30 thoughts on “The Lady of Shalott ~ poem with text

  1. Doing this at school my theory is the king killed someone and she saw and he doesn't want her to tell anyone. He didn't kill her coz she is his sister

  2. I have never read this before it's incredible very well write English teacher should teach this

  3. I am listening to a song called "If I die young" by The Band Perry.

  4. The voice is at war with the poem and it is being recited like a bus schedule.

  5. I am assuming we all know the Loreena McKennitt version set to music.

  6. My three years young daughter has just watched this on Magic Hands

  7. Who's reading this poem?  The best version I've found so far.  Have loved this poem since school but the other versions I've found on here are read in such a durgy  way and this is alive 🙂

  8. It`s not my language, but i am just learning it by heard ( the half is already done)

  9. I do miss the name of the professional female speaker/reader of this poem. A beautiful English, a beautiful voice

  10. I have been looking for this poem is just marvellous I really like it thanks to share…<3

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