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interviewed them I still try to promote them so that you can actually stay in contact with them and purchase their information and pass this information on to your friends as well so I have got through the preliminaries here the appetizer has always called it and now for the main course meal that we have and we have the altar that we have for the night is Bart Bartlett are you there Bart hey I'm fine thank you for coming on the show I do appreciate I know you're gonna give us a lot of good information on this great book that you've written every when it first came out so it's an awesome book and I think people are gonna enjoy some of the things we talked about the name of the book is my moment to succeed so it's a great book I'm holding up so people can see that on the camera and everything so so before we get into the book who is Bart Bartman someone that has been given a renewal on life if you will okay one of the things that I discovered it the kids growing up and going through college and get my degrees and all that good stuff and that I really focused on becoming a one-percenter that was my goal I was not going to stop until I got there but Tony you all know you got to be specific and what you want to do and I was not specific so in the end of April 2015 a doctor told me I only had a couple of days left and I was like what and I knew I had a heart condition but nothing obvious everything we've been great for years and come to find out I had a congenital heart defect that is found in only 1% of the population oh well no I achieved my goal about myself was I had a rare effect that was only inherited from one father as long as you get that that's how rare it is and my dad died when I was a kid and so that was that was pretty you know I opening to me but I remember going through the surgery it being six and waking out and the very first thought I had this is honest the very first thought I had was there's a reason I woke up I gotta find that reason and for years I'd been a real champion of personal empowerment personal development but never really felt it until that moment and so I have been on that journey ever since and I have not been a person that has said I have to go from A to Z by going through BCDE F I can general run if I want to go to rely right and that's what I've done and it has brought me into alliance with a number of people you being one this would have never happened had that not happened and so I really started thinking about Who I am where I am and where I'm going and I developed a little two weeks key courses for my business and the training and speaking and all that I do and two week of course I did you know what that's not enough and really what what typical off is it brought back for me a real poignant moment in my life I remember back in the 1980s when a young aspiring artist named Whitney Houston singers are falling for the Olympics in title one moment in time and that song just resonated with me you know it's the one moment time where you can be all that you can be and I talked about that that's my anthem that way thanks to them well that's forward about nearly 30 years later after that are 25 years later and I'm in New York City my favorite city in the world and know Chicago yeah Africa yeah bejesus well radio I knew I had a part in this women didn't know how serious it was and I would throw myself a real big pity party and I walked by right when a Radio City Music Hall and a little more kids that appearing tonight Aretha Franklin oh man well I ever get this chance again so I went in not even thinking and I walk her to the box office and I said I want my bling tape give me the best the best state you have I don't care and she said we have front-row mezzanine I said I'll take it 85 bucks I said I'll take it so I took it when I didn't realize is that performance at night was the night of the day they buried her niece Whitney Houston okay and that night she didn't trip you commit me and sang that song and I'm almost for me to think okay there's a reason all this stuff has happened and so I remember after surgeries laying in bed thinking about things and realizing you know what that moment was one of my one moment in time when I really stepped up took a step back and said I've got to do something and then that's how all this became and and the book started coming about and really working because I thought to myself you know it takes 30 days to make a habit and what is the one thing that people dread about every 30 day and that is oh does the death or insisted on a Margaret is good all right so how do you change your life before that happened and that's how that whole book came about with it hmm I like that I like that that's that's good that's good yeah that's awesome a story I mean that's just it's really good so let's get in the book cuz I like the way you had a book set up because you have the book set up like some people have chapters and tastes internet you have day one do day 30 right so I like the way you have that now I'm just gonna reel some of the because you calling us from the great state of Missouri right okay I had to let people know what people called me from sometimes I didn't know anybody it's a con with you no no right but uh but you have someone like Sam I'm gonna read off some of the table contents it's like you have Dress for Success you have make room for surprises you have something discover a creative outlet be more open each day minimize your belongings be receptive to change so you have a lot of good table counters here so we're gonna go over some of them I'm gonna start with uh let's go over nup day 15 no books the mirror well yeah uh prioritize people so let's talk about that for moment and really working through a lot with personal development personal Powerman to people really stood out for me that are mentors and really the the icons of the world and one was dr. Marie Banks who's no longer with us and I usually does that take if any of your viewers even I want to said take this yeah yeah yeah everyone knows says the Murrays does that tape and he had a mantra really that said if you can see it if you can feel it if you can smell it if you can taste it you cannot not make it happen just with me because if it's if it's in you and you know this is who you are what you got to achieve then you've got got to do it and I kept asking myself the how but how about how about habit how and then sort of study the works of Jim Rome and Jim Rome teaches something real powerful and it is that you are the average of the five people you must associate with so you got to prioritize the people in your life even though the fortune saying it's probably true many of your of your viewers and listeners tonight that if you look at the five people you must associate with and take their average salary of those people best time to be close to your average hmm and I got to look at that thinking about that I hope but you know a lot of times the five people are family members so how do you deal with that well it's not so much about telling a family member you're no longer my top five and any of our good friend you're not my top five it's about aligning yourself with someone a little bit better a little bit different challenge a little different created this and when I when I do the training I show a video of an empty double-a a championship basketball game and I love a love March Madness I listen from March madmen and both of the metaphor to that is who's on the sidelines it's a coach and when you talk about coach mentors later on there's a coach on the sideline and what is that coach do he changes up the five players on that court in his team and he does that to recode she's a different result and that really hit hard to me that's what you got to do in your life and the one thing I learned be along the way too is that God the universe nature whomever you you look toward they all have a sense of humor and they will put people in that five in your own life their own purpose just to give you a wake-up call that it's going to happen to you you go out there with it and so that's that's really what it's about it's about that you're going to average the five and when you look at that perhaps they're eight people that you always want to be up there that you're aspire to being and the beauty of where we live the day Tony and what's going what it's like with you and me right here tonight we don't have to be in the same room the power of the internet the power of technology the power of social media someone in your top five can be someone you have never met yesterday someone that you aspire to it's someone that you're so she ate with on a continuous basis and and and that's something that I think is just really really powerful out there with it and so you know to me the something that I always keep in the forefront on hoo-hoo – I heard aren't ties – are the five people and there's times when I look at things that aren't going the way I wanted to go and I realize I don't realize these were the five people on the right I like that you know I always say that uh you're gonna smell like who you hug up against you know you you you hook up with the wrong fever man you my wife looking like that well you know what are you hooking up with you know I saw I saw said my children when they were growing up I said you know you know you know you guys kids are you doing this right and doing this wrong when they not with you and they tell you you know what this photo said yeah I'm doing everything right exactly what you told right I said you don't have that you have to tell me that I've never had to really have to ask you that because I can look at your friends and your friend to tell me who you are cuz your friends always tell on you see if you say oh my friend all my friends rob a bank but me I don't know a friend so you might be robbing banks – right so I'm big on who you around because your friends are tell you who and what you are at the moment and you're meant to us to tell you who you can become in the future so I like they're prioritizing people and sometimes we just don't know how to do that you know we just kind of fall in groups and kind of roll with that for the next 20 years you know we don't like prioritize cuz we don't hurt anybody's feelings right then we get a rag we got a raggedy friend or raggedy you know relative and everything you know they always been they always like fighting we just or you wanted their by hmm yeah ask a question and if you're not why not and it could be that they're in such a level you're not there yet but that's what you're aspiring to and that's a whole different conversation but your your writers people especially can you start talking about popularity groups especially the young people that I worked with I mean that is so important to them you know having like thinking on Instagram or you know what someone's anchormen tapped out or whatever that's not what's important what's important is the message are telling themselves that's what's important right that's true you you write about that I like that prioritize prioritizing people let's talk about a day 28 okay give of your time along the way one of the things that I realized is that whatever you do there's got to be a philanthropic part of what you do otherwise why do you do it and it's kind of like the boomerang effect when you give something out something good comes back to you you know it's that type of effect and so when I was doing a lot of my my work first I worked with some people up in New York in the entertainment community probation median stuff I came across the bargain of the second edition really started resonating with me and it's held Broadway cares and if any of your listeners ever go to a show there in Chicago that's a Broadway show behind the red buckets and the lobby and the actors make them money for Broadway here and the nominal organization well every September they have a flea market down Times Square and down super alley and I would go up and work that I was in mind of a guy who was in the Book of Mormon the musical Book of Mormon when they come up working boots with them so I did and I realize just doing that the camaraderie and the love that all these people this community have for each other and for what they're doing and I asked one out makes it so where does all this money go and it goes all over the world I mean that that weekend we raised well over a million dollars well just selling selling stuff that was Broadway parentage and autograph playbills and posters and stuff and it went to these peoples who were traumatized as you will my age and it could be people in villages in South Africa they were giving food to the people of South Africa that were in in communities that were just so traumatized by there's organizations here in st. Louis organizations there and in Chicago that that receiver and while I was watching and seeing here is that these were people coming together for a cause and a purpose and they never knew who that who the receiver was going to be but they believed in the organization the purpose so much that's all that matters so the purpose became the purpose sounds like wow that that that's pretty powerful it's our thing about you know giving of your time and about neighborhoods and associations and things that people do with churches and with local associations and stuff and never really started resonating with me and really all trying to came about it's what when I got my first storm doesn't kind of a bone-chilling moment but I got my first real starting progress talking about personal development other it was with a gentleman who was working with a bunch of young people and he had a program he called the power of positive Judas was cobblepot's program in pretty much in withdrew to the council dollar council in the country and it is of this power of positive students to create a positive atmosphere in school and the guy who was doing this with the director of guidance and counseling for the Jefferson County Public School in Denver Colorado this was back in the nineteen eighties early 1990 and I asked to speak at a convention the suit counselor mentioned had down in Texas another guy because this guy was there it was just a tremendous tremendous event and it's took place like in 92 I guess it was in 1999 its Jefferson County Public Schools in it and we're Colorado something had when the Columbine High School he was the counselors at high school okay and I was like wow just that moment in time of seeing those parallels or what it takes to play and then seeing how people rallied and and and people were there it didn't matter who you were they were there to support you they may not know you but they were supported they were there to support you so what they were giving him themselves and on their time with this and it was like that is just really something something powerful to the point that when I was growing up I was taught you give 10% of your money and hiding your salary and hiding mm-hmm and I thought okay so I made a dollar give you a dime I mean ten I'll give you a buck right it didn't mean anything until I can associate it was giving up my time and so as I've gotten older I've ahlet's here and from time to time and I was volunteering just recently at a what they called a backpack ministry here in st. Louis and it was the personal development class that I was working with and we all went over this place and we did they call about tech ministry and we're taking big bags they work backpacks or bags and we were filming them for food and I said this is close with what the story so we'll be picking over the schools and give it to the kids will have food to eat on the weekend we have two more Friday afternoon and I was right I like elementary school he said well there's that too the lady said she'll be surprised at the number of high school kids that take this home and I said oh since yeah in fact there's a couple of seniors the high school just down the street that one of them is being recruited by colleges my son the cop college in the country right now to play football he didn't have thirteen on the weekend and it's really stuck with me that that is just something that we take for granted but by me giving up an afternoon there it is like I know I like myself with the person who heads up an organization called good good means people and at least once a month I go on occurred Zacks organization and we do something just to give us some time because I feel like you know I can go home and get my bed at night all right a lot of people can't do that that's true that's true that's the power for their well that's the powerful I like that and you know you know what I like about your book is that you have about four about four or five pages per per day so it's it's you know something that you can read every month right you know it's almost like you know today at the six teams you can read the sixteenth Brad you can you know you know this like about going I'm sorry and you don't know why what really happens with some others and I was doing a presentation on the book and this lady has a she was rude and had your reading of workman she's your mom love about your book I said what that she says it doesn't matter which day you start with you start with any day you skip around it doesn't matter because she said you do yesterday you got you again tomorrow and today and tomorrow that's right yeah you have to do it you want to bleep get around right you know and one of the things that about giving your time it's one of the things that Oprah shoutout for Chicago here don't ever does and roll Oprah says do random acts of spontaneous kindness and that's something I really talk about is that open the door for someone say thank you you know this might drop some pick never been handed to them you know random act and spontaneous kindness because when you do that you put out the most the universe hey I'm doing this and the universe takes notice of it and the moment that you really need something good to happen spontaneously guess what it's going to happen right that makes sense they don't we want you so that that that's good I like that I mean I think the way you had the book set up I mean it's really a clean read and like I said you can read it you'd always encourage people to read books like more than one time write this and some books I even though I'm an author I bring a lot of books sometimes people don't want to read 12 14 chapters again they read last month right but I'm a kid of reading and your book is really lined up that they can actually read it every month because they can read all this day three so that's the fifth for the month this is the 10th for the month and they can read those days I mean you don't think cuz it's not it's not like they're reading like when I write a book and I might have a you know 12 14 16 pages in the chapter they have four or five pages and they can go through this in a year 1012 times in a year which is good that's good I like that that's really good that's a good idea that you came up with yeah it is and hopefully you know pick up one is lesson one was of days ago because it just smile at someone you don't know if that's what that's going to come back to you that's good yes you know you know I'm up here in Chicago and sometimes you know we people like smiling at each other now let's stuff they don't don't take too kindly that all the time but I know once I go south a lot when I'm in the southern part of country people are probably more friendly they speak to everybody you know it's good morning good afternoon good evening right so it's a little bit more you know you had that type of atmosphere down there so net and which is good and so and it showed you different parts of the country just do things differently right they they kind of get with people differently and act differently towards people so that's a real good thing that's um let's talk about day three since we talked about the good things I'm Bob with giving back and smiling practice gratitude funny growing up you know you always were told to be grateful for what you got it and once you're given and you know you give up people it could it's a holiday time go to a Christmas list or whatever and and you're grateful to someone and function and are not there for whatever piece and I think along the way at least for me I forgot I didn't recognize rather the wrong basic thing I really ought to be grateful for and school to make one of my favorite movie is the blindside and when Leanne's and them adult Big Mike and Big Mike comes into the house and spend the night and then Glee answers you want to be part of this family and Big Mike says yeah I thought a lot and so she gives them a venturi and Big Mike because I never had one of these and they angle it was one the bedroom for yourself and Big Mike those a bet Yeah right here's a high school high school kid never had a been and I thought I called a bit every night right with the fairly clean sheet right right well I'll give gratitude for that I better because there may come a time I won't have that you know the hot shower you know I think I'm not a fan at all around the noodles but they may come a time I'm grateful for ramen noodle right it's too much but it is true and it's just like when I was one of the backpack ministry thing with the kids with us on the 3rd for the weekend when these I could just visualize these big senior football and basketball guys we're getting two cans of green beans that's flax yeah not a meal that's a snake that's a tease ain't it no somebody may we don't know we can't know there's something to be grateful bar right there they're protecting the innocent and privacy of these kids and I'm like wow you just you just don't realize what all you have that to be grateful for in fact that you have toothpaste and soap right you know and it's just it really is a so practice grant even talking to book about that make it make yourself a gratitude list and list the things that you're that you're grateful for and you know really be happy in the moment I saw a thing the other thing I was watching the secret the other day again and if your folks haven't watched the secret grotty youtubing and watch it's a very powerful a powerful methods but the secret says that happiness exists only in that moment Wow that is true happiness is momentary mm only happens right and if you don't believe that how many people do you know that have mood swings yeah but just be grateful from that moment of happiness and you know spread it throughout the day that you've got a lot of happiness with it because we the adverse of gratitude is anxiety and the way to get rid of anxiety is to be grateful all right that makes sense and I think we forget that I think we all forget that yeah I think sometime why we could kind of notice this with me to it anybody that you're kind of caught up in the day today and you know you kind of say uh you grateful as you running out the house you don't say hey try to get the next thing and sometimes you don't look at it oh yeah I have to pace I'm grateful right you don't you don't go through those motions sometime until sometimes it's unfortunate we have to lose things or I have things inside say oh yeah I'm grateful I don't have any to face but I'm again I'm glad I have some now and I think sometimes that's why I think it's it's consciously you know being grateful and doing better and being better I think it gets really so consciously done like you have to really force yourself for a long time you know to think about these things because it doesn't take much for you not to think about being grateful not saying that you're a bad person it's just like I said it is what it is you wake up later you know something happens today actually you just don't go through this list I'm grateful for my shoes I waiver heat I'm grateful for you know I got a stove you don't go through all that I got a beer you just jump in and I complain about the fact that mattress is oh you know something like that you know and somebody don't you have a mattress right they don't know so that's that's I like to wait like I said then when you look at it that you have to do things consciously and really think about it I try to make my personally you know like list some things I do every day even though I know I'm gonna do them every morning when I wake up but in all these things but I still put it in my planner that do these things because I got to remind myself because if I don't even though I've been doing it for years I may just wake up – MS Layton don't do it I may get a call or something in the morning and changed my whole paradigm for today right so I start practicing two years ago I made this a practice and a lot of my family member they might they get mad at me cuz in the morning I'm never looking at my phone like I don't look at my phone until I oh yeah for like a cup a couple hours right you know so I may get up at 6 o'clock in the morning but I might not look at my phone too close to 10 o'clock so I might be up three or four hours and and I realized the reason why I started doing that I don't even sleep with my phone by me right so at night you know I would put my phone on the nightstand or whatever and and the reason being is because at one time I would get up but first thing I do right now we go is look at the phone and then if I woke up in the middle of the night I look at the phone you know reading something or whatever and I couldn't I could never rest well because it seemed like I had to look at that phone before I did anything else in the morning so I start putting the phone away from me but then in my planner I had to do these things first before I start doing anything else you're handed a little checklist and and if one of them was like be grateful you said thank thank you for you know giving opportunity not just waking up but you know you can't get out to be here you know saying I mean you can wiggle your toes or whatever right just trying to be as cognizant as I can and that's what I like about what you have here you know day three yeah gentlemen your viewers may recognize the name General William McRaven he was the guy who headed up of courses that cook a little bit longer McRaven is now a chancellor down University of Texas right they might work but he's written a book they're told my book and it's called make your bed and there's a youtube video out there of him giving his commitment dressed at UT before he became Chancellor and here's my super breath there with the gratitude and everything else he says every morning make your bed because when you make your bed you start your day with an accomplishment can be grateful for that accomplishment and I think when I write about the book and one of the whole other days about that and I talk about you know in the hotel hotel room when you walk here one for one thing that impressed you the most the bed is made the towels are hanging there's toiletries there everything is nice and clean and you come home and you walk in the room is like you may have had a hard day but they don't tell room if you relax the same thing is true at your house there's no how much your date's going to bring to you but when you walk in the bedroom at night and then bed it's made everything's picked up it's not a disarray which is a metaphor for what your life is becoming man that's that's interesting yeah I mean I don't know if the my mom or dad taught me this or the military made me make my bed up every day but um I don't even though I like I think I like the way I look right you know I think yeah you done yeah I'll be back in it tonight it's just something about the way it looks I don't but I liked we said you accomplished something in the morning so now I know next time okay that's it that's a good way to look at it okay that's good I like that that's that that's alright now what book is anyone again okay quickly or you go out to the YouTube video and and YouTube make your bed or McRaven make your bed but commit to my dress you did and that's something else there was one things I do but I get into these walls like we all do and I don't feel like reading or whatever but I want to be inspired YouTube is a great tool this great commencement address says that there's some great lone TED Talks out there you can pull up and in 10 or 15 minutes your whole attitude changes right that's true that's true right about that going Freud in a book tell people where we can get the book bar you go to my website go get mark calm and the book is out there on that and if someone orders it use a place not on my website for sending email email me that you ordered the book and I will personalize it for you autograph it for so go and give it as a gift or something tell me the person's label told me to say and I'll polish in there inside it form yeah yeah that's good there and he will sign at you all cos minus sign so I know he would so you will do that so uh so let's go this is your first book I know you have some other ones coming out right in a future okay so cuz you do a lot of training could you do something in the acting world yourself don't don't you I don't do anything on the stage you more than really inspire people that I work with the number of people who are in that profession helping them realize that it's true with anything in life the next know you're going to hear is one note closer to the next yes it's going to hear miss xu miss xu and and that the you know the only way the absolute only way to fail is to quit yeah because if you go and do something and don't succeed to the standards you want to succeed but you learn something from it that's become a learning experience and that's how you grow and get better and get stronger and at the end of and at the end of the book here one of my favorite pieces a very very end where I talk about never give up it's about there's about thirty five or forty people back there that you know their name so you don't realize what their backstory wanders what quick sentence or two about what they had to overcome in order to because they are yes and and that's true you know mm-hmm you do you have yeah I want to talk about couple leads to let's uh let's talk about a American Express American Express actually got started because the mail delivery was so slow and so American Express used to deliver mail across the country because they used horses to deliver the mail worthy for the US Mint service did it by walking [Laughter] with it right right okay okay because I like how you added this uh just uh I'm called a chapter for this you have a a setback is a setup for a comeback dr. Willie Joe yeah yeah what a great influences in my life besides Murray banks and Jim Rohn and tumor Willie jolly and Les Brown you know and I quote Les Brown along the coast Les Brown teaches if you're the richest smartest you know but really says that a setback is a setup for a comeback that's right that's so true that is true that's so true and it's just you read about that uh yeah I said I always say that you know because people like you say don't want to feel don't wanna hear no and Ashley if if we had a perfect world you want to hear yes all the time right but we're not in a perfect world and you know how you said when I first got into business maybe about thirty years ago and I used to you know cuz I've been like here and no it's they don't like hearing no today but but uh but when I'm forgetting in the business people tell you know with no problem right and they tell you that anyway so I said I have to kinda come up with something better Bart because there's no is almost like scare me to death you know me and so I said well you know I'm trying to figure out a new way to associate this know and and I just turned the the word you know switch the letters you know and turn to Owen and I thought it I thought it I said with anything that's going like a light or whatever the longer is on the hotter it gets right so I said when people I'm gonna know these know I'm getting hot Oh getting hot I'm getting I've been so hot that I can't even touch me I'm so hot right so that's how I had the you don't had to turn myself you know cuz you had to change some things around because some time some failures in life and some challenges in life are devastating they they they traumatic and they're some days you some some things happen you say I'm just going to be it and if I don't wake up I'm good right you tell me I'm just going to because I can't handle another day like this right but then you wake up you have to figure out how to deal with these areas of your life you know that these nodes and disappointments and I thought this was gonna happen this way it didn't and and uh so now how do you get past it because it's easy I always tell people that one of the easiest things to do really is to quit right and just walk away right but tip of you you notice you have so much fight within quit and you debate yourself with quitting okay one more day wait I'm gonna try adding to the next week and you're doing all this but you never debate with winning you just debate with quitting because winning it cuz winning for a human being is natural quitting is it that's why you're debating with it like okay Friday they're gonna be my last day well wait a minute I'm a quick way to me i'ma quit on life next month because of the fact that it's not natural so never getting up giving up I want I'm gonna come back to this the SAPS but I want to go to chapter 20 21 wait up yes he got mentors right because I think that goes along with what you're saying right here to look at people like Mark Zuckerberg Oprah Adele Lady Gaga Kevin Durant LeBron James Barack Obama you know Meryl Streep viola day before my one of my idol Viola Davis Morgan Freeman want to almost people have in common most folks they will the rich you know their household names yeah but what if they have in common every one of those people have a coach and a mentor everyone they have someone they're also called an accountability partner Michael Phelps did not become and was decorated Olympiad and when 28 medals because he could swim he had a coach that coached him how to spell and and the coach could may not be able to perform at the level Michael Phelps performed that but he could see things in Michael Phelps that would teach him how to perform at a higher level and this is where the whole thing with Les Brown about being the smartest wealthiest person in the group you've got to have a mentor and it doesn't need to be someone that is less print because lot of times best friends won't tell you what you need to hear right but but you know there there are people out there that are mentors and your mentors can change up to yeah and as you grow and change and move your mentors also change you know Duke University basketball team would not be where they are if it was for Coach to be this wouldn't be there right you know you just say this cuz it's a bad taste in my mouth of this but the New England Patriots wouldn't be there right thank you you know it just wouldn't happen when you look at that you know that's what it is and I think I think one of the best example of really looking at the mentor and don't tell you you might in st. Louis I'm saying this but one the best example are the Chicago Cubs look how long their drought went in people say that's never going to happen and they found the right chemistry the right coach the right everything aligned and up and look what happens right that's true that's true and that's where it really starts to to come in and a big part of that too is having empathy because your mentor you probably is not going to always agree with but you're going to have respect for them that respect comes with fact that they respect you right that's true that's true and you know something too you know you name it some people people some people may not realize that Whitney Houston had a voice coach yeah and people think wow they sing so well you know I wish I could say half as good as them but they actually knew they can sing well but still had coaches and I think a lot of times people don't realize that it's good to have a coach because like you said even though Michael Phelps is in the water swimming the coaches outside or like you said early like the basketball coach see the five people and put a different chemistry you know a different group of people out there to do a different result and when you're in a and you're in the midst of some things Bart you don't see how you know you can't see out to see end because you're in the midst of it and a coach can counter at a mentor that's why I always tell people that you should get mentors and because a mentor probably already walked down that street before they know where the potholes are they know whether the bad steps and brick wall they know there were a lot of things I know they can't tell you everything because no one knows everything but they can say listen I walk down the street and you better make sure you have some some good boots on because right around the middle of the block you got to step in all this mud and the best booster where there's something else right hey and the best boots to wear during that time are these by five pair those or whatever right and the way you clean them in and on a mentor in my opinion Bart a mentor can save you or a coach but a mentor since we're saying this can save you a good five to ten years they also can tell you don't expect this to happen overnight yeah but if you keep doing this and this and this I can assure you it is going to happen alright it's not going to happen overnight yeah you know and I think that's where a lot of people just get real timid with quickly trying to achieve because they're so used to the spontaneous distant aeneas stuff that were you know if I might online computer I expected Marv pretty bad yeah well you know there was a time I had use dial-up okay right that's right yeah you know you had one time I I was a couple of weeks ago and I think I was having problems but computer was moving slow and I'm getting all fresh straight like what's taking so long let me another then I thought about you know early two-thousands yet hear all that noise that's right because before it actively came on and you didn't work whatever it took five minutes or whatever and you walk around go get you something to drink come back but now when I push the button it's supposed to be all ready to go and I think like you said we're so used to this instantaneous type of lifestyle that a mentor would tell you the two forces listen it's gonna take you probably five years to do that and we don't want to hear that out of time which that's why I think so many people get food and get caught up in so many things like hey you know over wiki and you can be a millionaire come in on Friday you'd be a millionaire by Sunday just come on in and people go there in droves you know and if you sit back and think about it wait a minute how old are you I'm 45 all right how long you been want to be a millionaire 25 years so you think you're gonna walk into something on a Saturday and be a millionaire but Sunday and it's you don't you 25 years to figure out how to get to $50,000 or whatever and I think a lot of times we get that's why people get fooled I think that's why I mean unfortunately in some cases with social media people can sell you this stuff that you can have fifty five thousand clients and like you know and in ten minutes and that stuff is not realistic because of the fact that we all know things take time we all know that we may not want to put to the time here but we all know that it takes time I mean you can't get a degree overnight takes for about four years to get a college degree right in most cases they wouldn't be telling you you'd be there asking them yeah they were to tell you they can do it you would know they can do it that's right and that's what I think hurts a lot of people so I wouldn't believe the people say I meant to us we got a couple of minutes left but I won't make sure people get your information again so they can purchase your book so tell us where we can get your book again your website go get mark go get mark calm there's a lake campus there's also out on Amazon it just starts for my moment to 16 and you'll see there is though the cover if you show them as kind of picture of the Sun rising and that actually was a photo I took in porta viar-toe and I looked over the thing because you known again which was probably the my favorite quote the whole book and it is the dedication the book that he comes from a young man named Andrew Schwimmer and maintain I have talked many times and I've never met it but Benjy won the second season of So You Think You Can Dance and has really had an amazing story adulthood life and he has a quote and he said every morning you have two choices you can continue to sleep with your dreams are you awake that will chase them mmm and I'm like yep that's what you do getting out of that bed and getting that bed made is the first step and you're making accomplishments you've never thought you can make before hmm I like to say that one more time every morning you have two choices you can continue to sleep with your dreams or weight that they chase them all right sir yep I like that I like that this is a really cool young man doesn't phenomenal phenomenal work and a really really cool guy and multi-talented and I reached out to him when I was writing the book and I said Vince you know who I am but here's Who I am and this is really touched me your quote did and here's what it means to me and we talked for a while and he said he used it used to use that quote emotional to me some copies of your book and I didn't there sitting in the studio there in Janelle like okay I'm like wow that's a little bit so you never know when you're going to run across something that's a touch someone and impacts them and that's the beauty are minding that moment okay I'm sorry all right yeah you read about that that that's good but I mean just this has been awesome you know I you know actually I've talked to you several times we we talked longer than this but you wrote it you wrote it you wrote a really good book I mean I know you do a lot of traveling because people can call you in to speak and all those things to write speaking I love working with groups and bloggers and you know doing team building activities so it's all out there and my my social media stuff out there as well as they get in contact with me so yeah and all I would say is just how do people say hey I've heard this on the Tonys sketch show and and that that's going to really play well for them nicholae do that because you're someone I highly admire but thank you really you have some great things going on but thank you very much but I do appreciate that and same here same here so I do appreciate you taking the time to spend the time with us and sharing with the audience about your great book my moment took succeed transform your life before the rent is due I like that that's great book I mean nice clean read you eat it every month so what do you know what I want people to when they purchase a book you go to your birthday whatever date your birthday's on you know the 10 12 15 whatever and read that one first and then you know did you find you've got a spouse or something read a date and you got a chill out child read their day you know so then you get this book and for young young adults and kids or anything like that you can get this book for them and then this can be a good reading to you all can discuss in your household right so it's great book thank you I thank you again barb for you taking the time I do really really appreciate it yes we will you have a great night okay so that was Bob Bartlett on his book my moment to succeed great book I mean very very clean read so you can be a to get that book there so I do appreciate you all being on and takes and listen to us tonight here on the show keep in mind that we are we have the Monday show the Sunday show our greater you we'd be out the book it's great seven pills to healthy relationship so we'll be teaching on that some more it's Monday great entrepreneur so we'll be interviewing someone else as well on their business next herbs would be again interviewing someone else so obviously the platforms here again if you're looking at this on YouTube right now once you hit the subscribe button so you can be notified of all the great shows that's on throughout throughout the week here in select your radio calm and then if you all of you you out can go to download your show that you like that you can see them when you are you have the opportunity and you can download them on your phone your tablet your laptop or your computer also I would like you all to do tell one or two of your friends about intellectual and go look at some of the shows on here not just this one but a lot of great shows throughout the week so this to me of doing favori which you see me till one different friend go to intellectual radio hits the scrap button so they can be notified as well on the great shows and keep in mind that great authors aren't born they're made and I'll see you next time

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