The Human Voice – 16 Celebrity Impressions by BeanoCookie

Out of all the features on the human body In which we use to communicate, There is one that stands out more than personality. With this precious gift we can sing lovely songs. With this wondrous thing, we tell others they’re strong. We comfort one another with soft spoken words, And can simply take away the pain and hurt. The look on a child’s face when listening to a story Is one you will find hard to forget. Because with this treasure we fill their imagination. We can fill their head with plans for creation.
Ah, Yes! This thing that we use is unique and wonderful. With it we may one day be on top of the world. How amazing this treasure, How beautiful this jewel. To ever wish it gone or use it to hurt… Well that would just make you quite the fool. You have such a grand gift that is nice, For there is no greater gift than the human voice.

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