to not, Not to alarm anyone, when they reach a certain
stage in the mutation process they become violent. – So you haven’t stabilized
cerebral mutations you’re using chemical assistance for the
cryogenics then to avoid the freezing point problem? – Cerebral mutations is next
right now we’re more concerned with the bodies. – I think getting born or being dead. – Yes. – Oh no they begin dead, we’re
able to take necrotic tissue and sort of reverse and
engineer a cellular process that allows it to be reanimated. But unfortunately the energy sustained, really what it requires is
the Callisto Six energy source for it to all work. And there’s not enough of
it left to use on everything so what we are doing as some
would say is spit balling. And if all else fails then we’ll attempt, well I shouldn’t say. I think there are somethings
that probably Kylan would prefer that we don’t
pass on, to even our investors. And those are, – Who’s that one? – Who? – Yeah, you’ve got a
person in there. Who is it? (laughs) – I think she brings up a good point. From a public relations
standpoint what is the worst case scenario of this information
leaking to the public? – Oh my God. – (laughs) That wouldn’t happen. – Well let’s entertain the
thought, again from a public relations standpoint working with Cassium. – We’re looking for
return on our investment. – It’s true. – We need to make money off of this. – Well I don’t think
that’s really my field. I couldn’t answer that question. – Fair enough. – I’m just research scientist. – Fair enough, in terms of
your particular department what is something that
your team has considered with the ethical
ramifications of this work? – In a perfect world ethics makes sense. In the field of science where
you’re trying to achieve greatness, it gets in the way. – Indeed, indeed greatness
indeed yes, indeed indeed. – We did make concessions we
are using of course corpses. – Of course. – How sturdy is this glass? I’m gonna walk up and
tap one of the tubes. – Sturdy enough that the few
subjects that have attempted to break free have failed. – Because of the thickness
or durability of the glass? – Well the durability of the
glass doesn’t need to be tested because we have emergency
systems in place to liquefy anything inside if we need too. – I wanna walk up to
one of the pods at that. – Okay. – Is there like a window to see? – Oh yeah, it’s, think of it
kind of looks like the pods like you’d see in Alien. So you can actually, if
they were not frosted over, you could see whoever was inside. – I’d kind of attempt to. – Okay it’s easy to wipe
the condensation down. It’s difficult to see
what’s inside at first because the air inside is
so chilled, it is dark. – Yeah. – And there is some
condensation that is collected on the inside of the glass. The cryo freeze has taken
effect inside as well. – Are there any charts attached or there’s no identification of who these, – Nope – people are? Any buttons on the pods? – There has to be a classified database. – What we see inside the glass
does not resemble anything you’ve ever seen before, Luma. If it was human, it does have a strange, just from what you can
tell from the brief glance it does have that strange, sort of dark patchiness that Sal has. But it is horribly mutated. – So it’s just reanimated necrotic tissue? – It looks like if it’s
reanimated you can’t tell because it’s so, – There’s no movement or anything? No breathing or anything? – There’s no breathing
from what it looks like. But this thing it looks like
it’s malformed in a way that is, this thing could easily be
mistaken for a hairless animal of some kind. And its head does not resemble
anything of homosapien. It looks like it’s elongated,
kind of pulled out. And it looks like it
has little bit of a maw kind of gaping forward. – Ugh. – It’s difficult to make out exactly but the genetic manipulation
is extensive and horrifying. – Yeah. – And the fact you are only
getting a little bit of an image of it is kind of like, it kind
of adds to the air of terror that you begin to feel sort
of creeping up your spine when you look into this pod. – Um excuse me, I have a question. – Yes. – Presumably you at least
investigated the possibility that the behavioral problems you’re
experiencing are related to using postmortem subjects. Have you tried to see
if that would replicate when using live subjects? – Oh God do they actually
use living people? Did they capture real people? – Well when the first
subject of course was living but what we discovered was
is that not only was the psychological impact upon the
multiple test subjects that we used to create the original
test subject was horrific and inhumane. Which was admittedly a minor
inconvenience for those who were helping in the project. But I will say that the greatest
outcome of that was is that the subject, the takeaway
from using a living subject is that unfortunately the living subject is, how do I put this? On borrowed time. – You were talking about the
research that you’ve done for cellular regeneration is
it only within these pods? Or is this something that
could actually be harnessed and used elsewhere like compatible? – I’ve got the healing balm. – It’s something that
could be used elsewhere. I mean a lot of the technology
that you’re seeing in these pods are what helped us
develop the suit that Anton’s wearing right now. And it helps us be able to
manipulate and help contain genetic manipulation and sometimes even instant malformations in the body. It’s quite incredible. – And it could save a lot of
lives and end just as many. The applications are truly outstanding. – But this of course requires
the Callisto Six energy source – Yes which is why it’s
great that you’re all here. – They’re gonna try to use
us, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh what do I do? Do I activate like action levels? What do we do? – Dr. Blair would you like
to continue your tour? – Of course. (whispers) – If you follow me. back down this way.
– Please lead the way. – I think we’re fucked. I think we’re very fucked. – It begins moving down, I mean he’s like, From what you can tell most of these are essentially the same genetic
and cellular mutations that we’ve been attempting
for the last three years. – Then why do it with
such a large sample size? – Well. – If you have such limited region. – Because every time we use,
every time we create one we learn something new. The one’s in the back in particular, have yielded extraordinary results. – How far back do these bodies go? – How long have you been taking bodies? – Well I, would say maybe eight to
nine years now I suppose. – That’s a lot earlier, a lot
later than some of the earlier attempts, were you wasting
time in the interim? – I don’t believe in wasting time but, – Yeah you know what? Me neither. What are we doing? – I thought I was giving you a tour. – Yes Dr. Blair’s giving us a tour. We’re learning the information
Oniko was nice enough to agree to chaperone us
at this level of Cassium so we are continuing the tour. – You mentioned the back, the vibrial experiments? – Luma, I would say you
and Anton being the social perception people go ahead
and make an intellect role. This is distance motive on this guy. – Oh boy. We should actually just get
the thing, that’s exactly. – I mean, okay. I think we’re all kinda because
I’ve just been standing here seething which is great
for my character but. – I was gonna say, which is really added
to the Oniko mystique. – I haven’t taken my, once
I looked up from the pod, I haven’t taken my eyes off of him. – Difficulty is five. – Okay. (sighs) – What, what what? – It’s just the one? – Yeah it’s just the one. – So it’s a level four for me. Do you have anything? – I don’t think I have anything. – Um understanding with best,
interaction skills I would say that would help at least something right? – That gave you public speaking
and one other special skill – I have public speaking and persuading. – So those were the two
interaction skills that you took and not undiscerning disposition so. – Gotcha so. But it is kind of in your field
so if you want I’ll let you. – Probably have some edge in this. – You can spin the, – I just think it’s appropriate
that Anton would know because as somebody who’s in
public relations you’re really good at getting reads on
people so I would let you, I would say the two of you get to role before I have everybody else make a role. Difficulty is five if you
wanna spend effort go ahead. – I’ll spend effort. – Good point. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Okay. – I’m gonna risk a 12.
– Knock that down. – Okay yeah go for it. – Go for it. – 17. – 17. – Luma knows. – Four. – I’m real scared. – He’s trying to get you as
far away from the elevator as he can. He’s been leading you guys
deeper into this complex and it’s starting to occur to
you that he is trying to put as much distance between you
and the exit route as he can. It just clicks Luma, the
way he keeps carrying on. There’s something about his
speech patterns that you’re realizing that he’s actually, even though Lacy’s engaging him. – He’s doing what you do.
– He talks and walks. – Um hmm he’s doing a walk and talk. And he’s gettin’, there
was a split second there where Cass almost forced his
hand but you were suddenly getting an idea that he
knows he’s on borrowed time and you smell it on him. And he stops and looks
at you for a second. – I just give a quick smile as
if to say continue the tour. – Okay. – Tell me when he turns around. – He turns his back. – I wanna run and grab him in
a neck hold and turn my shield – He’s seven feet tall. – You can grab him in a neck hold. – He’s seven feet tall. (groups debates over each other) – Then I jump on his back and
grab him around the throat. – Yeah you’re an acrobatic yeah. – Seven feet’s pretty
tall but a hop will do it. – Okay.
– Yeah. – I hop and I wanna like grab
him by the throat and whip him around to face Cass’ face. – I’m gonna give you two bonuses to this. – Okay. – Whew. – Yeah ’cause it’s a surprise so he’s gonna be at a difficulty. So his difficulty drops to
three to do this to him. – Okay. – So go ahead and make the role. – Okay. – I expect it. – It’s like he’s seven feet tall. So you said it was a three?
– Uh huh. – A little bit taller than
BJ Walters so that’s pretty fucking tall. – He’s fucking tall. He’s like, he is NBA. (group discussing amongst each other ) – That was like the one purchase – I’ll spend mine on this. – Aren’t these all messed up? – Yeah, so that’s all the lives. – I didn’t actually think that through. – What’s that? – I just meant I could reach them. – He’s super tall so he
might have bad knees. – Is what we’re trying to say. – His back, His back might be in trouble. – Success. – Success. Okay you leap up onto his back
and you guys watch as Luma gracefully just leaps up
– Oniko – Oniko leaps up and immediately
wraps her arm around this guys throat and he just
goes back like this. – Towards that fuck face. – He just, He just goes (laughs). I need you to make a mic check. – Okay. – Difficulty is seven. – Oh – Seven?
– Oh dear. – Yup mic defense role. – Okay
– Oh boy. (sigh) – Oh boy this. – What a normal human. – So I don’t get to use
speed defense for this. – Nope this is a mic defense role. – I don’t think I have
anything that’ll apply to this. – Is she rolling defense
or is she rolling? – She’s rolling defense. (groups speaks over each
other in a commotion) – There means there’s like
point of role I just lose. – Yeah or you spend three
of your limited might pool and you’re still boned ’cause
you’re rolling against 18. That’s a 15% chance. – No. I accept whatever he does to me. – You are going to take five
points of damage to your speed – Okay
(whistles) – I’m okay with that. – You immediately feel, the moment your arms wrap around him. You begin to feel a tingling
sensation in your arm and then a wave of ill, like this sickness
begins to wash over you. – Oh my God. – And you feel your arms
kind of weaken for a second. – Luma. – You guys all notice that
as Luma has done this the air around him kinda becomes wavy
and the smell of cinnamon oddly begins to fill the
air as you’ve wrapped your. The are around your arm begins
to kind of weaken a little bit and you drop off his back
– Don’t touch him. (choking sounds) – Are you sure? – Luma, a wave, a wave of dizziness, and just you are, you just feel from your head to your toe, like a sickness, a feverish sickness enter
into your body for a second. – Drop shape as I collapse
into a Luma puddle. (gasping for air) – Luma puddles, not good. – I’m gonna stand
whenever there’s a chance. – Yeah same. – It’s initiative time everybody. – Alright. – It is initiative time. – What is the difficulty? – Difficulty is five. – Sounds right. – Don’t die my honey’s. – Minus two so now I have minus two right? – Yup
– Yeah. – Difficulty sorry you said, five? – Difficulty’s five. – Five, okay. I’m spending an XP – I did not request recording
chip glasses this time. Might have been a mistake. – There we go, success. – Ooh.
– Hi. – Bummer. – This makes good success. – Also success. – That’s how you lowered it right? – Cool. – Thank you initiative. – Five you said? – Five. – Um hmm. (group mutters under their
breath to themselves) – So what do you guys plan
for your back up characters? (laughs) – It’s cool? I’m sure, I’m sure it is. – I’m real excited about it. – Cool, cool, cool, cool. – Just so that we all
are on the same page. – It’s a cleric. (laughs) – Great, great, great, great. – There’s a actually really good focus, no (laughs) – Whatcha’ get? – Oh my gosh. – Success yes. – We’ll start here? – Failure.
– Failure? – Who succeeded? You three? Alright so then.
– No. – So then you three which
order would you like to go in? ‘Cause you’re gonna beat him. Who wants to go first? – Well my initiative reaction
was gonna be the seven for Luma and go tour’s over. – So who wants to go first? – Ugh I have a feeling you would. – I want Cass to go first. – Yeah unless you’re gonna
actually listen to Luma when you say don’t touch him. (laughs) – Okay. – I didn’t think so. – There are a lot of heavy
things I’m sure in this place that could be thrown. – Or pulled from a wall. – Tell me how, here’s what I wanna do. – Well hold I, I just need
to know who’s going first and find out who’s going second. – Great, I will probably go second. – Yeah and then I’ll go third. – Okay. – I’m the web ’em up
guy, I’m hanging back. – Yeah web ’em up you can’t touch him. This was fine. – Okay so people going after
Jerome, who’s going next? – I could go you could just decide it. – Okay cool. So you’re gonna go after that? – Yeah. – Okay. Alright so you’re gonna go
next so that’s gonna be. – Get the tablet to Lacy. – And then – I don’t need to do it with my brain. – Of the two of you, who’s going next? – I will say I’ll go last in
the rotation of whatever’s happening because of my
just immediate hindrance. – Yeah and control boy over
here would normally like to go as close to the top as possible. Alas that requires initiative. – Alright so here we go,
Cass what are you doin’? – Okay here’s I don’t know the layout but here’s what I’d like to, – Just a big hanger right? – Yeah you guys about 200
feet away from the door now. – Okay. – I wanna rip one of
these goddamn pods off and hit him with it, is what I wanna do. – Okay. – True, true, true, true. – That’s gonna require, it’s
probably gonna take an action to rip one of these things up. And I’ll set the difficulty,
that’s gonna be rough. I’m gonna set the difficulty
for that at eight. – Whew. – That is a heroic, you’re tearing, your tearing this thing free
of the steel and the metal that’s holding it into place
and ripping it off the wall. Once you do that this thing will be a
big ass weapon to throw. – You know Cass is the smart one. – Yeah (laughs) – Difficulty is eight. – Do it. – There are a lot of different
types of intelligence. (laughs) – Yeah. – That’s what parents always say. (laughs) – Difficulty just classified
as heroic, it is a task worthy of tales told for years afterwards. – Yes. – No one tells tales of tales. – Yet. – C’mon.
– I’ve got tales? – Okay so difficulty eight, I’m gonna guess this is a strength task. – It’s a strength task yes. – Just checking. – This is totally in your wheel house. – Down to seven. – Formidable. – I have, I think two shifts in strength – Oh down to six.
– Although I seem to have written this. – Intimidating. (groups whispers amongst each other) – Level six. – And I don’t think anything
else is (whispers under breath) – Is it an unarmed attack? – You can spend XP or not XP. – Okay just checking. – Effort will happen now. – Burn effort. – Down to five challenging. – Do it, do it. – I can spend two levels of effort. – Okay. – Down to four difficult. – 12 or, – The guidance for a level four difficulty it is a tale as old as time apparently. – Oh weird. – That’s what you get. – So you’ve dropped us down to level four? – Yeah. – 12 or better. – So it’s a 50 50 so just yeah roll. – 12 or better. – I look him in the eye and I
really wanted to go straight for him but I heard what
you said at the last minute and just heck with this
place, heck with these, heck with you. – Why you censoring yourself? – I don’t know I feel weird about it. (group moans)
– Re- roll. – It’s ’cause I’m not swearing. – Can I give an XP for re-roll? – Yes you can. – Took it. (group moans) – Oya senses you’re in danger. – From off in the distance actually yes, Oya would sense that y’all were in danger. – And she says a little prayer for you. – Oya would totally sense
that Luma just got hit. – Dig my hands into this thing. – It hurt. – Whatcha you got Cass? – Fuck this. 20. (group cheers) – An actual 20? (group cheers) (cheers talks over each other excitedly) – I’ll let you hit him with it this round. (group cheers) – The look, The of stunned shock on his face. You guys have seen Cass
do some pretty crazy shit with her strength. – Yeah. – She rips this entire
cylinder right out of the wall. You can hear the tearing
and groaning of the metal. It’s death rows as she
tears this thing up. Bolts and sparks flying everywhere. Electrical cords, just ripped three. She takes this thing your
fingers digging into the steel tearing this out from the wall. And you see Jerome just go, (laughs) Like at a loss for words and
then he just goes, magnificent. And you throw it at him. Make your attack, this is gonna
be considered a heavy weapon so it’s gonna be doing
six points off the bat. – Oh my God. – I think my bonus is to a heavy weapon. (laughs) – Just glee. – Is that a plus six? – That’s how much I
should have, shit happens. – Because of the strength shift. – Yup. – Plus three for each one. – What’s the difficulty on this? – The difficulty’s five. – Okay. – Any profession on heavy weapons? – I think I’m out of, I think as a warrior – I didn’t write that down
’cause I never use weapons. – Fair enough. – You are the weapon. (laughs) – Dumpsters. – Be the dumpster, be the dumpster. – You said five. – Five. – I’m gonna take it down to a three. – Okay.
– Please work. – So you need a six or better
to hit this guy or is it? – Nine or better – Nine or better. – Hey you can use any
weapon that’s super dope. – What did I get? – 17.
– Oh my God. – Extra damage. – Yes. – Added point of damage. – Instead of 11 it’s 13 – That means he’s dead
– plus one. – 14.
– Plus one, 14 points. – 14 points. – Damage please. – Holy can we just walk
out of the room now? We have a Cass. – Wow. – It just slow mo flies above
me with his body, it’s just ahhh. – Magnificent, I finished it. (laughs) I just like put my rod away going okay. That was good – This thing smashes into him and he goes, he vanishes behind it. As this thing sails down the
hallway and rolls over the top of him and it comes rolling to a halt. The window shatters open. What’s up? – I made a might attack. Okay you know what I’ll ask
my questions later, sorry. – So he, this thing rolls over the top, impacts on the ground and
rolls over the top of him. The window shatters in like a
body comes rolling out of it as well. Flopping onto the ground. This thing has multi limbs all over it. It’s naked whatever it was
it’s very difficult to tell. You know that it started as a human being. You have no idea what it is now. But it kind of rolls to
the ground and flops. It’s either dead or unconscious
and it’s still chances are one or the other. He is laying still on the ground. He’s probably about 10 feet
away from you guys now. Your ears are ringing from the
sounds of the shrieking metal being torn free and the impact
of this thing hitting this guy. The explosion of violence from Cass is, this is the, you’ve seen her
do some pretty crazy shit. Cass you’re just (gasping for air). – I’m just crawling
and trying to stand up. – Thanks Luma
– yeah. – I need you to make a might defense. – Oh shit. – Difficulty is seven. – Am I poisoned? Fuck. – Yes – Oh no. – No we need an antidote. – As I’m, as I’m doing. – As I’m like shaking I’m like
falling and something falls out of my pocket and I see it. And I pick it up and I stab myself with it. – Okay. – I’m stabbing myself with the level five basically enhancer. – You’re popping out your cypher? – I’m popping my thing so that this difficulty reduces by three. – Yes. – Fucking brilliant move. (group cheers) – Because this is gonna go on
every round until you succeed a might defense seven check. – Fuck. – Oh my God. – Okay. So. – Now it’s four. – So now it’s four. – Oh boy okay. – If ever you needed to role – I’m gonna bust effort for this two and. – You can always burn an
action on a heel or something. – Exactly. Okay, so that gets me down to three. – I know. – Okay so I stabbed myself
and you see me start to stand and immediately start to fall again. – As the chemicals are
fighting inside of you. Whatever this guy had on his
skin has infected your body. – Three, it’s a level three now. – Okay. – A nine or better you’ve got this. – Nine or better. – 18. (group cheers) – Okay. – Okay I catch myself and then I. – You feel the fluid inside
your veins begin to burn away the poison it. – Yes, I was gonna say, your whole body is starting
to like cripple from the adrenaline rush. (heavy breathing) – I feel great. Oh my gosh. – Well yeah you do. – Wow, wow. – We’re keeping initiative. – Holy shit, this feels
amazing this feels. – We’re gonna go to the, unless anybody has any other actions they wanna do. – Really quick I wanted
to look to Lacy and go, are all these pods
connected on the same grid? – When I get to find out I
would really like to know that. – You can find out now. – Cool. – We’re gonna pause the initiative. – He’s on the ground
– Perfect. I’m gonna get up for a minute. – You gonna make a role to find out? – Yeah. – Okay so go ahead and it’s just you using
your sense checks here. – Okay. So what would you say goes into
that because we haven’t done that particular kind of task before? – So since you’re in the
vicinity I’m gonna say, instead of saying a sense
check, and since you’re in the vicinity its gonna be
based on like a hack role. You’re gonna be trying
to tap into the database, using your mind to find out
where the systems are connected and how they’re connected. – I guess all pods are connected. – Hack role. What’s the difficulty of the check? – Difficulty of the check is gonna be six. – Okay. I spend a point of effort. – Okay. (laughs) As you spend a point of effort
while this is happening, you guys watch Honey Baby
just go (mouth sound affects) and stand in front of Lacy
putting itself between Lacy and the man that’s on the
floor, about 12 feet away. Did you make your role? Or did you just succeed? – My macros five and one
point effort gets me a six. – Yes these are all
interconnected to a single system but they do have fail safes everywhere. There’s about 12 fail safes
on each side of the hanger. Operating all of these. – There’s 12 fail safes. – And at about that point Lacy
you also hear in your mind, you also hear a bunch of
systems going offline. And at the same time you’re
feeling this as you’re hacking the system all of you can
hear (mouth sound affects) echoing throughout the chamber. – Shield on and I wanna
go and stand between the one elevator and the rest of us. – Sure enough at the end of
the hallway you see pods going (exploding sounds) popping open. – Can I quickly grab the wire
that she pulled out that’s activate to where I can put
power back into it to keep all the things closed? – That’s so cool. – I’m like oh crap there’s
something wrong with the power. – There’s a live wire you can grab that. What are you exactly are you trying to do? – I’m gonna
– Over power it. – ‘Cause basically what happened
why everything’s shutting down is ’cause you basically
just ripped one off the wall. And now it’s like, it’s like a light bulb on
Christmas lights, one goes bad. What did you do? I’m just gonna hold on. – You actually don’t know
why things are shutting down. – Oh. – Yeah, yeah, yeah
– But I can try. – You can try something, yes, absolutely. – I’m gonna grab the live
wire and see if, I don’t know. I don’t think draining energy
will work since obviously that’s already shutting down. – Draining energy would
probably power down everything. – Yeah. – You’re adding energy to
complete the circuits that. – I’m gonna add energy
to try and like reboot everything to keep all the doors shut. I don’t want all these
dead bodies falling off. – I’m gonna make that a spin
so I’m gonna ask for three intellect points. – Oh God, you already
took some from me already. – Oh yes that’s correct. – Okay, okay. – Okay so you grab hold of
this thing and you all can hear the (roaring noises) it’s like
being close to a generator that’s unprotected by any
kind of shell or casing. And you guys can feel again
that slight smell of ozone in the air as Hops begins to
charge the air around her. (buzzing roaring noises) And you all watch the light on
all of the pods on this side of the hanger just light
up (powering up noises). All the way down. Lacy you are aware that
these things are starting to overload and malfunction. – Crap. – And the one’s at the end
really there’s no affect because as they
– They’ve already. – Yeah you actually are
watching things crawling out of them now. – Can I fool the
diagnostics of those things so that they don’t think
somethings going wrong so they don’t have that activation? – Not on the one’s that
have already popped, but on the one’s that you
say are sensing a problem? – Yes and I’ll let you
use, here’s the thing, because Hops is doing what she’s doing. I’ll let you use Hop’s action as an asset. – Fantastic
– Yay. – Because what Hops is doing
is going to actually fool the system into thinking something is up. – It’s still powered, things are good. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Cool, what’s the
difficulty of the check? – To fool the system, I’m
gonna put it again at six. – Okay. – I spent a point of effort. – Bam. So Lacy you’re just sort of
sifting through in your mind and you see sort of like
an overhead like layout of the entire hanger
area and all these pods and you’re watching the
two at the end activate. Here’s the thing, the one’s
at the end activating, it doesn’t look the system
is doing it automatically. It looks like they were activated. – Yeah. – The rest of them have
been activated as well but you stop it as the other
like row of pods on both sides are about to activate and pop open. You immediately feed back into the system that everything is under control. You basically give the green
light and restart the protocol. – Everything’s fine, don’t
worry everything’s fine even if the power goes
out, everything is fine. However, at the end of the hallway. – No. – I see you going through the decks. – Yeah. – No. – I’ve gotta shield up. – At the end of the hallway
you see eight of these things crawling down from their pods
and you hear the screeching noises of these things. Some of them look like
they’re on all fours, kind of doing that crazy
creepy well girl thing. As they’re kind of like coming towards. And as they all see you all moving, they start moving in your
direction, eight of them. – And deja vu, here we go. – As soon as I see that
happen I’m going to take up my plasma rifle and aim it
one up in front of them. – If it’s long range but, – I do have a power shift
in accuracy as well. – Okay go ahead and make a shot
then, I’ll give you one shot and then after this round. Actually if you want, if you guys want, ’cause they’re at range
there between the two of you. If you wanna ready for combat because we’re gonna jump
back into initiative here. Actually we’ll need to re-roll
initiative because these guys are different difficulty level. – And also let me just pick
up what you’re puttin’ down. The guys out right? He’s not gettin’ back up. – We’re not there yet. – We would have to look at him. – We’re not there yet so
what I’m gonna say is, because their distance is 200
feet moving towards you guys. I’m gonna give you two shots at them. – Cool. – Yeah so before we role
initiative, go ahead and pop off two rounds on that plasma rifle. – What’s the difficulty level? – Difficulty level on these guys? Whoops I just had my notes. Difficulty level on these guys is three. – Three. – But it’s long range so. – An accuracy power shift
that brings it down to two. – And I’m also going
to, I’m gonna give one, I’m actually gonna, you
know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna use a GM intrusion on you. – Whoa. – The first one are you gonna accept it? – Yes. – Okay two XP, give one
XP to somebody else. – Cool. – I’m raising the difficulty
level by another one so long range I’m gonna drop,
I’m gonna raise it to four. – You get an XP. – Yay. – Yup – The four smoke coming out
of the wall from Cass’ tearing this thing up coupled with
the fact that there’s already a mist moving through the
area and it’s low light. So I’m gonna raise it two more and I’m gonna put the
difficulty for this shot at six. That long range, just for
the first shot though. – Okay the total is six. – The total is six. – So bring it down to five. – Bring it down to five. – Do you want me to, is
this a speed or intellect? – Speed. – Speed, okay. So I do have an edge in speed and so I’ll spend a point of effort right? Or no, I’ll spend two in my pool to bring. – Oh ’cause you have an edge of one, okay. Yeah so bring it down, alright
so what’s your total then? – Four. – Four, so then you need 12
or better to shoot this thing. – Here take an XP. – I will use my own XP
thank you very much. – Oh. Do it without me you’re stinkin’ XP. – 14
– (cheers) yes. – Yes. – This rifle bucks as you fire
off a single shot of plasma. There’s a burst of heat near everybody as you see thing (explosion sounds) popping off this plasma
bolt, you strike this thing. That plasma rifle does
six points of damage. – Cool I had no idea, I
have no idea what this does. – It’s a heavy rifle. So that’s six points of
damage to one of them. – I don’t think it’s that to stun – No. – They don’t have stun. – No.
– We checked – oh yeah we did. – Okay. – And then for the second shot. – You gonna shoot the same one? Or you going to aim. – How many are there? – There’s eight. – I’ll do a different one. – Okay you pick a different one? – Yeah and this will be down to. – This one, they’re a
little closer this time. I’m gonna raise it by one so four. – Four?
– Yeah Bring it down to three for accuracy and I will also I’ll spend two more points to bring it down to two. – Okay. – Okay, okay, okay. – These things are getting
really loud as they close in. – Here again take an XP from me. – Yeah?
– From me yeah – Okay. – Didn’t help. – Oh ugh. – You’re firing down, you hit one of them square
in the chest as it’s coming you miss the other ones. – This is just housekeeping
but is there time for an action as this is happening? – Yes. – I’m gonna do a recovery
role just to put some points – Okay go ahead. So Cass you just, take a
deep breath as you see these things coming, there’s eight of them. And a plasma shot to the
chest didn’t stop one. – I’d love to pop my
president’s field on this one. – Okay yes totally you
guys can all suit up. (entire group speaks at once) – Oh man. – 26 plus one I get two points back. – Can I also do the same
thing as just by standing here feeling the drugs
circulate through my body. – Now how long does that last? That lasts through this
whole scene easily right? – That’s the combat. – That’s a different viper. – Not the combat enhancer that
means I just get free effort for the rounds. This was one was just one task. It’s one big like you feel great. – And that’s why cyphers are awesome. – ‘Cause they keep Luma safe
this is the whole purpose. – That really was helpful
I was down, I’m still down. – The energy shield is just
humming with anticipation as you kind of get ready
for this attack here. Who also the other people
that have range right now is Sweet Honey and you Hops. – Oh crap. – Anton’s technically is gonna have range but they have to enter into short, yeah. – Yes. – In his range or any range. – They have to go to
medium ’cause then I can do a short attack at medium range. That’s what my stretchy can do. – I think it’s short range
because short range is. – Your immediate attacks can
be done from short range. – To 50 feet away I
think, up to short range. Which is like yeah, yeah yeah
short range is actually pretty that’s like essentially like
throwing a throwing star at somebody or something. Short range is actually
not up front and close. – Cool. – So Luma, you have the option of striking
at one of these things. – Do I though?
– When they get close. – When they get close. – Okay, I was like they’re not in range and I just took time to heal. (looking for the words to say) – Okay cool, no you’re good. – I didn’t know if that
was before initiative or after initiative. – We’re about to get to that but I’m Hops a free shot at these guys. – Great. – If I let go of this wire is
everything gonna shut down? – No but what you can do if
you wanna send a lightening blast at these guys you can
use the wire as an asset. (cheers) – You’re basically channeling electricity. – ‘Cause I don’t wanna go let it go ’cause I don’t want all the pods to open. – I cleared the diagnostics,
it’s okay, okay. – It’s like when Thor
was fighting Iron Man and then Thor hit the
lightening and he was like 300%. – Essentially that was a great moment. I love that Jaws
incorporated that into it. – I guess I got my staf
and what’s the difficulty? – Normally it’s three. – I don’t have to role. – A staf attack is negative two difficulty if I use this asset for one. – Yeah that’s right so you have zero. – I’m just gonna aim at
the one that you missed. – What’s the damage at
the one that he missed? – Oh okay I’ll do that ’cause
that’s worked in the past. Didn’t work this time but it’s, – You’re awesome. – Boom, boom I’m holdin’ the wire. Shoot him the lightening
bolt and I won’t kill Zander. Eight, eight points of damage. missed a mutant man
– At the one that I missed? – At the one that you missed. – He’s been on both saga’s and
we’re alive but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as afraid. – This is the most afraid
I’ve (drowned out by group) – Marka Thulou game that she
played shortly after madness. Spoilers, Zander died. – He died there too. – Anyway not here. – Sorry guys, sorry to spoil that for you. – Yeah. – The games a year old so friggin’. Okay so still shouldn’t have said it. – Eight points of damage. – Eight points of damage. – Okay so again, the smell of ozone. And again, a blinking lightening bolt. You see the smoke rising
up from this thing as this lightening blot
blinks in and out of existence striking this thing. You see the immediate
reaction as it seizes up and kind of topples forward for a second and then kind of (screams)
like scratches helplessly at the floor to get footing again and then gets back up and starts (screams) coming back down the hallway at you. We’re now gonna do initiative. – Re-rolling. – Re-rolling initiative, yeah. – Okay great.
– Wow that’s awesome. – Alright what was the level again? Level of difficulty of this one? – This one is three yeah? – On this one the difficulty, actually no the difficulty
on this is gonna be five. – Five. – Five. – Oh okay. – Five, two, so rolls. – Fuck. – Good catch. – Thank you. – Lacy never stop, never stopping. – It’s actually three for
me but I’m still gonna. – Fuck, never. – There we go. – Actually never start. – Never start, never starting. Alright I needed a nine and I got a nine. – Alright – I was up two XP I’m okay. – Okay. – Yeah you really succeeded. – Who succeeded? – Okay who would like to – It’s the same. – So pick your order,
who wants to go first? – I just shot him I’m feeling
one of you two will get him. – Yeah sure I’ll go first. – Okay so Anton. – Yeah you’re not gonna like it. – Who wants to go second? – Who wants to go second? – Cass? – Yeah Cass. – And then I’ll, – Cass and Hops. – I’ll just shot again. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – If, unless I have to
hold onto this wire. – Alright then who the
people who didn’t go. – I will be going last in the
order due to that natural ban. – Oh no. – Did you roll one? – Ummm. – Oh no. – GM intrusion. – No. – Anytime you roll a one
I can pop a GM intrusion. – So I’ll go next then. – I think Lacy might have
to open this one so far. – Probably and I can hit up last. Slowly walking towards him. – How about Luma and then Lacy? – Yeah, yeah okay. – And in the middle
some number of bad guys and or if that doc is dead. – Yeah how many, you’re doing. – Eight. – There’s eight of them coming at us. – Cobalt. – You’re right beside me
right with the plasma? – Yes. – So I’m gonna let you go
first and I’ll go after you. I’m gonna be walking along
side you with the shield as you’re shooting. – Sounds good. – Cool. – Alright so Cobalt and then who’s next? – And then it’s me. – Okay. – And then Lacy. And then whatever. – And then someone will
come in and change time. – So straight up, Anton
what are you doin’ first? – Hit me with some of
the spatial relationships that are happening right now. Where are we?
– Bam. – Where is bad guy,
where is other bad guys, we said we’re 200 feet
away from the elevator? – Yes you’re 200 feet
away from the elevator. Between you and the elevator
are these guys who have now closed into short range and
behind you 12 feet laying on the ground is bad guy. – Is Dr. Jerome Blair. – Dr. Jerome Blair. – Who is unconscious. – Dr. Snake Venom. – Eric the spice that flows? – Sorry. – So again, just to clarify
above game, we came here because we got a mission and
we were informed that this place may or may not, but it is, experimenting on corpses, on dead bodies. – Yeah. – Well we wanted to free people
if there were actual people being experimented on inside. That’s what we came here
for to free the real people. – So far. – Apparently there are living people here and also could be incriminating evidence against Cassium here. – Gotcha. So save people, get evidence. – Recon rescue. – Recon rescue. – Is anyone taking pictures
with their magic contacts? Anybody? I don’t have any. – Okay there is I will go
ahead and give you this. There is the data pad that he was holding that is clattered to the floor. His research notes which has, and those are in grabbing
distance for you easily Anton. – Oh ’cause I’m good, I’m real grabby, I’m real good at grabbing. – You’re grabby, palms up. – Grabby. – But only appropriately
grabby not inappropriate. So boom. – The data pad has consent. – It does, bam. It’s an inanimate object not
a person, I’m gon’ grab at it. (laughs) – Okay. You just reach, you look down. – How far away is the data
pad from the fine doctor? – Oh the data pad kind of like
the data pad was left behind when he went sailing. – Gotcha. – So the data pad kind of
clattered to the floor. He was holding it and he
just kind of dropped it when he was hit so it’s
about 5 feet away from you. – Here’s what I’m gonna do then. I’m facing the door and the
enemies that are like you said, – Charging towards you guys. – Charging towards us. I am going to reach towards the data pad and then at the same time I’m
gonna sort of stretch my neck up and turn around and
keep my eyes on Dr. Blair. – Okay. – I’m just keeping my eyes on
him as I take my action to do this to grab this data pad
and then of course I’m gonna get that to Lacy. – Yeah. – So that’s while that
stretch move is happening. – I feel like it was one
of those sticky gummy hands that you just kind of. – Exactly. – Oh no, fashion. – Cass you’re next. – Okay how far away are they now? – They’re in short range. – Oh they’re comin’. – You should be gettin’
to the elevator y’all. – Just they’re in the way. – In our way. – Oh they’re walking towards the elevator. – Oh that’s where I’m confused, I thought. Would it take apart of
my action to turnaround and see if the doc is getting up? – I’ve already got my eyes on him. – Oh this is roughly
the map I have based on. – The answer would be no, it wouldn’t. – It wouldn’t take up, so
in that case I will glance. – You can glance but he’s on the ground. – Okay. Should we get the fuck outta here? – Yes please. – Okay. – And I’ll, let’s see I think
if I roll for it I can try to move and punch one. – That’s correct. – Okay. – I have to do like a
difficultly two speed test. – That sounds right, to move and hit. – Yeah. Cass, we may not be able
to leave right away. Do you remember what he said? The Callisto Six energy, they have some. – Ah shit. – Okay. – How do I know this? – Thank God I only needed the one because I can move and I rolled a four. – What is this? These drugs are making me hear things. – That got me to 20. I don’t know it doesn’t
roll a lot of fours. – What did you get? – I just barely passed the don’t fall down
trying to do this check. – Okay good. So you’re charging up there to say hello? Reach out and touch someone. – I mean they look hot don’t they? – So there are two that have been injured and they are leading the charge right now. And there’s a plethora of other ones. – Okay. Gonna go ahead and. (thinking to find the words) – Okay give me an injured one. – Okay so the difficulty ’cause
they are attacking in two groups of four, difficulty’s
gonna be four now. – Okay. So I will, take that down one. And see if I do it. 18. – 18 wow. So you picked one of the
injured ones is that right? It doesn’t even matter which one you hit. So 18 you’re gonna get a
good plus two damage bonus. – 13 damage please. – 13 damage. – Holy. – The air that this gets as
Cass just throws her entire body into this punch and crashes
into the side of its face as she charges up there sends this thing hurdling back in the opposite direction. The sudden direction shift of it charging and then going the other way
you hear a crunching sound as its jaw cracks and it
goes unconscious immediately. Flopping through the air, collapsing and rolling to the ground. It is done. – Don’t think it’s gonna work
but I’m sort of intimidatingly flourishing at the others. As if it might somehow
convince the zombies to run the other way. – Scream at them.
(screams) – The zombies look like they’re in a berserked mindless frenzy and they don’t react. – I did. – They are slobbering at the mouth and eager to destroy and kill enemy. – You’re testing them. – You did say that and I went
arr because that’s the thing you specifically taught me
to do while you teaching me. – I was like scream at
them, this feels ridiculous. – I know but it works. – Shotokan they call that keya. – How to kill rats so. – Thanks Anton. – So that was Cass and now it’s you Hops. – I guess I’m gonna, I can
let go of this wire now I’m assuming. – Yeah the juice is
running out of this thing. – Okay I’m gonna, I’m gonna charge and get one
of the ones that’s comin’ at us but before I can do
that can I just be like, Lacy find out if the C
six energy is down here. We need to grab it if it is. – If you’re gonna try to
get into immediate range, you’re gonna have to pull
what Cass did and make a role to get upfront. – But I am fast so I can move. – Oh that’s right you get
to do this automatically. Alright so once again Hops
you clear that distance. Little sparks on the edge of
your heels as you clear the distance effortlessly,
you get up in front of a, so which one you going through? There’s one injured one
left and then there’s. – I got the feeling the injured one, one of them can take out pretty easily. I’m going for ones that are like, – Healthy. – Able bodied that are
like comin’ full strength. – Try to make your role. The difficulty now it’s gonna be three. – Okay
– Yeah go for the able bodied. – It’s actually difficulty
one with my stalf. – Oh okay. – Just wanna throw that out there. – Okay yeah go ahead
– Okay. – How come you’re not
throwing it, it’s may lay. – I made it, four. – Four.
– Wow. – Success. – That is all you needed
– You needed a three. – How much damage is that? – Eight. – So. – I’m gonna give it a
nice punch in the gut with a nice electric. – You slam the stalf into
this things gut and there’s an electrical discharge through
there’s a popping sound that everyone can hear. This thing you can hear the
air leaving its nostrils. And it does not go down as you
see the popping sound it goes (monster sounds) and
now it’s in your face. – Oh crap I didn’t think this through. Also I’m really sorry, I know
this is not your choice to be this thing. – And it goes oh no, it’s okay
don’t even worry about it. (laughs) – Don’t even worry about it. – Your pod seemed cozy. – It was cozy but it’s nice to be out. – Oh yeah. – And that was a good hit. – You’re welcome. – Well thank you. – What’s going on? – As reality breaks down. – Is that in, – No. – I don’t know about the
consistency of this world. (laughs) – And now Eric unraveled as a GM. – Come on over for coffee, we have coffee. (group chatters amongst themselves) – So now it’s my turn, we wrap that up. I’m activating that GM intrusion so this is all happening at once as everyone’s breaking shit
down and the punches is coming. You’ve grabbed the data pad. Cass you’ve looked back
as you’re coming in. Swing you smash this
thing across the face. All of this is happening Anton
as your head swivels back behind everybody. To see where Jerome is,
he’s right next to you. – Damn it.
– No. – It’s my GM intrusion I’m activating it. – I was right next to him. – Huh?
– Him. – He’s right next to Jerome he
is right up next to everybody He has gotten up. And as you all have turned
around and looked, he is there. – There by Anton or there
by all of us separately? – Well you are up with
Hops, you are actually. He is essentially about to
pull a reaper in Overwatch. It’s where yo get into a
crowd and pop your ultimate and it gets bad. So let me explain, as he’s
standing there next to Anton. He’s got blood like caked between
his teeth where he got hit His face looks torn and bashed in, and you can see cuts on his scalp and like bruises starting
to form like all over him. – I see all this because
when I stretched my neck I basically got myself seven feet tall and then as I turn around he’s right there. (group moans) – And he just goes (screams) and exhales. He opens his palms and just (screams). – What a non-human. – I need everyone
– everyone? – Everyone I need Luma,
I need Lacy, I need Anton and I need Cobalt. You all need to make a
level seven might check. – Oh no.
– You guys. – That’s formidable. – I bet you you’re having
a lot of visions right now going oh crap, oh crap. – I’m freaking out. – Fuck. (coughs) – Sweet Honey unfortunately
had turned it’s attention towards the immediate
danger of the oncoming rolls around just in time to
see this happening as well. Let me know if you can
make that might check. It is still difficulty seven. – Oh no. – I will expand a pointless
level of effort to even attempt the role. – Yeah I’ll so the same. – The literally most pointless. – But I’ll have to spend three
because I don’t have edge in – Same here. – Oh that’s right. – Yeah I’m with squishy boy. – You’re all so squishy, fuck – Can Oya sense that there’s? – Oh yeah, Oya knows that
shit is going down somewhere where they are. – It’s just going down. – Like is there anything
Oya can do to like leave? – We’re gonna intercut to you
after this round of combat. – Okay. – I hate when I roll well
and it doesn’t matter. – Let’s see if I can do it. – No that’s bad. – No that’s bad (laughs) – You still think you’re on
the Sally Ride don’t you? (group chats excitedly over each other) – I was like he got a critical hit. – Are you rolling your Star Trek dice? – Oh yeah. – That’s why my brain was so excited. – You’re still programmed. – He got success with
Star Trek adventures. You get a one. – Not in this game.
– Fuck me over. (laughs) – Wow. Cool. – I got so excited. – Yeah me too. – I need you to make me a
second might defense role. Difficulty seven. – Can I do what I just
did to drop it down again? – Got us some immortals,
Luma or Cemi rolled an 18. (cheers) – I’ve been fucked with this guy already, I ain’t havin’ it again. – The cycle still flowing through you. – Yeah. (group chats excitedly over each other) – You metabolized the crap outta that. – Yeah.
– Down to four. – Come at me bro. – But like enough to make
this easier if you still don’t have much of advance and he’s
gonna take out of those same pools that we need to stay alive. – You’re gonna have to carry him out. – Um will do. – Statistically, having just rolled a one, the odds are that I’m gonna
roll a 20, pretty good. – Assumed as they always are victor. – This will be more than a 15. – Wow, it’s not, it’s another fail. – Okay so everyone who failed, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is, you’re not going to take
the damage per round. – Cool. – That apparently only, However, everyone who failed
the role is going to take seven points of damage to their speed. – Oh
– Oh no. – Okay did everyone fail but me? – Yeah. – Seven points of damage to your speed. And Anton, you pass out. – Huh? – I think I do too. – No, no no. – Just me specifically? – ‘Cause you’re down to zero. – You botched your defense role
so I GM intrusion that pops into that is you have
to make a second role. According to the sheet, you
have to make a second role and if you fail it you go
unconscious for the remainder of the fight. (groups gasps) – Oh yeah so you turnaround
just in time and he exhales poison in your face. Everyone sees Anton just (choking). Immediately he’s toppled back. He has the sense to keep hold of the data pad, but he blacks out. You watch his body go
back into a normal form. – Lacy has it. – Oh you have? – Yeah. – So you go back in to normal form Anton and crumble to the ground. What happened to you? – I’m just out of speed. – Then you immediately
go into one level so now – Impaired right? – You’re impaired so now all
of your roles you do not get critical hits or anything
you only just get a bonus of plus one. – Jesus. – If you spend effort it costs one extra. – How far away am I from Hector and can I? – You are short ranged. – You and I just used our
actions so we’re screwed. – And that is just him, now they’re going. – Oh crap. – I have an idea but let me get attacked by
all these monsters first. – Yeah ’cause you gotta get
attacked by these monsters first Okay so Hops, I’m gonna put, – Bring it on. – When can we say that we both look back and kind of eye contact
as we were like (screams) – Yeah you guys can all see that. – It’s like we’re gonna have
to start tag teaming something. – Okay meanwhile Hector’s
just going to have a nap. – Yeah. – It’s actually about to happen. – We could use some. (groups chats excitedly over each other) – If Honey Bee wants to jump in this. – Okay. – You can have my ring, you can have anything that’s on this. – I need you to make a defense role. – Me? – Hops. – Speed defense? – Yeah speed defense, difficulty is four. – Oh good okay I’m gonna lower that to two and then, I think that’s good. I got a, I did it. – Okay so a swarm of these
guys start attacking Hops and you dance between their claw strikes. They’re coming at you as two
of them are trying to gang up on you. You manage to sort of get out the way. You’re able to keep one step ahead. You can feel yourself moving faster than you’ve ever moved before. – I’m doin’ the lindy hop. – You’re being to feel
the Callisto power energy just like coursing through you
as you’re seeing the strikes coming before they hit. You manage to get out of the way. So now it is going to be Cobalt. I need you to make a defense
role, difficulty is three. – Okay. – Do you have speed defense? – I do so it’ll bring it down to one. – Lowers down to one. – I’ll do it, I’ll do it. – Just really excited. – I know you are, so I
need a six or better. And I make it. – This thing swipes at you and
you just raise your hand up as you move outta the way
and this thing goes (slash) right through your hands. And just (monster sounds). – Sorry, I got excited. – One of the eight that’s
attacking him right? – Yeah. – What’s that? – Six. – One of the zombies
is attacking him right? – That’s correct.
– Yes. – Zom boys. – So that’s gone. Next Cass there’s two on
you, trying to gang up on top of you. So the difficulty here
defense roles are four. As these things are coming down on you. – Remember what I taught you. I don’t know what I taught
you but just remember that. – It was really useful. – Marshmallow, go. Marshmallow, marshmallow, marshmallow. – I take it down to a two. – Think marshmallow ’cause
you’re gonna get ’em smaller. – 14 it worked. – You guys you just raised your arms, this thing, it looks like
its got these boney knuckles. And as it comes and it
impacts on your forearms does not move you at all. Bam, it’s like hitting
this big thick wall of meat it just does it, nothing happens. The other one claws at you
but you manage to dodge outta the way just as this thing comes
raking past you in the air. And next is gonna be Lacy as
one of these things launches over its brethren and
comes charging at you. Sweet Honey immediately,
she like goes into like a football stance, like linebacker. And difficulty is three. – Okay that’s down by one so. Oh wait. I make it. – Because you got your
power thing up right? – I have that up which
would’ve put me down by two which is distinct for my
asset on speed defense. So I would’ve need a roll
of three, I rolled a 12. – This thing jumps at you
to claw and Sweet Honey just gets down in front of it and
the claws rake harmlessly across the steel plating
on Sweet Honey’s chest. And it just stands there. You are welcome operator Lacy. Next up is Luma. – We should get code names. – Oh did you get skipped? – Oh no this is attacking you. – Oh it’s attacking me. – Yes. – Sorry.
– No it’s not. – Yes it is. – I need you to make a speed defense role. – What’s it? – Speed defense role is three. – I defend immediately. – Okay. Superheros y’all. – Another one comes near
and I stand in front of you and I just give you a
quick smile, watch this. – This thing goes (monster
sounds) as it comes down on top and you basically smack this
thing in the face of the shield then kind of rings its bell for a second. – God I love Lacy, I’m impressed. – I’ll allow it, it’s all Lacy. – Back at Blue Dolphin Base,
that’s the end of that combat. (cheers) – Back at Blue Dolphin Base. Oya you’re sitting her
focusing on this wound and you feel this, triggering words here, but it’s basically that feeling
you get right when you know you’re about to have a panic attack. You feel that sort of like,
that sensation that ice that creeps up between your shoulder blades. And that sensation of adrenaline, beginning to course through you. Your heart rate rising and you
begin to realize that all of your companions are fighting
for their lives right now. And Sal looks at you and goes, okay? – No I’m not okay. I’d like to do something. – What would you like to do? – I’d like to role for premunition. – Okay. – So that gives me, I can
learn one random fact about a creature or location that
is pertinent to a topic you designate. – Okay. – I wanna learn about who’s hurting them. – Make your role. The difficulty of this is
gonna be, I’ll put it at four. It’s difficult. – Okay I get it for,
it’s costs two intellect, but I have a two intellect edge. – Oh so it’s not a role. – Yeah, oh.
– It is a role? – Oh yeah. – Usually. – It’s a power right? – As like a rule of thumb, – It’s a power.
– Yeah. – So you just burn. – It’s if you’re doing
this against someone who doesn’t want it
done to them it’s a role even then something like
that tends to go through. – So you purchase it so how
much does that cost you? – It costs me two but I
have a two intellect edge so it’s free. – So you. – So Oya your face kind of
drops into this serious mask as you begin to peer through
space and time for a moment. And Sal, see’s this change come over you and the aura begin to emanate around you. That reddish, purplish
kind of glow that happens when you tap into your power. And he just goes (monster sounds)
and he starts backing away And Oya you begin to see the
ripple of space time begin to tunnel in front of you. And almost like it is when
you view through a bugs eyes. You see these mirrored
reflections begin to pop up all around you, happening simultaneously of all these possible futures. But all of them are fading
into a single future as decisions and choices
and actions and consequences are being played out in real time. What would you like to know? – I wanna know how to hurt the
people who are hurting them. Or how to stop the people
who are hurting them. – That’s really broad. – Okay. – So you need to like. – Okay. – You could ask something like, are they going to get out alive? Are they, like is there anybody else that’s there that they don’t know about. Like things like that. – Is there anyone there to
help them, like that kind of thing? – Yes. There actually is someone
else in the facility, however they are currently
on one of the higher levels. You begin to like, here’s
the sensation you get. You begin to feel the
sensation sort of come through. And you begin to move away
you can kind of see the combat happening in front of you. And one of the sensations you
get as you’re watching the combat is that they’re in mortal danger. But you also get the sense
that the tide of battle is changing in their favor right now. They’re in the first real grave
danger they’ve ever been in. But you’re actually beginning
to see the tides of fate begin to shift as their
opponents and the momentum of their destiny is getting
stronger in this area. They’re winning is what you sense. Looking for any other like
possible aides you begin to feel a strange pull to one
of the higher levels. And before moments pass your
senses begin to literally glide through the earth,
through stone, through bone, through root until you come
to one of the other levels in this, you’re not sure which one it is. But your senses begin to focus
on one of these canisters. One of these pods. This large pod that looks very
similar to one of the ones that was in the downstairs area. Except for this one is a little different. It doesn’t look like it has a window. It looks like it’s completely enclosed. And unmistakable on this
this pod you see the symbol of Callisto Six. – There’s another one of us. – And all these signs warning
do not open essentially, danger. – Oh we’re gonna open it. – And we have to stop for a break. (moans) – It’s break time. Welcome back to Callisto Six. The show where Sam threatens
to light me on fire before we go live. – Did anyone hear that? I don’t think that happened. – My visor isn’t set to record so I can’t. – Yeah I think the line
was I will set you on fire, Campbell. – You think that’s what they said? That’s what I heard. – I think you were talking about soup. – I do burn soup that’s
something that I do. – I burn soup too. The Campbell clan of Scotland,
we may share our name but it doesn’t necessarily
mean that we’re good at making soup. – They famously throw it
off of mountains for salting in the panted. – Wow. (laughs) – Slowly my face just keeps breaking. – Okay so we are gonna jump back into our situation right now – Situation. – We’re leaving Oya for a
second and getting back down to the sub level 20 of
this Cassium genetics lab. – 24. – What’s that? – No it’s 20
20. – I wrote down 24. – It may have been 24 I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it was 20. – Do we get back into character? – Yeah so begin with Anton unconscious. Right now we are at the point
in the round where Cobalt, you are next. – Yes. – You’ve seen that Jerome is
standing, he has just exhaled poison in the area. Everyone is coughing and
gagging and feeling nausea. As it just washes, that
smell of cinnamon is actually turning into a sick ammonia smell. And everyone is just
breathing it in, just coughing and gagging. Your eyes are starting to
tear up and water and burn as he’s just exhaled all of
this poison into the area. – Okay I’m going to activate
my resonance field, because, – That’s your action right? – That’s my action, it
costs one intelligence but now I can use my intelligence score instead of my might
score for defense roles. – Handy, handy when you’re
having to make defense roles for might. – Hilarious mine was already active. – Was your already active? – Yeah I made that check. That was the thing to have
remembered in the future. – Then retroactive that because that would have cost. If you would’ve made that check
then don’t take the damage. – Okay thank you. – So get seven back to your might. – Okay, yeah because it makes sense. If there’s a force field up
and it’s not getting through and you would’ve made
the check and of course, Sam we’ve been gaming together for what? A year and a half now? Almost two years, about two years. I trust you, I trust you. I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t trust you. Sam breaks things. Alright so Cobalt you activate that thing. You just instinctively
come up as you begin to, no it’s not tech it’s actually
you phasing a little bit out of reality correct? – Yeah. – Alright so you like
immediately become somewhat transparent and people if
looking hard enough at you can see right through you. And this poisonous gas just kind of begins to filter through you as
opposed to affecting you. Next up is Luma. – Yeah okay neat trick. Is there anyone around me
that has been injured already? – The whole party has taken a good. – Not us, enemies, the enemies. – Oh yeah there’s actually
– In this round I wanna know. – There is an enemy that’s
still standing that is attacking – Does the poison affect them? – Is there anyone in immediate
range that has been attacked? – No. The one’s, the only wounded
beasts that is still standing, there’s two of them and
they’re both attacking Hops. – Oh crap. – Okay. – You can still double up ’cause
I think they were hit this round so they should get the opportunist. It’s just Jerome that’s not. – Yeah yeah, yeah that’s fine Okay, so I would like to charge at one of the one’s
that was injured already. – Okay. – And attack. – Okay moving up, yeah because. – I just wanna step into
their immediate range. – They’ve been coming closer
and they’ve attacked us. – We’ve been attacked
already so if someone. – So Hops the one’s
that are attacking Hops, are the ones that are injured. Hops charged forward to meet them. – Okay then I’ll charge up to
Hops ’cause you have a field of protection now and you don’t, so I’m gonna rush up to you. – Okay so yeah I’ll let you
do this, yeah, yeah, yeah. About 10 feet so you
can clear that distance, I’ll let you clear that. – And she has enough power shift to make the standard movement role? – I’m not gonna penalize, I’d say you’d get up there pretty quick. – Okay great. – So go ahead and yeah
hit one of these guys. – Okay, what’s the difficulty? – Difficulty’s three. – So my shield already has
two modifier for negative. – Oh so it’s an asset? So it drops to one? – It drops to one and then
I also have opportunist, which means if a creature
has been attacked this round I get an asset to attack. – You auto hit this? – I auto hit this. – I’m gonna roll for extra
damage and also in case I get a GM, that’s fun. That’s cool, I hit and then I
also want to spend two speed to duck down and hide. – Okay
– dang Luma. – I wanna basically smash in
the face and then duck behind the pods and keep my eyes on Jerome. – Amazing. – How much damage did you do? – Five damage. – Wow. – Okay, wow. Okay so you all, anybody who witnessing this. Luma literally like a
gazelle just kind of leaps the distance, gets up there and smashes this thing from behind. The back of its head, it
snaps down and collides with its own chest as it kind of bends a
little bit out of place. Don’t hear a cracking sound
though you just see this thing kind of bounce its head
off of its own chest. And it literally just kind
of crumbles down on itself. It is down. – Say thank you – And then as you spin out of the way you manage to effortlessly weave between all of these creatures as they’re attacking everyone. And roll until your back is
up against one of these pods. You’ve been completed removed from combat and out of sight from everybody. – Great and just so people
at home know what getaway is, after your action on one
turn I may move up to a short distance to get behind or beneath
something within immediate range. – Nice. – Yeah one of these pods is
definitely near your range. So you just kind of slide
between it and vanish from their point of view. Alright that’s another one down. – I’m so proud of Luma. – Lacy, Sweet Baby is very
much focused on Jerome. – Yeah. Okay. – Sweet Honey I should say. – Honey Bee. – Honey Baby. – Honey Baby that’s right. – Okay there’s weapons on board and that would probably be useful. I’m actually I’m already
in the directory system. And my first concern earlier
was the Callisto Six energy source so I’m actually going, given that I’m already in the system. I’m going to LS-A and start
looking through the system directory to find where that
Callisto Six energy source is that Jerome Blair said he was
doing, using to power these experiments because we
have to take that with us. – Alright so if you can
imagine, Lacy coughing. Like almost dry heaving from
all the poison that has entered into the air. Thankfully it doesn’t
enter your system Lacy. This is field that’s
gathered around your body, looks like it keeps enough of it out. You just kind of gag a little
bit on the scent of it. But it doesn’t infect. – Hope they’re okay, where are they? – And you don’t feel, in
this heightened situation, you don’t feel Lacy in immediate danger. You can kind of feel that
they seem to be okay. The poison doesn’t look
like it affected them. It is kind of affecting your
concentration a bit Lacy as you’re sifting through, but I’m don’t gonna have you role. You managed to find on level 14, here’s something interesting. The levels going down to level 20, everything leading down to
level 20 is a dummy level. So from 14 down to 20 is just dummy levels and essentially by hacking the
system and going down the way you did you’re beginning to
realize you actually avoided traps from people who were
unauthorized getting down here. You’re getting a nature
of what is in these traps. Some of them look positively medieval. And some of them look quite
modern in how they implement, you’re pretty sure poison
canisters are also attached to some of these levels. But you full access so you’re
just kind of scanning through. You’re like ah-ha, glad that
worked out and kind of moving on but at level 14 you see
there’s a quarantine zone where some of the
Callisto Six energy source apparently has been used on someone. – Oh goodness did they use
the Callisto Six energy source on someone? We have to get them out of here. Okay I’m adding that to
the priority list, alright. Is that my turn? – Yeah I would say that was your action. – Are you broadcasting that
to everyone internally? – I was just thinking that
– Oh okay. – Alright we’re back at the top so Anton. What would you like to do Anton? Okay excellent, good choice, good choice. – Can I add one thing? As Lacy says that I’m
still sort of near you. Luma looks straight forward
and just says, someone else has the Callisto Six energy in them. – What? Speak up. – Cass it’s you. – Anton’s down and the doc is back up? – Yeah doc is looking beat to hell. He looks like he took the
brunt of that pod to the face. However, the air around
him has clearly been toxic. You can see these sort of
clouds of poison gathered around him and everyone behind
you coughing and gagging and dry heaving. Anton is still on the ground unconscious and you can see the veins in
Anton’s face kind of appearing close to the surface. He looks like he’s been poisoned. Thankfully again thankfully
his area of affect does not cause you to have to make
a might check every round. So Anton’s not dying but
he is done for the combat. He’s down and out. – I’ve run the wrong way when
my friends were in danger before so I’m booking it back
towards standing asshole. – Not towards the poisonous gas. – So you’re gonna leave
the fight where you’re at? – How many of those
monsters are still there with Cass and I? – Hector it says here that
you’ll wake up in one minute so if this lasts, I have a
feeling this will be over in one minute though. – Alright so you can yes,
you can technically leave. But I’m going to penalize
you, I won’t give them the quote, unquote attack of opportunity. But I’ll penalize whatever
you’re about to do. So are you trying to clear
the distance from where you’re standing to get to where the doctor is? – Did you say that poison gas
thing aloud when you saw me start to run? – It’s like if you’re about to
turn away and start charging there I would just be like, it’s poison. Like obviously everyone else
was affected, we were out of the distance for it right? So I was planning on, so Cass on the point of charging
directly towards the thing – Cass, poison. – Fuck off fine. – Okay let’s take another way. – Okay difficulty three. No sorry, difficulty four on this guy. – I can control the ventilation systems. – We’re in the ventilation. – Difficulty. – Unless you’re gonna
throw another pod at ’em. – Six and up. Thank God I rolled a
seven and I needed a six. – Punch. – How much damage is that? – That is a standard 11 points
– A million. – Standard 11. – Okay, that’s another one down. – Bam you upper cut this thing
and it goes hurdling straight up into the air and comes
crashing right back down where it was standing, it is done. Crumbles to the ground. – As that happens I’m gonna
turn to you and be like, you got these? – Yeah. – Okay and I’m gonna run and
I’m gonna shock the doctor. – Can’t touch him with lightening. – Can’t poison me now. – Go ahead and make a role. Your going to make a
role difficulty is five. – You are in fact. – No it’s not attacking. – It’s three and I’m gonna spend a point. Strictly speaking I have
arranged attack, but. – Oh gosh I’m low on intellect. – Alright. – I didn’t say anything. (laughs) – I mean my character is. I’m obviously quite intelligent. – That was almost as good as
the time you and Gina looked at each other with the fake mustaches. – With the goatee. – Which still by the way, one
of my favorite moments ever. – Fucking best. – So perfect. – Muah. – What’d you roll?
– Ah shit. – Uh oh. – Is it a not one? – She spent an XP at her own intrusion. – Do you role an edge one? – I sure did. – Oh no. – Is anyone spending an XP? – Yup. Thank you. – Okay roll it again. – I believe I owe you one. – That’s way better, success. – Okay, thank you Cass. – Whoa that could have
changed the course of this. – It sure could. It sure could. – So you got a success? – I did. – So you’re zapping this guy,
how much is he gonna take? – Eight. – Okay. – Thank you. – I heard it in the music. – He is still standing. – How? – You lightening bolt. Crashes into his chest out the
back, you see the burn mark appear all over his fine suit
that has been kind of bloodied by his own blood from
the impact of this thing. And he just takes it and
goes (monster sounds). And looks at you and the look
in his eye is close to madness He looks so curious about
what you just did to him. Between the spasms of pain
from the lightening blots. He looks completely intrigued. – Creepy. – If I were ever an evil scientist. – And that’s Hops so now it’s his turn. – Oh shit. – Great. – He is going to move into range of Hops. – Oh no. – But I’m faster. – I need you to make a
might defense role of seven. – Which you have an inability on. – Oh I do. What does that mean? – It means it’s difficulty eight. – That’s fine I’ll figure
this out, what can I use? I’m fast, can I use my fastness? – No – It’s a might defense. – You do have um. – I do have endurance. – Oh that’s an inability. – It sure is. – That would be for holding your breath. I’m just kidding. – It’s true. – But anything dealing
with physical actions. – Like holding your breath. – Isn’t this a poison that covers? – It’s contact poison. – I have endurance though. – It’s contact poison. It’s why Luma got smacked up. – There’s nothing I can do
to lower it besides using. – Think you’re just gonna take it? – Well no matter what it
would just lower to a seven. – So he auto hits you basically? – Yeah. – Alright so you’re gonna
take five points of damage. – To which? – This is gonna be, yup might. – Oh thank God. – Oh no I’m sorry, is it speed? – Oh that’s fine too. – The aero one was speed. – It was speed the last time. – This is poison breath. – He’s breathing on me? – Gross dude, get a tic tac. – Yeah. – Yes it is speed defense. – Okay. – Slows you down. – That’s fine. – You immediately, again
the smell of cinnamon and strong smell of ammonia
just hits you right in the face. And Hops your eyes burn
immediately as all the moisture in your eyes completely disappears
from the acidic nature of this poison. You just kind of (choking
sounds) and you start gagging and coughing and dry heaving
just like everybody else. – And I’m near Anton right? – Yes, Anton’s fine this is
not an area affect attack. – No I know but I was
gonna try and do something but I don’t think I can. – No ’cause it was his action now. So now he goes, now it’s their turn. And the monsters are attacking. Well that one can’t attack
Luma because Luma disappeared. – What’s a Luma? The world may never know. – Sorry Cass I just left
you with all the monsters. – You did the right thing. – Cass I need you to make a
defense role, difficulty is four ’cause you’ve got multiples on you again. – Six or better. – Oh you know how you said
this rolls a lot of fours? – Retire it. – Retire the dice. – It’s also probably that 20 though. – So you get hit? You get hit?
– I get hit. – So it’s three points of might damage. – Do you have any armor? – No. – Leather jacket? Doesn’t count. – I don’t think so I
should look into that. – Mine does. – Yeah it counts as light armor. – You know, I should probably have read
that part of the rules. (laughs) – And this is what you get. – Three points of learning experience. – Three points of damage. – I get a three for this? – Essentially two of
them are on you again. And the three points damage
you take is just from both of these attacking you. They’re attacking in a group,
their height and difficulty because you’re being attacked
by multiples so you take three points of might damage. Next up is going to be. That’s actually gonna be Cobalt, this thing is still on top of
you so go ahead and make your defense role. He’s on top, not literally,
you guys aren’t like, hey. (laughs) – So you get to use. – It’s intellect instead. – That’s correct, difficulty is three. – So it’s difficulty three? – Um hmm. – And then I’m gonna spend
to bring it down to one. – Four, whew I’m good, I’m good. – So once again this thing
just swipes at the air. – So now because it has attacked
me and it has failed its attack with residence
field it takes damage. – Oh how much does it take? – Wait. – Yeah right? Or did I read that wrong?
– That’s awesome. – That sounds awesome. – Yeah that does sound awesome. – So imit pattern energizes
to block attacks and, oh it only, it does, it only does damage in
mater of major effects. Nevermind
– oh okay. – Oh that makes sense. – So this thing swipes
through you, does not hit. It looks furious every time
its claws are coming at you, it looks like it’s anticipating
that wonderful, gratifying feeling of ripping flesh. And every time this mutated
thing with its sort of arms coming off the side of its body. And this bulbus like knotted
shoulders as its going (monster sounds) not getting purchased. Every time it swipes, just kind
of swiping through the air, swiping through the air. See it frothing at the mouth enraged ’cause it can’t hit you. – Did you name it Goro? – No from Mortal Kombat. – Oh. – Next up this is gonna be Lacy. This things coming at you again. Sweet Baby has interjected itself again. So it’s Honey Baby, it’s
the name of the droid? – It’s Honey Bee. – Honey Bee. So Honey Bee is once
again interjected itself. Go ahead and make the role,
the difficulty is three. – Okay that’s down to
one from residence field. Also I took those three points back up because it’s a creature attack and the thing I got before was a gas. – Oh okay, cool cool cool. – Just for housekeeping. – Cool, cool. – I succeed. – Okay once again your residence
field and a very protective large war droid standing at
about 11 feet and opposes itself and stops this thing from getting at. And you hear Honey Bee go,
operator Lacy, permission to terminate life form? (groans) – Okay that’s the next round. We’re at the top of the
round, Anton’s unconscious. It’s Cass again. – They have one of our people? – What’s that? – People who – Lacy? – Oh that was a defense role. – Oh I’m sorry this was them attacking. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I gotta make this a little
more clear on my initiative skill here. – Eric just really wanted
to get to meet them. – I just wanted everyone to be like yeah, hey whatcha doin’ over there? Alright Cobalt, what are you doing? – Your a knock out Honey. – So this thing that’s been
attacking me I did notice that Jerome went passed
me to go over there. And so while I am concentrating
on moving from this thing. I know that he’s the bigger target. And I noticed that when he was blasts, blasted that he’s wearing like
a silk tie that kind of got caught
– it’s blue. – It is blue, but also it is one material. So I’m going to focus on the
facets of the atoms of that tie and separate them. – Snap. – What?
– That is. – You’re gonna call this an onslaught? What is that? – That’s a shatter
– Shatter. – What? – Literally de-atomizing
his clothes in front of him. – It’s an explosion so
it’s around his neck. And it’s a splatter effect. – Okay. – Of damage. – So what does that do? – It costs two intellect,
it causes the detonation of an object it must be small and mundane. Da, da, da and it deals. – And it deals two or more points for each target that’s around it. – How much does it do initially? – Six points of damage and
then even if the attack role fails, the target still takes one damage. So I’m going to spend. – So there’s no role? – There is role
– Okay. – It’s an intelligence role. – Okay. Okay in that case. – But you said it causes damage
to the people around it too? If you add points
– If I add points to it. Which I don’t wanna do. – Yeah I have a question
gang, I’m not a scientist. But when there’s an explosion
that’s derived from splitting an atom isn’t that very big and bad? – I can’t do that level – You can’t split atoms but
you can disintegrate something and cause like. – Split the molecular bonds. – That is the eventually goal. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Popping atom bombs. – I’m sorry, what? (laughs) – Expiration. – So does he have to
make intellect defense? Is that what it is? – Yes gonna have to freeze ’em – Okay his intellect defense is six. – Six okay and so with
this I believe, okay, I have a edge
– Does the tie have a defense? – No it’s an intellect
attack strictly speaking. – And he has intellect defense
and evil genius as a trait so yes. – So there’s six down to four. – Six okay down to four. – And then I will. – 12 and then. – Think that’s all I can do. – Okay. – Wait, wait, wait is
it necktie or a bow tie? – That’s a necktie. – Ah. – Thank you. – Neckties are cooler material. – Okay anyway, 12 or better. 12. (cheers) – Six points. – Wait, is that including
your powers damage? – What does that mean? – That’s another plus three
– Oh shoot. ’cause you have the powers, power shift. – You’re right, I have two power shifts. – So that’s another six damage, that’s 12. – 12 total. – Oh my God. – So you detonate this guy so
you do shatter affect on this guys silk tie. – On his blue silk tie. – Alright. – You blew it up. – Then I need so. – So then okay read off the
power to me one more time. – Shatter causes detonation
of object, must be small and mundane. Long distance each level of
effort deals two more points for each target but I didn’t add any. Even if the attack role fails
while targets taking one damage but if succeeded,
it does six damage. Plus I used my two power shift for this and so it made it 12 damage instead. – So how much does the blast radius? What is that? – It shatter. So he takes damage what does
everybody around him take? – Because I didn’t spend any
points how I’m understanding it is that I can add points to
make it an area of affect. But I didn’t do that on purpose. – Okay. – It’s a very small radius
explosive whereas more effort is like adding more energy. – He had three health left. – He doesn’t any more. – He does not, he is at zero. – Negative. – He was a negative person. – And now he’s a negative unperson. – So. Great descriptor in taking him down. So yeah the tie disintegrates
as you have described. There is an energetic
discharge around his head. And for a split second
there’s a flash of light and a popping sound and a smell. – Ew. – Now he’s not dead because you
haven’t told me you’re going to kill him. – No. – I mean I could. – I could but. – He drops to the ground
going (monster sounds) he just drops to his knees
and then slumps backwards. Smoke rising from his head which is sort of charred a little bit. Around his neck there’s this
deepened black burn mark going around the center in his chest. The tie area his clothes
have been blown open. They’ve just been cindered apart. And you see his exposed chest underneath. It is, chest hair is all. (laughs) – He’s gone. – We’re creating an evil
league of people we’ve burned. – So the smoke rising no one’s
really sure what the hell just happened to him. – Even me, I’m not really sure. – He is down, he is down down. And there seems to be
an immediate reaction from the creatures when he goes down. – Of? – They seem to react to it,
they all seem to screech a little bit louder. Everyone seems to take
notice that he went down. – Interesting. – He’s daddy. – And that’s your round
Cobalt so Luma you’re up next. – Okay they’ve reacted are
they retreating are they? – They don’t have an action
yet so right now they’re still in combat with everybody. – Okay. Cool. I’m still next to you or
there’s still anyone on Hops? – I ran back to. – You’re in cover right now. (groups discusses with each other) – Cass has two on her. – What’s that? – The most immediate person in danger. – Not really immediate
but I am the closest. – Cass actually has a
wounded one on her right now. – A wounded one?
– Um hmm. – I would just very much like
to sneakily, stealth over. – Do you have to role? – No. – Describe how you take
this motherfucker down. (laughs) It has one hit point. – Okay and it’s facing Cass. – Yes. – So you have the narrative. – You know I’m sneaking. All you see is the tip of a
shield go through its neck. – Are you killing it? I mean it’s not really, it’s a, It’s monster, it’s not. – Yeah no. – It’ not yeah. – Yeah no point through neck
and then just throw it to the side and then I just look at you and I go, – My hero. – I owed you one. – I love that this wonderful
moment is happening right next to it. – There’s another one right there. – I kind of reach and move
the blood off your face. – Can Cass just go boof
like right behind her? (laughs) – When my turn comes up. – So that’s Luma you,
that is another one down. – There are only four left. – Okay. – So Lacy, yes your droid has been
asked permission to unleash. You have agreed so the
action is gonna be Honey Bee, doin’ its thing. – I spend a point of effort. – Okay. – To lower the difficulty to one. – You won’t have to. Are you getting Honey Bee
to smack this thing up? – Yeah I did it as the onslaught. – It’s an, oh okay, cool,
cool, cool, cool, cool. Yes indeed – So yes, I succeed. – How much damage? – 10. – Okay. So this manifests with you
giving the order and Sweet Baby immediately just (fighting sounds) sticks its arm out and you see again that gatling gun come out
at a point blank range you hear the (gun sounds) the sounds and smells of
plasma bolts launching out of Honey Bee’s arm
into one of these things and just destroying its upper body. Literally drills a hole
through it with energy. And it crumbles to the ground dead. And the thing folds back in and you see a canister ping, fly out. – Thank you. – You are welcome operator Lacy. And smoke coming out of
Honey Bee’s pendage, it’s arm so that’s another one quite, quite dead. Okay top of the round then so Cass. – Anton whatcha’ doin’? (laughs) – Rubbin’ it in there. – That’s a gif. (laughs) – How many are still? There’s three left. None of them have been injured, the three of them are standing. One of them
– By me or not by me? – One is on me. – One is on Cobalt. One is directing its
attention at Luma right now. And another one’s on you. – Okay how do you, what is the mechanical way to
clock their heads together? – He did it last time when
he had stretchy powers. – Yeah he rolled a 20 so
that was a major affect so you can’t really do. – You’re gonna really like for that. – I think about the future and how much I’d love to
eventually have that ability. – As a tier one character I don’t think you’re
doing two attacks yet. – Yeah fair enough. – But God help the world
when that day comes. (laughs) – And all of us. – I look back like did
that guy just explode? and what did you just do? – I have a lot of drugs. – So you’re gonna punch this thing? – Yeah. – Make a role, difficulty is three. – I mean I don’t know that this
thing can withstand a punch. – Man. – Unless you roll terribly. – Don’t put that out in the world. – Unless you roll awful. Show me that one Cass, show me that one. – You have to sleep sometime
you know that right? – I’m gonna die tonight
anyway just show me. – Six or better. – Six. (cheers) – Nice. – Success. – How much damage is that? – 11 – 11 – Yeah. – No Cass auto kills
these things with a hit. 11 points again another one
goes hurdling down the hall. You send this thing tumbling
in a broken form about 20 feet away, it just comes to a rest. – I didn’t declare it, can it be Luma’s? – Sure. – K. – Wait oh the one that’s
laying dead next to each other? – Sure sure you just
punch by the side of me. – My hero. – Bam there’s a meaty
slapping sound as Cass’ fists impacts on the side of this
things head and it vanishes from your point of view instantly. – Punch your way out of a problem babe. – So that’s Cass, Hops. – Yup that’s what you hear. I did you not say that aloud? – So called quietly yes. But I also thought it sorry
it’s just a Cass specific thing. – I also hear it. – Was there flirting? Did I miss flirting? – You didn’t hear it? – No. – I was too busy, damn I have to sub? (Laughs) – I am still coughing up
poisonous gas, fun times. – You’re good. – Crawling over to Anton
and going nap time is over and putting my level eight
viper giving him eight points of might and waking him the F up. (cheers) He is down to zero and now
he can take a punch again. – Are you at zero? – He was at zero might. – No I was at a, – You just declared him unconscious. – So here’s what I’ll do though. – I’m at four. – Four, oh. – It was ’cause he rolled a one. – So here’s what I’ll do though. – Well I thought he was at zero. – If you want him to wake
up, ’cause here’s the thing. (stutters over words) – Should I take it back? – Nevermind, I’ll save it for later. – So here’s what’s gonna happen. So GM intrusion activated
one of the super villains abilities to knock Anton out cold. He didn’t take damage. So if you wanna counter that
at this late in the game I’ll let you do it, if you burn an XP. – Sure I’ve got my last one. – Wake up. Can I still attack something? Can I like kick him and then go into? – Nope.
– Okay. – And there’s gonna be, I’m gonna warn you. There is still one on you so
if you do this I’m gonna give it a bonus to hit you. – That’s fine, I’m fast I’m
just gonna wait for Hops. – Ah yeah. – Famous last words. – So Anton you hear from a
distance a familiar voice. – Really annoying. – For a split second you’re
imagining yourself at a birthday party where you’re getting a
present and you’re hearing the voice of a young girl in front of you. These big bright red pigtails and her giving you this
gift that you think. And then you’re waking up. You’re becoming conscious as you hear, you see the face of Hops over you shouting and it sounds like it’s
coming from down a hallway and this echos. And then you see something
looming behind her. – Ignore that, wake up. – And that’s your action. So Hops so now it’s their turn. Jerome is down, there’s three
left this guy is gonna come at you so Hops need to
make a defense role. The difficulty is five. – Oh, wait it went up. – Yes because you are, you’re
back is turned to this thing and you’re crouched down. – That’s fine. – So you’re kind of prong really? – Okay I’m lowering that to
three using my speed defense. I’m specialized. And. I’ll just have to go with that right? – And your roll. – Wait is it can I use speed? – It’s a speed defense role. – So I can use speed out of my pool. – I’ll call speed defense on
this unless otherwise stated. – So I’ll use two for my pool,
to lower that down to two. – Okay, so you need a six or better. – Or two. – So you’re gonna take
three points of damage. – As this thing rakes you from behind. – Wait, I wanna spend an XP
so that she can re-roll that. – Aww. – Re-roll it. – Okay I’m not using this dice
anymore, that dice giving me a lot of bad ones. – Di
– Thank you. – Di. Roll one, roll one. – Wow. – What was that? – It’s another two. – Which is impressive in its own way. – Why didn’t it go to someone else? No I’m just kidding. – Take three points of damage. – To roll two things. – Take three points of damage. – Okay out of my might? – Out of your might. – Okay. – This thing rakes you good from behind. You can feel that (sizzle noises). That sort of like that
pinching sensations, you know in animals like a cat claws you, except this is a really big cat. – Meow. – This is a really big cat Hops. This thing scratches you
good across the back. What’s more disturbing about this feeling, is the sounds of gratitude
coming out of this thing as it makes an impact. Is it finds skin (animal sounds) – Can I make myself a lightening bolt? Shock it from its claws. – Okay another ones on you Cass. You’re gonna have to make a defense role, difficulty’s three. – You’re gonna wrap this up. – Difficulty’s three? – Yup. – I take it down to one,
and I roll a 10, I’m good. – Good this thing is
going to miss you utterly. Alright. – It’s me. – Yup, it’s you. – And I’m going to be
using my intellect instead. – This flurry, the battle
has completely turned. You guys can tell this
is moment’s from ending. These two things are berserk
and they’re going nuts. But they are completely
outnumbered at this point. – What’s the difficulty? – Difficulty’s three. – So I have a phasing power shift of two, so I bring it down to one. – Okay. – And do that. – Nine. – Top of the round, this thing,
whoosh again the frustration bringing this thing to a
berserked fury as it’s just like swiping at the air, it
cannot make purchase. – Come at me bruh (laughs) – Cannot can Cobalt, guess what? Anton. – The bad guys. – I keep forgetting the
damn initiative we’re on. – Alright but we’ll get there I’m sorry. – So Jerome is down, I
should actually cross him out and say baddies. I’m sorry you’re right,
so Cobalt it’s your round. Use your action, what are you doing? – I’m going to use my plasma rifle. – You’re at point blank. – Yeah so what I wanna do
is I wanna use my speed to move out of the way. And I have the skill
graceful that I’m trained in. So if possible I’d like to
kind of pivot and pull it up. – Pivot, pivot. – Yes I’ll let you do that. At point blank range. – Oh dang is this a speed role? – Yeah it’s a speed attack. – If I have speed of zero, do I still? – You don’t have. Your at point blank range
because of your speed bonuses the difficulty’s gonna drop to zero. ‘Cause it’s an immediate
bonus to hitting this thing. You are right in front of this thing. You’re literally raising the
plasma rifle to its chest. – Yeah. – And being somebody who’s
phasing in and out of reality you don’t have to worry about
the awkwardness of being close to someone. Like you literally just lean back. So go ahead and make a fire,
go ahead and make a shot. – Okay. – How much damage is that? – Six points. – Six okay. – Alright smoke coming
up from its chest area. There’s only two left and
this one looks like its been brutalized on its chest now. This thing pops off and you
feel the buck of the plasma rifle as you shoot this thing. You all hear that again that
sickening splatting sounds of plasma burning through skin and that smell that hits the air. Next up is going to be Luma. – Has the creature
behind Cass been hit yet? – No but the creature
that just attacked Cobalt just got shot. – That’s okay. I’m gonna roll. You’ve gotta gun. As I see you duck out of
the way I grab your arm and use the momentum of swinging you away to swing into the creature. I have to roll though. – I’m gonna give you a plus one bonus so you can roll for that shit. – Okay cool, a plus one
bonus so then it’s a 20. (cheers) It’s an unnatural 20, a dirty 20. – A dirty 20. I’ll give you the benefit of a 19 then. – I mean it is a 19. – Yeah. But with the plus one you would get 20 so I’ll give you the benefit of a 19. – Go for the halo damage. – You can do three points
of damage or a minor affect. – Can I do minor affect? – Yeah. – What sort of? – Like what kind of
minor affect can you do? – A, is what I’m about to
do with the five damage kill like take this thing down? – So how much you gonna do base? – Base is five damage. – Plus the three so then five. – And this thing hasn’t
been injured yet, so no. It will not take it down. – So it’s eight damage total? – Can your shield do five? – Instead of the minor. – Oh it’s one or the other, okay then. Can the minor affect be
that I pin it against one of the pods, like with my shield? Like I hit it then pin it. – Not with a minor affect. A minor affect would be
something like knock back, move past it, distract it, strike a specific part of the body. – Specific part of the
body doesn’t matter. Then I’m just gonna full on
swing smack and do damage. – So you’re hitting the one
that was attacking Cass? – Yes. – And how much total was that? With the three? – It’s eight damage total.
– Eight damage total – You didn’t spend any effort on the role if you put effort now into the damage. – Your shield does five points? – Yes
– That’s amazing. – You have to do that before the role. – Okay cool that’s fine. – So this is (laughs). Cass this thing that was on you, you again hear the hum
of that energy shield as it impacts on the
side of this things head. And it smacks it good, you
see saliva and blood exit its mouth as it gets smashed
across the side of the face. And it kind of (choking sounds) looks like it’s completely dazed. That’s Luma’s turn, Lacy
what would you like to do? – Goodness crap. – Honey Bee is standing by. – There’s one injured one and then. – Two injured ones. Those are the only two standing. – But there’s three, there’s one on me. – Nope, there’s only two left. – Oh so the one who
attacked me was injured? – Yup. – Oh it’s going down. – I would spend a point of effort. – Yeah onslaught? – That’s a 17. – 17. It’s an extra point of damage. Are you going up to the
one that’s on Cobalt or the one that’s on Cass? – Yeah who do you like more? Choose. (laughs) – Given that I have faith down
to the fundament of my being it would be a Star Trek adventures value that I believe in Luma or
see my the handle anything, I’mma help out Cobalt ’cause
I know down to my core that Luma’s got this. – You stated down to your
core that I am squishy ’cause it’s true. – Says the person who just blew up a tie. – Wait. – Sorry, sorry. – Okay. Which one? Cass or oh, okay Cobalt. – Yeah ’cause Luma’s got this. – Luma’s the one that
attacked mean dude then. – It’s been taken out. – There’s only one left now. – Right? – No. – The one that attacked me? – I lost track of it too but
he’s declaring that there’s only two left. – Yes I’ve been keeping track of it. I kept track of all the damage. So Cobalt this thing is
clawing at you relentlessly. Despite the fact its got a steaming chest. When you see a robot hand come
down and engulf this things head. And Honey Bee picks this
thing up off the ground and slams it down back into the ground. Picks its limp body up and slams it back into the ground again. Picks it back up and notices
that it’s just dangling. And just pivots and hurls it all the way down the hallway. A good, a Cass worthy throw
as thing goes darting down the hall, crumbled to the ground and rolls. And he goes, you are
protected friendly Cobalt. – Thank you. (laughs) – Last one that was Lacy’s. We’re at the top of the round, Anton. There’s one left and it’s on Cass. It has a point of damage left to it. – Dude I’m not poisoned? – Nope. – But I don’t have anything in my system? – You’re good. – I am good. – Yes. – I don’t feel like
I’ve ever after having, have you ever been unconscious
and then you wake up like it’s weird. – But I’ve also never been
coercing with the Callisto Six energy source so. – Oh that’s all you had to say, alright. (humming) (laughing) – Alright you know I had me spinach. Okay so I will look over and
see that one of these things is attacking Cass. And I’m not very strong but I’m just gonna try to
reach all the way over. – You’re in range. – Smack it, difficulty’s three. – Okay. Alright. – Actually this thing is,
I’m gonna lower it by one. Difficulty’s gonna be two, ‘Cause it’s not facing
you, it’s engaged with Cass and as far as it knows you’re
unconscious and on the ground. So I’ll give you a two so. – Six or better. – 18. (cheers) – You get three extra points of damage. – Yes. – So Cass you turnaround
and see this thing and you just see this
enlarged fist, bam, smack it from across the face and it
goes crumbling to the ground. – What did I miss, what’s happening? – Your hand just stretches back to you and it’s quiet in here. This thing hits the ground. And then the only sound is
the sound of Honey Bee going, all hostiles eliminated. – Thank you Honey Bee. Moves over to Dr. Jerome. And you see the gatling gun
come out again and it goes, request permission to end
life form, operator Lacy. – Request denied that’s
what arrests are for. I think. – Cory, not familiar with term arrest. – Once we get you up link
you can look it up okay? – Understood. – Thank you. I think we should just take him with us and like put him in jail and stuff. – I’m not, we can’t touch him. – Okay
– He’s poisoned. – Not only that. – I can’t believe I’m saying
this but let’s call the cops. – We need proof, that’s real. – That’s it. This looks very damaging for us. – Where’s the being? – What? – The Callisto Six energy it’s in a being. – What? – It’s in a being? – Yeah, I heard it, yeah. I found it out when I was
looking through the directory. How did you know that? – I don’t know, it just sort of flowed into my head. A lot of science has been
going through my head. But I did just inject myself
with a needle of something. And I feel a lot of things. A lot of science things. – Okay so. – Can you sling the
scientist over my shoulder? – This guy? – Yeah
– Don’t touch him, poison. – Wait Cass. – He’s wearing clothes. – Okay I need you to make a
might defense role of seven. (laughs) – It’s not funny. – Can I try to grab him
since I have touched him and it hurt a lot? – Yes. – And she’s far away from him. – I will note Luma that through
the clothes on your sleeve he was still able to
poison you with contact. So you see Cass reaching down for him. And I’ll let you. – Grab hand, okay. It seeps through. Maybe I should try something
– Honey Bee. – Yes operator Lacy. – You see Honey Bee just
grab him and with one hand. – Thank you. – Honey Bee’s the man too. – Yeah okay. – Yup. – Okay, yeah. Should I activate the
liquification protocols for these? – What does that mean? – Remember how Dr. Blair
said that there’s a fail safe that will liquefy? – The zeta protocol. – Yeah, I could activate that
and then these won’t ever, I mean if they were already dead. – We need proof though, can we
take pictures of the context or something? Anything
– Okay. – Just so you know and
I’ll give this to you easy. The research data pad that
you have is a smoking gun. It is a silver bullet. That data pad that you
picked up off of Dr. Jerome is incredibly incriminating. – I’mma smoke the heck
out of that gun later. For now yeah I want since I have hacked, I’m gonna activate the
liquification protocols. – Okay. You all hear on the overhead
a calming voice say, liquification commencing. This like alarm starts to go off. And you all hear this kind of soothing like wearing sound. No screeches, no sounds coming
from out of any of these containers but all of
them glow and light up. As these things that died peacefully and were brought back for
these heinous experiments are once again entered
into the solace of death. And all down you just hear (air noises) complete in 30 seconds. – Since I have access to the database. I want to go into the part
of the directory that sources and has all of the names of who they were. Like were they actually
just jacked bodies? – None, there are none available
that data was not saved. They just grabbed bodies. It looks like, it looks like they used, what you’re seeing Lacy as
you’re scrolling through the records some of these
are years and years old. But it looks like they
actually tapped a lot of the underground element in Los
Angeles to do some of this dirty work for them. A lot of no questions asked. A lot of just people probably
just workers at the morgue who were just doin’ ‘ya know. A lot of them were murders, a
lot of them were like victims of crime. A lot of these were people
who died of old age. Some of them, a lot of them
unfortunately were homeless. And didn’t have connections to the world that anyone would notice. Like these are, they cherry
picked the people that they thought society wouldn’t
notice was missing. – Those are my people. – Some of these span back nine years. And some of them are as
recent as last month. – They didn’t even keep the names. – Yeah there is no directory. – They didn’t even keep the names. – Hey, hey, hey, hey. – Yeah fuck this place real hard. – Look at me, look at me. They took their lives,
you just gave them back. Their bodies okay, you
gave it back to them. You gave them peace
– I hate them, I hate them I hate them. I hate them. – I know, I know, I know. Let’s get out of here, let’s get out of this
ugly, ugly place okay? Let’s go back to Sal. – We can’t leave yet, we can’t leave. – I know. – Lacy are there any people
that are alive in this building? In this facility that we can save? – Uh huh whoever it is with
the Callisto Six energy source on the 14th floor we’re gonna
have to take that with us because I don’t think we
can activate that from here (stutters to find the words) just not here. – Okay, let’s go. – We’ll bring that and then
I can activate a fire alarm on the others and get them
to just get away from here. – While we’re here if we can be quick, Lacy is there anything in the database that has something that can help Sal? – That’s probably gonna be
upstairs anyway, down here. – Okay it’s probably in the experimental. – We’ll look for it on the way. – Let’s get in the elevator. – We’re gonna cut back
to Blue Dolphin Base. – Okay. – You have been sitting
there for a second. – There’s one other thing I wanted to do before we left the building. – Okay that’s fine you’re
not leaving the building yet. – Just but literally on our way out, oh sorry you’re doing a
cut, oh that kinda cut. I thought you were cutting all of us back. – No inner cut to. – Okay, no stop me, yeah please. – Oya you’re exhaling for a second because you’ve been able to
feel the rising confidence of your fellow team members. And then you begin to feel
them it’s like those moments like in a game that you might
watch on TV or something. Be it football or basketball. Whatever’s happening, you feel
them, they find the groove, they find that sync up
in their team effort. And they become one unit
and you can feel that unity as they drop the violence around them. And a calm begins to
fall back over you again. And about that point, as you’re starting. The glow begins to fade away
as you’re sitting there. You kind of blink and realize
that there’s a cup being held in front of you, a mug. And looks like this big meaty
hand with just two fingers holding this mug of cold
coffee, just going, grr. – Thank you Sal. (grunting noises) – And he thuds as he’s walking away Oya. It could be your imagination but that black spot on
him looks bad from here. Like a little bit bigger. And at about that point
you hear in your sub vocals as you are getting contact
once again with your team. And all of you as you’re
moving through the elevator up to the 14th level you begin to hear that you’re getting back (static noises) – Oya? – Hey, hey you guys are okay? – Well sort of. – Yes. – You guys must have gotten
beaten up pretty bad, I could feel it. – Nothing a little Neosporin can’t fix, how’s Sal doin’ though? – Same, not good. I can’t do anything, nothing’s working. – We might be able to do
something when we get back. We found out some information. Also, do we win in the end? Like what happens in the end? Are we okay? – I don’t know but there’s
somebody there who can help you and you need to find them. – Where? How do you know, what? – I don’t know weird power stuff. – Oh okay. – Somebody who can help us? – Yeah there’s like a pod and it has, it looks like the size of a person and it has our symbol on it. – Which is by the way,
that information is gonna dramatically help you in your
search as to where it is. – Ah okay. – I couldn’t tell where
exactly, but it’s definitely where you are. – Does the 14th floor sound right? – Yeah, I would say let’s
just throw a narrative at it ’cause Oya you’ve done a deep
dive through the mystical eye of space time I would say. – I remember seeing that
too, there was a 14 yeah. – Oh my God. – You have to find them. – How do we get to the 14 floor? Just press 14. I mean is it not restricted or anything? – I wish you were here
but we’re really glad you are so far away. – I’m glad you guys are
alive, it’s like that feeling, of when now I know what my mom feels. Like if I’m out really late
and I don’t call or send her a message and say I’m gonna be late. – You won’t give into me
unless we get under water. – But I get it now God, it’s terrible, it’s a terrible feeling. Everyone tell people when
you’re gonna be late. – You all can hear that
you just hear, bad. – Hey Sal. Miss you. – I go over and I put my just put my arms around Sal
and just give him a little hug. – Okay he doesn’t look
like he comprehends really. He just kind of stares
at you and goes, bad, as you’re hugging him. – Let me know if there’s
anything that you need me to do. But we’ll be here when you get back. – We’ll be back soon. – Okay. – Thank you. – The doors open at level 14. Open lab there’s no hallway
here, it looks like just an open laboratory. Visible immediately are
holding cells on the inside where you see beds of
people curled up sleeping. Maybe 20 or 30 of people
inside these cells. And glass walls and there
is one scientist in here who looks like they’ve
fallen asleep on their desk. And as you all step out of the elevator, the place is mostly empty. – Okay. – But there are no real walls,
all the walls here are glass. So you can see into room,
into room, into room. Everyone make a perception check. – Okay. – Difficulty of this is gonna be four. – Instead of perceiving can I go and stand and look at Jerome’s
face and turn into him? – Okay yes. Yes you can do this
– ’cause there’s a guard asleep at the desk I don’t want – There is a significant
height difference but yes, you can do this
– sure. – So you just basically look
at him and Luma you kind of. – I’m not touching him or
anything I need to see him. – Yeah you just look at him. Y’all watch in amazement
as Luma begins to grow. You’ve seen her change shapes
before, you’ve seen her alter to look like certain people. And as she grows you see the,
her bracelet begins to light up as it does computations and
there’s this wave of energy that spreads over her body as
it begins to form into this holographic like almost holographic. But it looks like the
skin of the suit itself begins to (sparking sounds). You watch the blackened suit
of Oniko begin to fade away into a lab coat and it’s a
little uncomfortable Luma as you stretch the body out and mimic, it’s that slight discomfort like you’ve, like after a workout and it
feels like your bones hurt. – I just instinctually
go to straighten my tie. – You see Dr. Jerome in a
perfect recreation standing in the elevator with you now. – I succeeded my perception check. – Okay who made the perception check? You see a very large pod
about four rooms down. It’s the only one on
this floor and it’s in, what looks like a room
that is lit with red light. And the power is off in that room. But it’s very visible in the red light. – Okay hide for one second. – Couldn’t we just, I
mean you did a great job. Couldn’t we just have Cass
bonk this guy in the head? (laughs) – Oh I was just gonna
give him a chance to leave but I suppose we can just hit him. – I’m kind of pissed at these guys can we bonk ’em on the head? – I like you. Do we need him to turn off the – No we have Lacy. – Yeah good point okay. – Lacy’s covering all of our tech noggins. – Back up plan if something goes wrong. You’re real mad at me. – Sure – Okay. – On plan b. – I’ll just stand at the elevator. – Okay you walk into this
room, it’s a very large room. Again about 20 people
is what you’re getting. And some of like stretching
down the length of this floor. There’s like an energy field
so very basic force field technology, almost all of them are asleep. And you walk over to this
guy who’s unconscious he’s on the desk, what do you wanna do? – Lift him and (punching motion) (laughs) – You just picked him up
and smacked him back down. I’m not gonna, he’s dude
number three so yeah he’s unconscious. You lift him up and just like. Getting water out of
a towel and he’s down. – I think we’re good. – We need to get these
people outta here too. – Are they innocent people? – If I can check the lab
notes I can find out. – Okay. – Check away. – A lot of them are kids
that were mag borders. Some of these are people that
fell into a life of crime looking to make money
– do I recognize any of them? – No
– from the underground. In a city of nine million
people there’s a lot of – Hey I get around. – Let’s get them out of there. – You don’t recognize any of the names but yes all of these people look like they might have been next up
on the experimentation scale and were being kept in here. They’re all healthy. Looks like they’re being fed but all of them have been put on sedatives so that they would be a
little more cooperative. – I’ve spotted the pod as well. I believe we can split up
and accomplish these tasks. Yup it’s when she was doing the bonking I noticed it over there
yeah it’s over there. – So this is actually an easy
moment to do a cut scene. A quick montage as you will, as you guys begin to wake
people up one by one. The Callisto Six moving through here and people sobbing when they see you lifting
them out of the beds. – People wake up. – Yeah I figured, I figured, don’t worry. – I don’t wanna traumatize them. – One by one, 20 people, you
have to do couple of trips to the elevator. You do move over to this pod. It looks like it is latched
closed and highly secured. And it also looks like it has an internal live monitoring system. And it looks like it is being
flooded with sedatives as well to keep whoever inside unconscious. But you need see the
unmistakable signal just like the canister that put you all here today. – Is there any obvious
way to open this thing? – It looks like there’s a
data pad or a computer port. – Wait that symbols on it? – Yes. – My symbol, I designed? – Oh wasn’t that symbol on? – That’s Sweet Baby’s eye
– Sorry you’re right. You’re right, you’re right,
you’re right, you’re right. It says Callisto Six on
the text, that’s right. (group debates over each other) – Shit it’s flooding guys. (laughs) – Thank you for reminding
me for some reason. So ’cause every time I picture
it, I’m always picturing like the Callisto Six with
the symbol of the canister. – She built that
– That’s right it’s your. – We are Callisto Six. – And Kanin you designed it. – So it says Callisto Six though? – Yes it says, actually
specifically it says C six. It says C six on the side of it. And has the exact same font
and security clearance pod but it’s unmistakable because
as you guys get close to it, it seems familiar. It’s like when you’re close to Tristan. You don’t feel
– Oh. – On Tristan, sorry man I’m
all over the place tonight. This is what happens when
you drink water when you’re GM’ing as opposed to coffee. It’s like you know how when
you’re close to Cobalt, you don’t feel Cobalt the
way you do each other. When you feel him at all, most
of the time you have no idea. But when you’re close to him
there’s a sense of familiar with him. – Sure. – It’s kinda the same with this pod. Oya you can see through the
feed of what they’re looking at. ‘Cause I’m assuming you
guys are sort of like, – Connecting them? – Yeah we do the thing. – That’s the thing, that’s it
that’s what I saw, that’s it. – Whoa. Is that a no on obvious ways to open. – That’s correct yeah. – We’ve gotta get it outta here. – I know way we can move
something big and heavy. You’ve picked one up before. – You might accidentally liquefy it. – I’m halfway, I’m like
wait, what’s your idea? – It’s you, you’re the idea. – You hear a crashing sound suddenly. – We just have to make that secure first, we don’t wanna liquefy. – Real quick then I can disconnect
it and you don’t have to rip it out of the wall. But if you wanna rip it outta the wall, but maybe if you don’t. – No that’s a good idea. – So as this conversations
happening you hear a crashing sound back towards the elevator. – What the fuck. – And you’re watching Honey
Baby pick Jerome back up off the ground and put him back
up and says, he was becoming conscious operator Lacy. (gasps) – Thank you. – There is a spider web of
cracks going through one of these glass walls. It looks like there was an impact point. And Honey Bee’s just put him
back up onto his shoulder. (laughs) – Continue to do that, good job. – Imitating our friendly Cass. (laughs) – Good taste. – You know I’m used to Honey Bee. (group talks over each other) – So proud. – So one by one, unless there’s another
scene you wanted to do. One by one we’re going to filter out. And if you can’t imagine
in the middle of the night in the LA forest emerging
from this laboratory walking towards your lab ship, rolling
towards your drop ship. Thudding towards the drop
ship with this droid stomping behind you. A crowd of 20 people
slowly walking behind you holding each other. – Luma we need to spread the
message and these are the messengers. These are the people that
will get to the underground and they have something to fight for. – Yeah. – And one by one, you guys are
all moving back into the drop ship as this, the eyes of everybody, yeah. – Before we leave the facility, just last thing on the way
out, the very last thing. I’m gonna do the thing that they always taught me never, ever, ever, ever, ever to do. I’m gonna sudo rm-f. I’m going
to completely wipe the ever living out of this data base. Like your system is no. – Wait but did we find anything about Sal? – Make a role
– In the data pad. – The data pad has all the research. – Yeah but what if we need
(stutters to find words) – The GM is telling you that
the data pad was the research so you don’t have to worry about it. I wouldn’t screw you. – I’m worried. – So the difficulty of this
role, you’re gonna wipe. That’s gonna be pretty
tough, that’s seven. – Yeah basically I get
root access and then. – Difficulty’s seven to hack this. Alright I will. – Talk us through it. – So my hack macro is five. – So drops down to two. – Because I have skills
– I believe you. – It goes down to two. – Skills for power shifts, your
assets, you have Sweet Baby as the asset. – I will. Yeah sure I’ll extend
two levels of effort. – Okay so no role. – Nah. – Cool. – From seven to zero. – Frack your database, frack
you ever being able to use this facility in any kind of
meaningful way every again. Frack being able to open the
door to this facility anymore. That was nice for you. – So you basically insert a
virus that corrupts and destroys all the data. – I literally get root access
and tell it to delete all the things. – Okay. – It’s a really simple
command once you’re in. – So as you’re watching all
the data begin to appear. This whole building starts to
go quiet in your mind Lacy. It just goes (quiet sounds). – And to clarify did I hear
you Sam say before we were gonna enact this plan that
like we were gonna set up like a fire alarm to evacuate
the rest of the staff. – Yup. – So they’re all gone, they’re
all out so there’s no other like innocent or guilty lives? – I’m assuming over the next
30 minutes you guys clear this place out and delete the file. – And I want Luma and Cobalt
to tag it, the symbol. – Oh yeah. – We’ve been talking to kids. – Yeah this is we usher
them into drop ship. You and I are tag teaming
just like making sure how everyone’s mental self care
is happening right now. And letting them know
that this is the symbol. – You see this, this is the resistance, you’re apart of it now. – I would like to address the group of 20. The youths in the drop
ship and I’m gonna say, hey who wants to go to In and Out huh? Let’s go to In and Out. Does that sound good to everybody? Goin’ to In and Out? Burger. – A few of them are like. – I was like can you get Oya’s
order so we can get some? – We’ll go to In and Out
– I know Oya’s order we’re good. – Oh she knows my order. – A more somber note up at the
front of the ship as you all are flying back over downtown Los Angeles. Of course it was night when
you arrived so it’s closer to about 3:30 in the morning now. – And we’ll compliment
your destructive work. – Sifting through the data is
gonna take probably awhile. But it can be done once you
have time to focus on it. But you see the city
lights of Los Angeles. This grand mega city
of nine million people. A lot of them completely
unaware that they are prisoners in this city dependent on a system that has been put in place
that you are now fighting. The air cars flying around
Corporate LA like fire flies in the middle of the night. And the soft yellow lights of
Raft City off in the distance. From here you can easily
see the soft glows of Baldwin Heights now
known as Baldwin Island. The city just seems so peaceful from the hell you just left. And it’s remarkable to think
that these people are living their lives everyday without
realizing that only 20 miles away there was this. And you can’t help but
wonder what the hell else Fletcher Cross has going on. You discovered this on (looking to find the words) pure chance that you crossed
paths with the death list and were given this information
and were given the truth about Kylan. And you’ve kind of shuddered
to think of what it may have been like if you hadn’t walked
into the alley that night. At the convention. And it starts to dawn on each one of you, that in some way, the
resistance, that protest. People raising their voices. People speaking out
about what they believe and refusing to back down. Is what drove you all
into the alley that night. And you guys head back
towards Blue Dolphin Base. And a place to put these
people down and find them food and shelter. And to plot the next move. – Can I turn and say one thing
to Anton while we’re flying? – You know how we talked about how you’re better off knowing? I point vaguely at the city. How do we get them to feel that way? (sighs) – Yeah that’s a good question. – That was terrible Luma. – I know but. It was kind of like I
could hear you with me. – Yeah I think I
definitely could hear you. Of course when I’m in danger
all I think about is you. lIterally in my head, saying
things so much science things. Things I shouldn’t know the words too. – That wasn’t all you thought about. – Wait what? – Oh look, turbulence. – They truly look over at Cass. (looks to find the words) – She’s just like him. – I think so too. I say that aloud. – Yup. – I miss him. – Yeah. – Everyday. – And a inner cut as you
two hold each others hands. You’re hugging Sal and he reaches
down and just his big hand envelopes yours Oya. And then he just goes, good. – Better. – Better. – Next week will be our season finale. (quiet cheers) – Also in 2119 there
are 24 hour In and Outs. (laughs) – I wanna get In and
Out tonight can we go? – Let’s not go. – Sponsor us In and Out. – I say that’s where we go for dinner. (laughs) – So we will have the
aftermath of this mission and the set up for the season finale. You dealt a serious blow
to Corporate LA tonight. – Yeah. – And saved a lot of lives
and saw some disturbing shit. And captured your first super villain. – Well done. – Gotta drop him off at a
police station with a sign that says your friendly
neighborhood Callisto Six. – Please do not touch. – LAPD would be so excited
to get a corporate criminal – Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody gained two XP. (cheers) – Good ’cause I ran out. – We are gonna take off now everybody. Stay tuned, Fan girling is up
next and then after that is everyone’s favorite show
about bloodsucking leeches wandering the streets
and getting super emo. Also known as vampire the masquerade. I’m sorry I’m werewolf all the way so. – We’ll talk, we’ll talk. – Fiona baby. Anyway so yeah everybody stay
tuned as our Friday night programming continues. Thank you so much for joining us tonight – And vote – Vote. (group all speaks at once excitedly) – I will close out by saying, stay tuned and watch our social media because this coming Tuesday
we are going to be putting up that poll to vote on for
or against Measure Z. And your votes will determine
the course of Season Two of Callisto Six. Until then everybody. – Blood pressure. – Happy voting and stay whimsical. (dramatic music)

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    1:29:00 Are We Winning Yet?
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