The Lawrence Minute – Poetry Workshops

[Clock Ticking and Soft Beats] All of our creative writing classes
feature workshops so this does fasters are pretty close friendship between the
different classmates regardless of how old you are or what your background is. That’s a really kind of essential part of being a better writer is having those
relationships and getting that feedback You know you’re just bringing what you
care about, what you’re influenced by, what you’ve read, who you are. I had a student from the conservatory I had, a chemist, I had an anthropology major, an
econ major, a bio major it was wonderful. MELISSA: Now that you’ve changed the
last line you know then I can’t remember is there another summit that comes after
this that now has to start with this line. KRISTEN: Yeah so I’m going have to revise. MELISSA: That’s a great idea to bring in a courtroom word so I like that. KRISTEN: Yeah yeah The professors are are I think one of the best parts of being at Lawrence
because, they are so willing to help students. And they’re so willing to go
that extra mile and so that’s bound to make some impact on your life beyond
just getting your degree.

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