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the homework book miss William said that from now on we would have homework and that we were to bring a homework exercise book to school this was serious stuff all about passing the exam the exam called v11 Plus everyone was worried about the 11 plus would I pass would I fail everyone was worried teachers parents us I couldn’t get to sleep mom brought me hot milk on Mondays miss Williams went through the homework in our homework books while she was talking I got bored I drew a picture in my homework book of a man with a big beard right in the middle of my maths homework he was carrying a bag he put things he picked up off the pavement into his bag I called him Creve vert ramp miss Williams went on going through the homework with the whole class this was really important we had to listen or we wouldn’t pass the eleven plus everyone was listening everyone was concentrating so that they could pass the 11 plus I bent down behind the boys sitting in front of me I looked across to my friend harrybo and held up my picture of Trevor the Tramp I pointed that Krebs the crab I whispered Trevor the trap Miss Williams saw me holding up the homework book she was onto it in a flash what’s that boy what is it I quickly shut the homework book nothing miss Williams she rushed over she was brilliant at rushing over she grabbed the homework book she flicked through the pages she found the picture of Trev the Tramp right there in the middle of twenty three times 12 this is it isn’t it you sit in you homework book I’ll tell you what’s going to happen now boy she said you’re going to take your homework book home to your appearance along with a letter from me she pointed herself when she said me my goodness you’re in trouble boy serious trouble for the rest of the day I was very quiet I put my feet down on the ground carefully and I made sure I didn’t bump into anything and going home time she handed me a big white envelope the letter to your parents is in there along with the homework book but when I got home I couldn’t face giving it to my mum I couldn’t face giving it to my dad I nipped upstairs and slipped it under my bed all evening I was thinking about the big white envelope with the letter from Miss Williams the homework book and the picture of Trevor the Tramp I didn’t want to give it to them I didn’t want to see their faces as they read the letter and looked at Trevor the Tramp what I did was put the big white envelope on their bed when I went to bed in the morning my dad said oh dear you poor old thing you must have been so worried about that lettering I’ll write one back I’ll say some things in the letter that will make sure you won’t have to worry about this stuff anymore I’ll get you a a new homework book at school my friend said did you get into trouble did you get the wax what happened and I said my dad said I wasn’t too worried they didn’t believe me and I don’t know what my dad rode but Miss Williams never said anything about it ever again the head never said anything about it again my dad was a teacher and maybe he wrote in some kind of special teacher language that meant miss Williams wouldn’t ever say anything again some kind of teacher code there that’s what must have done it

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  2. Miachel's dad (in this situation) reminds me of my own dad. I have some…"learning problems" (I'm easily distracted and I have anxiety problems that get worse at school).

    My teachers used to think I was being stubborn during class and would get mad at me, but after my dad talked to my teachers about my issues, they understood my situation and don't get mad at me anymore.

    Maybe Rosen had some "learning problems" when he was young like me, and his dad helped him like my dad helped me…

  3. Why… Why the hell am I so interested in this… Come on man I am 19 years old.
    This just goes to show… How powerful literature, and a good story is.

  4. Hello Michael Im a big fan and I love your stories they are super funny and you awesome. But I have a question Just a small one, Why did you make a video of Hot Food Twice? Just a silly question hope your doing good! Your Fan Ethan.

  5. Wow, your video's are so funny, silly and greatest videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MONEY AND MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I feel old watching this kid stuff, then I read the comments and I see like 19 years old watching these


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