7 thoughts on “The Gusle: Serbian Epic Poetry

  1. Леп видео брате! Јели је стварно тачно да ви Срби који живите на Косову рађате много деце (више од 3 деце по породици у просеку) и да се Шиптари исељавају са Космета у великим бројевима?

  2. While the Gusle is most certainly a Steppe influence because all stringed instruments originate from Asia, it is unlikely that this instrument was brought by a so-call Slavic people migrating southwards into the balkans into the 6th or whatever century it is claimed. Studying Slavic instruments myself the Serbian Gusle is very odd comparing Russian and Polish traditional instruments. It is in my belief that the Gusle instrument is an Illyrian instrument and thus native to the balkans used throughout the Adriatic as it is today by Serbs, Croats, Dalmatians, Montinegrins and also Albanians. In other words it is a native Balkan instrument and the sound that it produces is very indigenous to this part of the world including Greece and not so much the Baltics and Eastern Europe.

  3. I know this is going to sound like a retarded question. But, judging from your accent. It doesn't sound Serbian to me in English. I've meet Serbs with a strong accent in English. Source, I'm half Croatian. Anyway, I've always liked Serbian and Croatian history.

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