The HITCH Series | Great Writers (Christopher Hitchens)

now that I have growing to the ripe age and presently on magnificent 58 year old mammal that you see before you I've had the opportunity to test myself against writers who instead of making you want to write as those did make you wonder why you bother and make you embarrassed and having ever tried I'm talking about Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov I am now talking about the remembrance of things past Irish Irish all the Tampere do you by muscle first things that appear not to be written by human beings books that give one as reading the Salman Rushdie does the impression that perhaps people may have had when they saw Mozart and realized he wasn't composing music he was just writing it down he was hearing it that it's not all done by hand or something numinous magical process that's what that's the company in which I now dare to spend some of my time you

1 thought on “The HITCH Series | Great Writers (Christopher Hitchens)

  1. Good day Mr. Reality,
    While seeking perfection will never make one perfect one should not stop in their pursuit. Never let perfect be the enemy of good, is something which I feel Christopher understood, for he was not perfect nor was he always good, in the eyes of others, but he sure did give a damn good go at trying. He spoke of a world with a higher level of honesty than most are willing to brave.

    As is typical – thank you for you work, as it is much appreciated.

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