THE LAST JEDI "Sexist" Survey SLAMMED by Star Wars Author!

hey guys welcome back it's neon I'm here with geeky sparkles no and we're going to do a follow-up to a video we did earlier in the week talking about this this Star Wars survey that seemed to make a connection from people's between people's political beliefs and whether or not they liked the last Jedi yeah it was pretty it was yeah it just what they were a measure was stupid and it didn't even make sense it was a very weak very weak very biased sir it was a very by talk about how they would this guy talked behind one to get responses and we didn't get enough coming back that he'd liked it for women he star gated women which kind of flaws your you know that flaws the excuse the results and anyway one of the things they talked about was apparently they he had sent this to the Claudia gray and Claudia gray writes in the Star Wars books we'll talk about that a minute and that she had retweeted it the cause of that suppose that he got a bunch more survey answers from it and now she's sort of disavowing it so before we get into this we're gonna ask you guys to please subscribe if you haven't subscribed already thank you very much to everybody who has subscribed to the channel lately we've been growing like crazy last couple once we really really really appreciate it and yeah so you will get into Claudia gray now first we want to bring up the guy who who did the survey is this mark H white the second PhD now I'm like okay that's cool he's got all kinds of his background right and then we get to the very last sentence of his bio and he basically says that he does all of these surveys and stats and data management machine learning psychology of norms attitudes behaviors and politics to help promote progressive values and social good because I know those go together hand in hand right so immediately you know there is a bias from Mark H white the second if he believes the last gen I was promoting progressive values and was existed for the social good he's gonna find he's gonna find people who support him this question really really were they were there it was ridiculous anyway so we're gonna talk about this yeah so this is Claudia gray who has written several Star Wars novels and I actually do remember I think I did read this one actually master an apprentice came out after the Phantom Menace this is coming from bounding in the comics but she's actually disavowing the survey now she shared the survey to her readers her accounted now that's the thing yeah I did read the article it was actually her assistant that shared it but she did not vet where the survey came from so it made the rounds and people thought that Claudia gray herself was promoting I don't think he presented it in a way that he was trying to prove they wouldn't like last night they were sexist he wasn't saying what that's what he was trying to do just that he was doing a survey about you know Star Wars fandoms and things like that and you know I think that's way the way I read it was that her system didn't know either yeah so it's and that's the thing and when somebody comes used to say I have a PhD I'm doing a surveillance you know doing some research into Star Wars you know could you help me I mean most people be like hell yeah we'll help you yeah what we'll do we can do not realizing that there probably was some bias in this survey why the hell we're still talking about the last Jedi Theory want to stop talking about see what we actually go so you know wait this isn't helping get people Pumped for episode okay so this is kind of Star Wars author Claudia gray disavowed the recent Star Wars survey claiming fans who did not like last Jedi are sexist that seemed to be my take away your take away from it yeah that's pretty much what he was trying to prove right if you didn't like the last Jets because you're sexist my problem with it was never the women in the movie my problem was they destroyed Luke Skywalker and the plot made literally no sense my problem was besides your problem was I think I think it's absolutely crap that they had these male characters who they had to lower and make bad so they can artificially raise female characters they they brought in and I'm the woman saying that that's I mean I'm a brother a writer too and I'm like that's not cool women I was kind of offended too because women should be able to stand on her own we shouldn't need men to have to have a handicap just so we can do better yeah nobody wants to make Pole look bad I mean I'm gonna I want to beat you because I'm good not because you know I had someone had a lower so I could beat you yeah it is sort of it was sort of like you know but there were some interesting choices let's let's put it that way so Grey has written a number of Star Wars novels they include journey to Star Wars The Force awakens wah star so she has written sequel sequel trilogy books Star Wars bloodline Star Wars Master and apprentice which I think actually did read part of that I think we got through the book club years ago it was actually pretty good in layout princess of Alderaan she also had a story published in Star Wars anthology from a certain point of view I like that Grey has also written her own series with spellcaster ever Knight and Firebird back in May she promoted the survey from social scientist Mark H white ii who likes to help promote progressive values and social good attention Star Wars fans to help us needed help mark out by completing the survey completely thus completing the survey it takes ten minutes and will help better understand how awesome and diverse the taste of the Star Wars fandom is female fans are especially it being a female fan probably figured we want they want female fans not knowing what he was doing this one to prove that there's a lot of women who like Star Wars right ah always have been a lot of women who like Star Wars since it came out right but this wasn't actually her as we go but even beyond that they didn't big misunderstood what the survey was about but go ahead yes the results of survey were just released recently in weigh conclude that some people might have been predisposed to hate the last Jedi regardless of the film's quality due to do two main female characters demonstrating skill bravery and leadership you know what Leia Mon Mothma demonstrated skill bravery and leadership and people who hated the last Jedi actually like rogue one again demonstrated skill bravery and leadership yeah more so I think yeah I think jyn erso I mean hell she was well I'd say she was the only one willing to die but you know everybody pretty much died in that movie and then also hold Oh blew herself up for no good reason oh hi grass anyway I thought she was a pretty decent character right and that had nothing to do with the last Jedi so why concluded that his data supports the excess anecdotal evidence tweets comments and articles that sexism a major role in the backlash to Disney's sequence I hate the last Jedi I'm a woman yeah whites small sample size of 5,000 people with 27 percent of respondents being anonymous Twitter users seems to happen a lot does the conclusions reached by a survey tell us a little about the general opinions of the overarching really targeting out women out women I mean I get that you wanted women but you know it's like if you're supposed to have a completely random sample that demonstrates the fandom the people who are going to answer you know you don't you if you're gonna try to deliberately skew it more female well that's it I think I mean I get that he's trying to get more women but I think the purpose of getting more women was he was hoping the women would support his theory his theory which is this woman doesn't sorry no on so not to mention survey questions were rather loaded if you are they include asking participants to rape the following statements of scale of strongly disagree to agree some of the statements include feminists are making unreasonable demands of men many women have a quality of purity that few men possess needing to be politically correct creates an atmosphere in which the free exchange of ideas yeah that's clearly biased most women interpret innocent remarks or acts as being sexist yeah this is like these are loaded questions since white survey conclusions and his methods have gone public grey publicly denounced the survey on her Twitter with her assistant named Sarah taking the blame in Gray's tweet allegedly from her assistant Sarah she implies white survey is legitimate I thought the poll was coming from a legit source though I did not take the survey before posting I did not do my due diligence to this matter I'm sorry that happens a lot people like concern you share this I mean say look like you'll you know and sometimes I do share like GoFundMe and stuff but then other times I'm like I don't know if this is legit like I haven't done a background check into these people to see if you know they're legit or grifters or whatever but you do it because you want to be a good person you want to people out when they ask for help so this is Sarah cloyce assistant yeah I'm the one who posted survey I thought the Popes was coming from a legit source that she then apologized make clear that gray does not endorse the survey I'm sorry for any anger or pain I may have caused Claudia gray does not endorse that survey and I am fully to blame finally she concluded that she hopes to learn from the mistake anyone who has met me our work with Minos I would do anything for Claudia's fans and heartbroken that I disappointed them and promised to learn from this must have got a lot of backlash for that because they are the ones promoting it the fans were taking it and their fans are men and women yeah we're taking the survey and then they're being told there they're basically sexist cuz they don't because those sounds make a lot of fans at like last Jedi yeah I didn't like being told they were sexist for it yeah male and female yeah and there are a lot of women believe it or not there are a lot of women who didn't like the last Jedi this is radically different behavior from a Star Wars crater than what we've seen in the past I agree I'm like I applaud this ask Chuck Austin how how that went for him it could provide hope for many fans who were previously attacked by those employed by Disney and Lucasfilm and that's not hyperbole like literally a lot of Lucasfilm freelancers a lot of people on Lucasfilm payroll have been really combative on Twitter and other places I mean again chuck wendig's it's okay famously last JI director Rian Johnson called fans man babies Johnson would go on to blame the negative reaction to the last Jedi could be because his movie suck no no no can't be that reason couldn't he couldn't own it like the Dark Phoenix yeah I'll give a guy complete credit he owned it he owned it he's like yeah I made a shitty movie and I'm sorry I'll try to do better he even promoted conspiracy theories have blamed Russian trolls for the negative reaction of the film Ron Howard would recently echo that sentiment claiming trolling was to blame for the box-office failure of solo star war story yes and no I think it was a negative reaction to the last Jedi yeah I think that they they tank themselves those stories about having to reshoot things in him meaning an acting coach and all that yeah there was a lot of negative even before the last Jedi came out there was a lot of really negative stuff going on they were trying to tank it themselves and then he didn't promote it hardly at all no like you would think before the last Jedi I remember looking at you you know during the during the previews at last Jedi I'm like where's the trailer for so long like why aren't they promoting so low yeah so Star Wars author paul kemp declared that certain Star Wars fans are detestable again it all comes down to politics it almost always comes down to politics Chuck when Dignitas Lee called for violence against Trump supporters this was after he declared the Star Wars fans were white supremacist people he was writing for a white supremacist this after he declared star wars fans were white supremacist that he when he was going off on his when dick was going off on his bender against Republicans on Twitter you know and Twitter God Twitter does a lot of you know it's a blow his mind not all people who don't like last Jedi or his stuff are Republicans yeah I mean you know we've said before anybody who watches the channel or has watched our channel for any length of time would realize that even though we're we're both independent voters we do lean left and we're disgusted by the behavior of you know a why the people working in entertainment right now I mean they've what political views poison you know what pretty much what should be what should be escapism you know like there always have been some you know especially like with Star Trek and stuff there has always been some political overtones to it but now it's like you know now that everybody is connected to everybody else it's just constant like constant fighting it's like Twitter especially is like it's just a minefield and you know Chuck Wendy did get fired because of what you said and I I would have done the same thing I'm like you're making us look bad I think Claudia gray I get four credit I'm like go buy her books because yeah you know I mean you know her assistant should have checked to see what it was but you know mistakes like that happened you don't even got before to I mean I think everybody can relate to that huh yeah I mean I've shared stuff before too where I'm like oh that's not right or you know we've done stories sometimes we're like okay well maybe you know some new information came out we'll walk this back a little bit in this case I think she might have got a phone call from Lucasfilm or Disney and they're kind of like this is making the rounds this guy's good I don't know if I think so because other people who've made worth comments and she didn't make any comments or negative they did that Disney and lucasfilm's isn't doing to them now I'm thinking it's more the fans started being like what the hell and then she's like was looking into it like whoa whoa what you know they thought they were just you know helping nobody research to prove and I think that their thought was that there are a lot of fans that are women a lot of fans that are there's a lot of diversity in the fandom which there totally is and I think she's like yeah ok that sounds great let's prove that there's a lot of different kind of people who like Star Wars I don't think she was thinking they were gonna turn around and say that if you don't like the last Jedi you're sexist yeah clearly a Republican you know I don't think that was I think they probably got a lot backlash from fans like it's like I fill out your survey no no no now I'm a sexist yeah perfect they didn't like last Jenna well she said she didn't even take it herself again I'm guilty of this I've done this I've shared stuff on Twitter before you know just trying to help people out and I didn't even you know again it's like once things were and then people are getting in trouble they're getting called out by other people on Twitter like how dare you follow this person how dare you retweet this whatever because don't you know it's like no you know really and the grand scheme of things I don't look at everybody's Twitter profile oh yeah you know that everybody Oh share pieces are and it might be somebody who's ridiculously far left but the arts good and I'm still gonna share it oh they have a good point I'm still gonna share it because it's legitimate point I'm not gonna not share something just because they don't agree with me politically or you know i 100% agree about everything if they have a valid point on something yes there's a valid point here I felt display I tried to I saw a tweet one time actually agreed with it and I was gonna like it and I find that the person had me blocked yeah that's happened me I was like wait I was actually gonna support you and you had me blocked because you've got one of those block chains because apparently I'm following or have retweeted or interacted with somebody you don't like so we remember on both sides yeah you know that's what rationale North people do what adults do and if somebody has a good point about something you know we're going to share it and it's you know they're wrong well we'll say so and that's just it you know yeah so anyway I think this is probably a pretty innocuous mistake I think that that that survey is garbage and I think it was again this is another one right up there at the Russian bot theory oh that was ridiculous we're gonna be you know redone they can you know it's these are just these are you know people who love the last Jedi trying to find a reason to demonize people who didn't love it because it can't be his cousin maybe said can't just be because a lot of people don't like it like why can't people just have different opinions yeah some people go I love it so clearly so whatever alright so Rio wrap this one up yep okay so please subscribe for more pop culture news views rants gaming videos earthly is more here on clown fish TV this has been neon the geeky nice goodbye hey guys thanks for watching clown fish TV please consider supporting the channel go to clown fish support commnets clown fish support calm and if you want to join our community go to clown fish talk calm that's clown fish talk calm please subscribe ring the bell for notifications we will talk to you next time

27 thoughts on “THE LAST JEDI "Sexist" Survey SLAMMED by Star Wars Author!

  1. "Chuck Austen?" Now that, that is a name I haven't heard in close to 20 years!
    You guys meant "Chuck Wendig."
    Chuck Austen wasn't a great writer but he didn't take to Twitter to attack comic book fans because it didn't exist when he was writing books for Marvel (mainly a really bad run on X-Men in the 1990s).

  2. Okay but there is an obvious bias when people constantly call the movie or refer to things in the movie as “SJW” or “feminist” when objectively there is nothing in this movie that has to do with either of those things. Like seriously, there is nothing in this movie that is even close to SJW. Unless you want to count a female character having odd colored hair as SJW, which it’s a stretch to say hair color is what defines an ideology, then there is literally nothing in this movie that you can interpret as SJW unless you’re purposefully reaching to prove a point.

  3. Last Jedi is Misandric and Feminist and anti-male and sickeningly against all males!

  4. I will watch rogue one every now an then. I really like this movie, Solo, not so much, bespite both having stronk women… It’s the storytelling, not vagina. The Last Jedi? What is that?

  5. Guys do not like boys-with-breasts. Period.
    A woman can be a great heroine (Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, etc.) but she has to remain female.
    Rey, Captain Marvel and all these androgynous man-haters will never be popular with men.

  6. Look, it's like people who don't like the UC Gundam timeline, they just aren't good people and you shouldn't interact with them if you can avoid it. :p

  7. the useless star wars nobody wanted made me lose interest in it

  8. If they say Star Wars fans are sexist and racist etc then there would be millions of people who are like that then which is so not true. They use those words so much it’s worn out it’s meaning. They just say shit like that to avoid backlash or being told they’re shit sucks ass. Can never grow up and on up to they’re mistakes and wrong doing.

  9. That survey is meaningless. Not much to do talk about except to discredit work and reputation of those that put it out.

  10. Oh I’m sure there are people who would hate TLJ regardless of quality, but it’s quality was low. It just wasn’t a well written movie and you could have cut 2/3 of it (the parts not involving Luke and Rey) and not lose anything.

  11. as an aside just for constructive criticism, the pictures moving up and down are annoying, imo.

  12. Yeah, everybody knows homos understand "sexism". The guy's shirt screams swishy.

  13. "The Essayist writes to make a point, and woe to any plot or characterization that get in the way."
    –The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Science Fiction (First Edition)

  14. My dad took me to see The Empire strikes Back. The only thing I don't like about SW is Gandi galfini "This is America". Fuck him.

  15. Star Wars sucks and Disney is a pro abortion, pedophilia apologists family friendly corp.

  16. Yeaahh…nobody KNEW ANYTHING about the researcher OR his objective when they linked the survey and asked the fans to go there…nobody…
    BUT when the backlash came,from a lot a female fans some of then working in the same area as the researcher pointing out to the obvious bad intentions,suddenly it was some "assistant"innocent mistake.

  17. In the original Star Wars, they didn’t lower men so that Princess Leia could be artificially raised up. Lucas wrote her as a strong, independent and intelligent character…and never focused on “she’s a woman”. Like all the other characters she can be a hero and at times need to be rescued…just like Han Solo and even Luke. That’s one of the reasons why the original movie is a timeless classic: because of character development and story arcs. TLJ has none of that and made no sense: the first order can’t catch up to a ship? They didn’t send ALL tie fighters from the 8+ Star destroyers? Rey, after only holding a lightsaber for all of 2 whole days is able to beat Luke Skywalker and his 30+ years lightsaber experience?? Really?? I could go on and on. In TFA people accepted Rey beating Kyle because he was seriously injured and in a bad head space for just killing his dad. TLJ just sucked. Not because of women but because the story was sooo bad and the women (and men) were written so poorly and it tried to pander to SJWs. No scene made sense. All the characters got broken into little pieces. It. Just. Sucked!! Get woke, go broke. Memorize it. Have it as a mantra Lucasfilm. Get woke, go broke. PS if Star Wars fans or so sexist then why is Rogue One a fan hit and was successful even with a female lead??? Hmmm?

  18. I'm a very lib women who believes in equal rights for everyone. Your movie SUCKS HARD!!! It was DISGUSTINGLY BAD!!!!!!!!!

  19. It'd help if the movies were made for escapism and entertainment instead of pushing a political and social agenda. They feel like the poorly made anti-drug educational films of the past.

  20. Interesting, she certainly looks like she could be a crazy feminist..

    So maybe she’s got some sense.. I’m not sure her reasons from disavowing..

    Maybe if people were using her RT to justify the skewed survey.

    He did a lot of people a favour though… He exposed the fakeness of studies, surveys and polls… They are always skewed.. The desired effect of a poll is to effect public opinion… Not reflect public opinion.

  21. "I do science to promote my ideology." – Some american idiot, 2019

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