The Graphic Novel That Got Me Back Into Reading

what is up there everybody Austin Sweeney here Sweeney TV I want to talk about reading and something that I've always struggled with was that pretty much reading I don't know what it was but I really wanted to get back into reading because I know it helps with so many things a helps with conversation you know reading comprehension your writing creativity just everything if you know gaining knowledge general knowledge but I could I check tout like 12 books from the library and every single time I get past like the first chapter or the first three paragraphs and I just I just feel I got hot I just can't you know I just can't do it and I don't know why I just felt like work to me and so I thought I thought okay well you know I I just need to be reading you know what I just I just as long as there's words and I'm reading them it counts as reading right so I thought okay well what about graphic novels you know cuz graphic novels have pictures in my mind they're more creative but for me in particular you know as someone who just really appreciates people who can draw you know I really appreciate art people who are just you know just I cannot in me just if you can draw like a person that's just as crazy to me so I thought okay well let me search graphic novels you know I don't know that much about them but I know I need to read so I searched on like a couple of sites and there was one title in particular that kept coming up time and time again and I finally was just like okay oh I'll check it out I'll read it and that was saga and let me say after finishing all that's been printed this is a great graphic novel series and I can highly recommend it and that's what I'm going to be talking to you all about but before I do saga is definitely mature content so those of you who are really say under 18 leave now go go somewhere else this is this is not a g-rated thing you can read get out right now I'll wait okay they're probably gone if there's kids you know their attention spans really short so they're probably gone there's any of you kids still here shame on you okay you shouldn't be reading this yet you are too young anyway saga for those of you who don't know is basically about a couple that decides to have a kid and it's interesting because both of the parents are from different races that are actually in constant war with each other so think of like Romeo and Juliet meets Game of Thrones meets this if I if I had to describe like what's the reason why I like to stalk us so much honestly there's two reasons I'm sorry okay if there's true there's two reasons number one is just characters the characters in this are very diverse multiple backgrounds you you appreciate all of them even if there's a character you might not like if they're more on the villain side they're all very well-written very real very believable and that also dives into the dialogue in the conversations there isn't a gem in Saga that makes it just so addicting to read I mean I read through all of it in like a week I'm not even kidding which is which is fast for me you know even though it's a graphic novel and another thing is the the illustrations they're all beautifully illustrated this woman named Fiona staples is apparently one of the best in the industry and Brian cave on the writer approached her and they decide to do this together and it's just it's just incredible the the way everything is drawn it's like you can take a little snapshot of each individual scene and just plaster it over your walls if you want besides just the general characters and besides the amazing art is the family aspect and I think Brian said in an interview that this story was basically about what it's like being new parents and what it's like raising a kid in the world and you see a lot of that in this book because the way it's written is that the present time is with the parents raising the kid who's just a baby but every now and then a little snippet of dialogue is added in and that snippet is from the kid in the future remembering her parents so a case in point her parents would be like arguing over something and then the little anecdote would be like you know my parents argued about a lot of things but at the end of the day they always decided on wooden spoons yeah something like that and it also revolves around the concepts of good and evil and how those are often blurred Brian said in an interview that he thought it was lame when novels would sway away from killing off characters or just letting characters die or just talking about death in general you know he wanted the book to be palatable he wanted it to be real he didn't want to shy away from things that you I feel like maybe a lot of stories would the book itself does deal with death a lot constantly it does deal with some really hard and tough scenarios a lot of inner conflict you know there's a lot of characters that are dealing with things that like you understand and then you see how they act and you're like dang that's pretty messed up but at least they can see where they're coming from so you know I think that's cool and that's one of the reasons why saga is just the characters are so cool is because they're so relatable right you know you might instead of just there being a villain and the villain is just evil for evils sake you know maybe the villain lost his family and maybe he's chasing after the person that killed his family you know understandable reasons right someone offed my family I kind of be like alright well where'd they go cuz you know now we got a fight thank you Brian cave on and Fiona staples for making this you did a fantastic job ten out of ten from me this book and this this series was so good you know I would I choose this over videogames I choose this over Netflix over movies we're hanging out with friends and family this is just that good very interesting universe all-encompassing again but your content so be wearing if you don't if you're not worried about that and you think you can move sit dive right in because it's an excellent series and I wanted to do this review before I returned all of these the library is that there's a big waiting list and if I was waiting on one of these I would want to get it back as soon as possible so I'm gonna go rush these back to the library you guys all have a good day if you want to recommend any graphic novels to me to deal with my saga relapse please do I would be eternally grateful because I'm trying to chow down on more stuff get back into reading you know as I said again if there's other graphic novels do you think that you really like that you want me to read please recommend it I am trying to get back in the reading so you can help them maybe I can recommend some to you as well I would also like to make a note that I did read the Scott Pilgrim series and another by the same author called seconds and that was really good seconds by the same guy who created Scott Pilgrim also a really good graphic novel so thanks again and I'll see you all later

4 thoughts on “The Graphic Novel That Got Me Back Into Reading

  1. To say the least, I disliked reading for most of my life because I just found it boring and unentertaining. That is until I fell in love with a movie series which happened to also have a book series. I gave reading a try because I loved the movies, and I genuinely enjoyed it more than I ever thought.
    And now Iโ€™ve kinda become a bookstore addict ๐Ÿ˜‚ Not to be punny, but you really canโ€™t judge a book by its cover.

  2. Good stuff. I could never get into Saga or anything by Brian K. Vaughan for that matter. The art style never felt appealing which made reading his stuff a bore. Might try reading Saga again in the future.

    Do you read manga? Goodnight Punpun by Inio Asano, Sunny by Taiyo Matsumoto, Summit of the Gods by Jiro Taniguchi and Children of the Sea by Daisuke Igarashi are series that I highly recommend checking out.

  3. Not to sound dramatic, but your enthusiasm in this video is honestly inspirational. I've been trying to get back into reading for enjoyment as well. I start to yearn for a good book when I really want my imagination challenged. Sometimes seeing images from the story can be a little distracting for me because usually the images that make the book most interesting for me are from my own imagination created from the author's writing ability. Although if there are really well done illustrations my appreciation is enough for me to still enjoy the story to its fullest. Also, let's be real, just a lot of words can be a little daunting after a long while despite how much of an attention grabber the story is. And I think I'd like that genre! Sounds like a sweet book serious. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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