The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture KIT part2

we call it gas as we need in all our trees now we are transferring this knowledge freely to mankind so by simply creating an environment over the container we have created the condition to replicate the process of the leaf in extracting co2 from the environment the beauty with this process is is simple you do not need to pay for example hundred dollars to plant a tree for what you use a thousand or two thousand liters of you or ten thousand years of glue and then out of the money you paid maybe a fraction which is used to plant a tree in Amazon or somewhere else and will it create a new problem for the farmers and people in Amazon or a different areas because by over planting and destroying other would you try to replace the same and the mistake carries on this way you plant a box plant a tree a copy of a leaf in your own house and now you are responsible to clean up the mess what you have created so in a very simple way in that container or as you can see in this container you can simply extract the co2 from the environment and collect it because as usual you get rid of the waste to you the co2 which is absorb the co2 is a waste some time is caco3 – so if you can collect this material in a very simple way we don’t need to throw it away or you can use it because it’s an asthmatic condition it has a lot of energy you can use it for production of energy in the future we teach you how to do this we have achieved this I’m rich going further but the process is that now by adding in a simple way a nano coated material a simple zinc rate a piece of wire you can in a very simple way clean up the mess by yourself without relying on anybody or blaming your government that they do not clean up and they create a co2 and it’s very simple this box this technology in this simple form is available to every human being on this planet we are offering this package a container nano coated plate a nickel plate the wire to connect the to a syringe to extract the co2 that you can keep it and you know you are doing your work and another container to hold the co2 once you extract it to every man on this planet the production cost and material cost by the Italian company to produce it has been put up 15 euro you can buy the kit at 15 euro or you can buy the two plates individually and then you put the kit together yourself at home a container you have Anna syringe these two plates has been valued at 10 euro so with 25 euros including power postage and packaging you receive the box with the syringe and everything else or 15 year your for two pilot two plates cash foundation will receive a percentage of this financed back for us to be able to carry on with research and development these containers are available for delivery immediately by the manufacturers and at the same time you learn to become responsible for cleaning up the mess you have playing your governments to clean for you the beauty with this package is all the co2 which you collect if you put them in a position as we have in the containers which we show and we release this in a very near future you can lead and extract energy back from the material you have collected we can see 12 volts DC and double that usually in AC so not only you have cleaned up the co2 from the environment at the same time by being able to use the energy from what you have collected you stop the future burning of materials to add to the co2 so indirectly this game plays – here beautiful addition to the cycle knowledge of the map not only to clean up but a new way of what you’ve been looking for as a free energy and this can go for years is unlimited energy you it depends how you set up your system how you do it in two or three weeks time will supply will sell the same way as a kit the rechargeable unit so what it means when you bought the system you have a co2 then you inject your co2 into these tubes or a similar setup and then you start charging your battery you start burning lights around the house 24 hours a day if you want to without adding to the soot and at the same time because as we’ve done you can see it here as you charge you can have as you see in the torch every energy but you can add to it we can charge a battery you can charge anything you to do to use the energy which you have applauded [Music] [Music] we are asking you to support the foundation with a practical solution which no one no organization in the world at the moment is managing or able to deliver to mankind in fact by cleaning up the mess which us and our others have created on this planet in class fifty years we allow our children to live a safe life on this planet so you can go to catch foundation website that they have to water this thing that their plan Allah stays alive and they can extract co2 at the same time as we have opened the patterns and this material is directly offered this process directly offer to humanity you can be produced these units for your country for your nation for your friends and family and by our ethos the way we work we give you our knowledge free and on the other hand to be able to research at this level and support our research without depending on governments and banks to limit our extension and addition to the Foundation’s knowledge we ask and we request that for every unit you produce to contribute one euro to the Keshe foundation in the account which is given on our website the monies which come from the Nations will be used in the Keshe foundation of that nation in majority of the time that we support so when you buy for example in China we support the Keshe foundation in China to be able today to add to the research and development and teaching the percentage will go to the cash validation headquarters for supporting the research other researches which are going here so from today by buying or purchasing one unit at a minimum donation of 25 euro you can start cleaning up and you can send them one sample to your world leaders to your governments to your councils to a mayor that there is a solution instead of a standing time to go to marches to clean up the co2 now March to purchase this unit to change course of humanity the links for purchase are on the website and if you are one of them is educational nations around the world or you can replicate these units please do so with the freedom that we can help each other to develop a new society without damaging the environment thank you very much [Music]

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