Tofu, what are you doing? Err…cleaning? No, you are not! You’re just piling up the glasses and making a tower out of them. Oh, okay… I don’t understand why we must do all the cleaning. Oh dear! Stop being so lazy Tofu. I’m not being lazy. I just think that it is not my job to be cleaning. I don’t want to get dirty again. you know you sound like the lazy girl. The who? Once upon a time there lived an old couple. They had two daughters one each from their previous marriages. But the woman behaved terribly with her husband’s daughter. One day she threw her out of the house. Get out of this house. Go find a wealthy man and find some work in his house. Don’t come back till you have earned some money! And so, the girl took off. As she walked she came upon an old dried tree. Girl, where are you going? I’m going to look for a wealthy house to work in and earn some money. Okay But before you go can you please take off the dried twigs from me? The girl agreed and spent a long time carefully cleaning the tree of its dried sticks and twigs. Once she was done she continued her journey. As she walked on she came upon a vineyard. An old wine called out to her. Girl, where are you going? Can you help me? I’m going to look for a wealthy house to work in and earn some money. But yes, I surely can help you before I go. She carefully cleaned the vineyard and helped the old vine. Once she was done, she continued her journey. As she walked on she saw a broken mud oven. Young girl… what are you doing here? I am on my way for work and earn some money. Before you go will you help me The girl agreed and set to work. She cleaned the area around the oven got some mud ready and fixed the oven as good as new. As she did that she got mud and dirt all over her but she didn’t mind. Once she was done she set on her way. As she walked she came upon an old well. The well called out to her. Hello, girl. Where are you going? I’m going in search for work. Work, is it. Okay. Before you go can you please take out my water and clean me up? The girl happily agreed. She tirelessly emptied the well and cleaned it. Once she was done she went back on the road. As she walked a dirty little dog approached her. Help! Can you please help me I’m very dirty… will you give me a bath? please Yes, why not! The girl washed the dog and patiently cut its hair. Then, she went ahead in search of work. As she walked she came upon a beautiful house. It belonged to the fairies. She went inside. I need a place to stay for the night. Can I please stay here? I will leave in the morning. Where are you going? I’m going in search of work. If you want to work then you can work here for a year. You can keep our house clean. It has seven rooms you will have to clean six of them. But you must never enter the seventh one. The girl agreed. For a whole year she worked in the fairies’ home and did exactly as they told. At the ned of the year, she wanted to go home. I want to go back to my village to my parents’ house. Okay. But first follow me. She took her to a room full of silver and gold coins. You should sleep here on these silver and gold coins. The coins that get stuck on you will belong to you and you can take them with you. The girl did as told. She spent the night sleeping over the coins. Many gold and silver coins got stuck to her body. When morning came she said her goodbyes and left for her home. As she was walking the little dog that she had helped came to her. Come on with me come come with me! The girl went with it. The dog took her to place with piles of diamonds and pearls. Take as much as you want. The girl took as much as she wanted and left. As she walked she reached the well that she had cleaned. Come, girl. You must be thirsty Have some of my water. Thank you very much I am very thirsty. The girl satisfied her thirst and walked on. She reached the mud oven that she had fixed. She saw many delicious foods there The oven offered her to eat whatever she wanted. She ate some and packed some for the rest of her journey. She walked on ahead. Then she reached the vineyard. Dear girl! Come have some wine. The girl, drank some delicious wine and walked on towards her home. She now came upon the tree. It was full of delicious fruits. Hello again, dear girl. Here, you can take as much fruit as you want. The girl ate some delicious fruits and packed some to take home with her. Then she got on her way again. Soon she reached home. The house rooster saw her coming and called out. The mistress is home Look how much golden gems she’s brought with her! This made the mother very angry. What nonsense! This is nothing. Now wait and see how much my daughter will earn. The mother now sent her own daughter to find work and earn a lot of money. The girl started her journey and soon came upon the tree which was once again dry. Girl, where are you going? I’m going to look for a wealthy house to work in and earn some money. Okay. But before you go can you please take off the dried twigs from me? No! I don’t want to spoil my soft pretty hands picking the dry sticks off you. The girl walked on and came upon the vineyard. The old wine called out to her. Girl, where are you going? Can you help me? I have to go find work and earn money. I have no time to help you. The girl once again went on her way till she came upon the broken mud oven. Dear girl! Can you please help me? I don’t want to get dirty in the mud. I can’t help you. And again, the girl refused to help and moved on. She now approached the well. I need help! Can you please clean me? I have to go and fine work. Cleaning you will tire me and I don’t want to get tired. The girl hurried away from the well. As she did so, the little dirty dog approached her. I’ve become so dirty. Can you please give me a bath and do something about my hair? please Ah! No! if touch you I will also become dirty! Look at all those flies in your hair. And so, the girl ignored the dog’s plea and went on her way. After some time she came upon the fairies’ house. She went in. I need a place to stay for the night. Can I stay here? Where are you going? I’m going in search of work. If you want, you can work here for a year. There are seven rooms in this house you will have to clean six of them. And you must never never enter the seventh room. The girl agreed and started working for the fairies. For a few days she did as told but one day she decided to sneak into the seventh room. The room was dark but she went in anyway. As soon as she entered it the door closed behind her and bugs and insects of a variety attacked and bit her everywhere. She ran out of the room hurt and bleeding. I told you never to enter the seventh room. I will not stay here another moment. I am leaving. The girl took to the road running. Her hair dirty, hands, legs and face bleeding and bruised. She came upon the little dog and asked for help. Please help me. you never helped me why should I help you now? The dog barked at her and chased her away. She ran till she reached the old well. She was thirsty with all the running she quickly tried to reach in for a cup of water. But the well took away all its waters. when I asked you for help, you refused. I cannot help you now. go away Disappointed, the girl went back on the road. She kept walking on till she saw the mud oven. Delicious and tempting foods lay on the over. Hungry, the girl reached out to one of the pies to eat it. But the oven started throwing flames out and the girl couldn’t reach the food. You refused to help me when I needed your help. I will not help you now. Go away. The girl continued her journey home. She was very thirsty hungry and tired. She reached the vineyard. Hoping she will get some wine she reached out. But the old vine did not let her touch anything. The girl was forced to leave the vineyard and go on. She now reached the tree. It was full of delicious yummy fruits. She tried to pluck one. Hold it! You didn’t want to spoil your hands when I needed your help. You cannot have any of my fruits now. go away The girl walked to her home. As she approached the house the rooster saw her. the mistress has come home covered in blood and dirt. What! How is that possible? The woman saw her beloved daughter in her poor state. She turned to her husband. I agree, my daughter didn’t earn any money. Your daughter earned everything. But the man was so upset with the woman’s terrible behaviour towards his daughter that he threw her and her lazy daughter out of his house! Hmmm…. I get a feeling that being lazy can be fun for now but bad for later. I wonder what made you change your mind, Tofu Well…let’s just say…all this work around here!


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  29. Senior citizen comes along following the path of the girls. Tree asks for its dried branches to be cut off. Old woman replies, "I am not young, I am not strong, I cannot climb anymore, and my joints ache, but I shall cut off the dried branches that are within my reach." Half the dried branches get cut off. Vine asks to be ploughed. Old woman replies "I am not young, I am not strong, I can barely bend over, and my joints ache, but I shall do what I can". One incomplete ploughing later…. Dog asks to be bathed. "You are an adorable little doggie, and I want to take you home. You will keep a lonely old woman company. Will you come home with me so I can bathe and take care of you?" Old woman takes dog home, feeds and bathes him, and never reaches the fairys' house. Retires from harvesting the pearls.

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