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the hole in the wall I loved sharing a room with my brother but one day my parents said that my brother was going to move out of our room he was going to have a room of his own we wouldn’t share anymore so he moved out the model cars he had made and the model trains model planes they all went off to the room next door his room in there he set up the model cars he had made and the model trains and the model planes and soon he got to work making something new something really big I wanted to be in there while he was making it but I had to go to bed in my room the room that used to be our room so I had an idea I had a metal ruler a hard steel ruler with sharp edges and corners I go into bed with his metal ruler and just where the bed meets the wall just out of sight of anyone looking I started to scratch the wall with the hard corner of the metal ruler scratch scratch scratch scrape scrape scrape I was making a hole through to my brother’s bedroom I twisted the corner of the metal ruler round and round and round scratch scratch scratch that’s great that’s great that’s great and after ages of scratching and scraping all I’ve made it was a little tiny dent in the wall so I went to sleep the next night and the next scratch scratch scrape screams great the dent got a tiny bit deeper and the next night and the next scratch scratch screams it was great after a few nights I reached a bit of wood should I try to scrape through the wood or rounded I decided to go over the top but this would make the hole wider and maybe someone would see it but I didn’t care I had to go on I had to make the whole I had to get through to my brother’s room scrape scrape scrape there was now a little cave in the wall a secret tunnel I wept my fingers in my drink and then dabbed the dry plaster with my fingers the plaster went dark the secret tunnel was wet what if I could shrink myself down and crawl through it be an explorer bravely climbing through the dangerous cave will I get through or will I be trapped in here forever just then my dad popped his head round the door can I make he said all cheerily I hadn’t heard him coming oh no he mustn’t see it so I sat up in the bed and quickly twisted round to cover up the hole in the wall he mustn’t see the hole but he saw me do this so sitting up twisty round thing no he’s seen me instead of going back downstairs he opened the door and walked into the room still cheery he says hey what’s that you’re doing are you covering up there nothing now come on make look at you I can see from it no the way you’re sitting you’re covering up something still cheer he says don’t come on come away from the wall let me ever look what could I do I had to let him see so I leaned forward and he saw it straight away the hole in the wall oh no it’s the moment when the Kure stuff stops it’s the moment when the cheery staff stops he stood there staring at the hole in the wall he pointed it was a sit so hole in the wall I said I can see it’s a hole in the wall he says but how in heaven’s name did you make a hole in the bedroom wall with this I said and I pulled the metal ruler out from under the covers he slapped his hand on his forehead you’ve wrecked the wall he says he shouted for my mum Connie Connie come have a look at this and of course my brother comes running along behind her all three of them stood by my bed staring at the hole in the wall look what he’s done my dad look at it look at it he’s wrecked the wall it’s wrecked Oh Michael says my mom must have taken him agency says and mom is saying but Michael what did you think we were doing and why did you do it and I said I was trying to get through to Brian’s room and my brother says but make you could have just go out walked out the door walked across the landing and in through my door

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  2. I don't care if I'm the first comment. When I saw this I instantly thought of my younger brother and I growing up together. We didn't always get along like most brothers but now I can't imagine my life without him. I hope youre relationship with your brother is just as great Michael.

  3. When me and my sister we younger we shared a room with a bunk bed. I had the top and she had the bottom. One day my mom came into our room while we were at school and found a hole in the wall beside my sister slept. In that hole was dozens of candy wrappers stuffed into it. Instead of getting mad and yelling when we got home she just laughed and laughed. All she said to herself was "So that's what happened to the candy"

  4. hello michael rosen
    note:at least you were honest about the hole in the wall, you would be in way less trouble if you told the truth, but lying get you in more trouble!

  5. Can I ask you Michael, are these stories based off of real experiences from your childhood (do you actually have a brother named Brian) or are they entirely fictional?

  6. It's so neat that this is just as funny to me, at almost 20 years old, as it is to someone who's 6. At first I just came for the memes but after watching a few vids I'm genuinely enjoying this content.

  7. 4:54 that moment when you realize your problem was stupidly easy to solve, after thinking what to do for days

  8. BRING ON THE WALL! Sorry I Couldn't Resist, It Just Because It's Called 'The Hole In The Wall'…

  9. “I said a man would take 600 years to tunnel through the wall. Ol’ Michael did it in less than one year.”

  10. Mm yes the logic of siblings. Kind of relatable xD like you can’t go through the door because then they will kick you out, so you gotta think of other ways yknow

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