The Greatest Lie Ever Told | Slam Poem

They say the greatest trick ever pulled—
the most egregious deception— was the Devil’s manipulation of our collective
perception of his very existence. Cause see, we humans give little persistence
to concepts unpleasant. Just give us an out
an excuse a distraction and watch us take action, no matter how transparent
or lacking in logic, grab hold and frantically mold into a mental
blindfold this welcome justification
for maintaining status quo. But this isn’t about the devil.
Or the Usual Suspects— though I will interject, by the way, that
quote came 126 years before Keyser Söze. (but I fear I digress) See there’s a lie even greater. A trick
even more clever: a deception so deep it may be impossible to
sever from our collective reality. You see, cause this one’s universal.
No devil needed. Just human persistence.
Unhindered by atheistic resistance of good and evil embodied;
just facts. But for the believers of evil incarnate it’s
far from discordant, this lie so entrenched, so perverse so abhorrent
that attribution to someone anyone anything but us is ideal. Please just don’t peel back the mask, please
no grand reveal of our true humane nature. See, just a subtle sound alteration is all
that is needed for our complete emancipation from any implication
in something unkind. After all this word is derived from our very
species: Humane from human. We’re the fount of compassion. Now here’s where the real beauty lies:
the real beauty of our lies is that WE humans dictate what is humane
no matter how profane an action may be— you see it’s our word after all. So we sing our own praises back and forth
to each other Teach our children about kindness, “now
pass the turkey to your brother” Lessons in sharing
carried out over corpses. Manners in the face of murder are key,
gotta teach the kiddies not to question the grim reality of what’s on the very plate
before them, please just ignore them, these bodies and secretions. Call it meat and milk and ham and eggs
Focus on free-range and cage-free and grass-fed— because we’re humane. So we’ve come to it now.
The greatest lie ever told. One so brazen, unapologetically bold in
its utter transparency! Yet so readily hungrily desperately accepted.
Clung to. Cared for. Cradled
ever so
cautiously. A conscience-gnawing uncertain certainty we
solidify and smooth over and pass down the line, telling our kids it’s okay it’s
fine>From our generation to the next.
Repetition breeds
truth. We teach what we know which is what we were
taught: the biggest lie ever bought and our own greatest
trick, is the sick conviction that we can kill in
a way that is kind— we can enslave and torture and beat and bind
and just don’t look it’s okay close your eyes, dear, it’s fine. Don’t pull back the curtain, here,
just open wide. Let me sing you assurances. Let me drown out
their screams. Because being part of the majority certainly
means that we’re in the right. Right? It’s necessary
It has to be It’s meant to be
It’s always been Our right
Our choice Our tradition
Our dominion over them. We’re not monsters.
We’re humane. Block out the sheds full of feces
Put the blood behind doors. Don’t look down at the floors
slick and pulsing with crimson from still-beating hearts, full of parts hacked from bodies
for our satisfaction Hold on tight, my dear, to the latest distraction
and let the uncertainty pass You are good.
You are kind. Drink your milk here my dear
no thoughts of the child left behind with no mother or milk of his own
It’s our right to take it, we’re entitled.
It’s not unbridled greed. We’re good people. We kill kindly
It’s not a farce, not a fable We’re humane.
See look! Here’s the label. Packaging is everything. Because bright and happy words on bright and
happy products come from bright and happy farms with bright and happy animals with
bright and
happy deaths They don’t feel a thing— or they do but it’s okay— it’s meant to be this way,
they’re not human! We’re humane… Just don’t read the fine print, my dear
see that’s where it all fails— cause you know who they say lies there
in the details… Back to him again. Now I’m the liar I guess. I must acquiesce that this was about the devil
(after all) Though please do recall the universality
cause it’s not about deity it’s us, don’t you see? The harsh reality uttered in 1920 by William
Ralph Inge: if animals could formulate their own religion
their most certain decision would be the most damning
to our fragile conviction of humane humanity- built from their very reality of hell on earth. No need for ethereal theology,
because their depiction of the ultimate trickster would be the real kicker – a true devil
incarnate the perpetrator of carnage so heinous
it renders our blindfolds transparent and torn,
for their devil, rightfully, takes human form. Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “The Greatest Lie Ever Told | Slam Poem

  1. This is seriously amazing! Had to watch it a couple of times because its just so grand. Thank you!!

  2. I wish I could be vegan after watching this. My mom barely let's me be pescetarian.

  3. my grandma is 98 and still eats meat and sugar and lives by herself, if she would of ate vegan she might not have lost her eyesight during the last 3 years 🙁 we had to take her car away last year but she still has her own house, she will be 99 in october

  4. I don't know if I'd give you the Nobel prize for peace or literature… you deserve both! Thank you for uploading this beautiful video; you just encouraged me to participate in a local "poetry slam". Great way to spread the truth! <3

  5. I have been vegan for exactly a week and will always live a true form of my life. I had a concern about how and where the cows could be safe if not in human care (real friendly farms etc.). My country, Mongolia, has a lot of cows, who live in care of mostly herders, and obviously some of them get sold for meat (We have 3m population so we do not have farms). So the actual question of mine is where should I put the animals if I save them from herders? Some people suggest they will die without our care because Mongolia gets -40 degrees. And I have searched online about cow habitat but nothings really comes up. What a not beautiful life :(.

  6. The human in devil form .

    human being See MONSTER.
    —Ballentine's Law Dictionary (1930)

    monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower
    animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any
    —Ballentine's Law Dictionary (1930)



  8. Thank you for your good work. i love you! i love all the other vegans too, because they really care. for animal rights, compassion, against cruelty. you all are wonderful people. thank you 😚

  9. 👏👏👏👏 amazing ! Beautifully written and powerfully spoken.

  10. Human breasts are NOT sexual, and if you think cow udders are sexual you are fucked up in the head. Milking a cow is not sexual assault.

  11. Loved this! Have you read 'Straw Dogs – Thoughts on Humans and other Animals' by John Gray? I think you'd like it…

  12. I'm scared for you. Please seek help for your eating disorder. You look like you have cancer. I'm hoping those close to you in real life will eventually do an intervention. Praying for you.

  13. the tattoos and this rant doesn't make you more edgy, educated, or ethical than anyone else

  14. Hello. Thank you for this. I cried, of course. Mostly because I was thinking that animals are being killed just as I am watching this and probably with every breath I take, somewhere in the world there is a Devil for the animals doing just what you said. I also cried for all the pigs and chickens I ate before being vegan. I will never do the same for my child, if I am ever to have one.

    Keep doing the great work you are doing!

  15. OMFG!! Do you guys know that religion that if your a bad human when you die you will become an animal. Maybe us humans are the devil. I'm proud to be vegan!

  16. I'm floored. So powerful and beautiful. Thank you Emily. Vegan forever.

  17. Those that turn a blind eye on animal rights are ignorant & should be taught a lesson. Cant believe how ignorant "people" are. More like monsters.

  18. do you think animals can synthasize chemicals which spawn disease as a self defense mechanism so when ate they affect peoples health ? think they are aware like that ?

  19. You're one of my greatest inspirations for becoming vegan. Thank you for being so informative and speaking so eloquently. I'm grateful for all that you do. ❤️

  20. I think this is the best video on veganism I've ever seen.

  21. Animals kill animals, and not always for consumption. Your point should be more about veganism and less about humane killing.

  22. How can you love someone so much you've need met? You're amazing Emily; never stop being you.

  23. This was amazing, I'm vegan but if I wasn't this would surely have sent me in that direction.

  24. <3 <3 Big hugs <3 <3 I love this. I Will share. I love AR poetry. I should try to write some. Thank you Emily. Good stuff.

  25. I've never cared much for poetry but this brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for making this

  26. I like this lady but I am more concerned about the Buddhist vegetarians killing unarmed Muslims in Burma and Black kids being shot in America for holding toy guns or simply sleeping on the couch in her own home like Aiyanna Jones.

  27. This is the biggest bunch of bull shit I have ever heard! Wow get some protein in you as it is having a affect on your thinking!!!

  28. Oh and by the way those tattoos you got going on there Animal by-product's sweetie Do your research!

  29. The bible says that it was ok to eat meat! ( Acts 10:16). But that is ok if you don't want to but you should not push it on anyone else!

  30. But it does also say one day we will all be vegetarian's again if that is any consolation to you ! So I guess you just got a head start on the rest of us.

  31. Very powerful. Your delivery perfectly portrays your conviction and compassion.

  32. That blew me away. I have shared. It will be read by those of my friends that care, who are edging closer to making the big ethical decision to go vegan.

  33. My viewpoint is, if you want to be a vegan, be a vegan. But don’t be disillusioned to the thought that you are making such a big dent in the situation because you’re not. Just because you are not consuming the animal doesn’t mean you aren’t attributing to its demise. If you are in fact living in a house, driving a car, filling that car with gas, you are a part of the problem too. Just think off all of that things they have to do to get oil. The destruction of nature which I’m sure involves the killing of animals just to get the oil to make the gas. Which by the way is an ANIMAL PRODUCT. Or look around your community, do you know how much land had to be taken, trees cut down, animals killed just for all of that to be erected? But yet you live in that home. Even if you are not consuming the animal, everything that you do is contributing to the loss of land, and animals being killed. You make it sound as if animals are not here for us to consume but I must disagree. If that were the case, why do birds eat worms, lions eat gazelles, snakes eat mice? It is because animals are here for food. We are all here for food. And when I die, to something in this world, I will become a meal just like everyone else. You have every right to be offended by the fact that I’m saying humans are the superior species but am I lying or just saying something that you don’t like to hear? The smartest monkey is still equivalent to the stupidest person. For vegans, the only way I will feel like you are doing your full part for the cause is if you lived out in the forest with no car, no bicycle, and nothing that was manufactured in a factory. So nothing that is contributing negative emissions into the stratosphere and nothing that is taking land from the animal. Now lets just say hypothetically everyone were to hop onboard and stop eating meat tomorrow. The natural progression of any species is to reproduce. No matter what the animal or organism. So lets just imagine now we have billions of cows, chickens, and pigs that are just able to continue to reproduce. Now in succession, all of these animals will require more food. Lets take it one step further and say we are able to somehow convince all of the lions, tigers, gazelles, and other carnivores to stop eating meat as well. Where are we going to get all of the fruits and vegetables needed to feed billions of animals and humans? Not only that but how would we be able to produce that magnitude of produce with it also being in a natural way? Because as we know, these things take time to grow. Really the fight should be for regulation of how animals are treated because there will never be a time that all people stop eating meat. I personally do love animals. And this is not to say that animals are not important because they are but I don’t feel as if I have said anything wrong. So it seems to me that maybe you feeling like you are not a part of the problem just because you don’t eat the animal or consume animal based products is the biggest lie to yourself. You are just as big apart of the problem as the rest of us “meat eaters”. Just because you don’t eat it doesn’t mean you aren’t using it. You’re just doing it in a different way.

  34. This lady makes me feel sick to my stomach, her ignorance, passive aggressiveness, and stupidity is too much for me. Typical vegan….

  35. Well that is just ridiculous! Rocks don't have souls and animals don't either! It is not impossible to get protein from plants but not enough to harvest a baby properly! Do your research!

  36. So, uh, we define what is humane? If there is no objective standard how to you get to the conclusion that eating meat is wrong? Certainly not nature. Last point. I’m a hunter and I eat what I kill. I can tell you that every time I’ve harvested 😬an animal it was the least painful and fasted death that it had available to it. If you wa t to be “humane” you should hunt.

  37. Gal, you look sick. Eat something, gain some weight, remove those tattoos. My God.

  38. A brilliant spotlight on the glaring hypocrisy of "humane slaughter". Thank you for lighting your candle to illuminate the dark recesses of ignorant consumption 💚✌💚

  39. I believe that you can kill in a way that is kind. But only when that being wants to die.

    There is no way to kill a being humanely when they want to live.

  40. They are just animals. There needs to be a distinction between humanity and the animal kingdom. This vegan religion makes absolutely no sense. I see vegans all the time usually voting for Democrats, although they could be voting for Republicans that makes no matter. My point is I see so many vegans caring and being so compassionate for a cow or a chicken, yet show little or no regard for human lives. Our former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama dropped over a hundred thousand bombs during his presidency. I think we should start paying attention to real problems and stop worrying about livestock. Your compassion towards animals is shallow and self-serving. What's worse is you shroud your principles from a work perspective that you are somehow enlightened and more caring and compassionate than those around you. This world is full of problems and yes some animals are treated poorly. However, it is a logical and immoral to not place a hierarchy in those problems. Passionate vegans who ignore real human suffering because they have some attachment to some other living organisms who share none of the human qualities that make us the amazing and extremely rare creatures that we are. You might go to some Rally or some other vegan caused protest something when you could actually be out feeding the homeless, helping women and children getting out of abusive situations, or even educating people on some geopolitical matters that create institutionalized slavery and kill millions of people every year of which every single taxpaying American is a part of. Now out of some sort of Angry Spike I am going to go make myself a steak I'm going to think about the cow that gave its life so that I could live. Then I'm going to go volunteer at my local shelter like I always do to bring about real change in the world and not some self righteous, self-serving, and childish view of the world.

  41. I know I already commented but about the three and a half minute Mark I seriously cannot believe what I'm hearing. Is this a joke is this like a Saturday Night Live skit? There are real problems in the world people. There are human beings suffering quit caring about your stupid little animals. No we shouldn't abused animals that we should be focusing or efforts to help people. You're telling people to not eat meat when there's millions of people that are starving in the world.

  42. “We teach what we know which is what we were taught the biggest lie ever bought and our own greatest trick is the sick conviction that we can kill in a way that is kind. ”
    I love this quote, I love this video!

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