The IET Santa Loves STEM 2017 Festive Poem #SantaLovesSTEM

[Music] Twas a month til Christmas on a cold winter’s day when a young engineer started making her way to visit a school to talk about each of the paths that science, technology, engineering and maths can take you. The class sat thinking they’d see someone in dirty overalls but she walked into the room and to their surprise they saw an astronaut before their eyes. When she began to speak the kids were enraptured their mouths were shut and their attention was captured. Didn’t you know engineers worked in space engineers can work all over the place. Who preps the fuel, who builds the rocket who makes the phone that sits in my pocket why engineer’s do. Who codes computers or reduces the hazardous polluters from our atmosphere, who strengthens bridges or transformed how we store food with fridges. Now challenge yourselves and try something new, you can do anything you put your mind to. That night they dreamed they were engineer’s designing phone batteries that would last for years. Building new engines for self-driving cars and making fast rockets to take them to Mars When they woke up their eyes were alight they jumped out of bed and started to write Dear Santa please we’ve been good girls and boys. This year may we have technological toys? So when Santa
sat and opened his post he read for an hour completely engrossed, when he read them all he quietly smiled for he knew what to make for every child because educational toys build skills and they bring laughs and gasps and thrills, inspiration goes a long way you can inspire tomorrow with what’s done today. So he went to his workshop and summoned his elves bring my hammer he cried let us busy ourselves it will be the best Christmas ever for them and he whooped with glee because Santa loves STEM

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