The Lazy Man's Guide to Canterbury Tales (UGC NET English)

hi friends welcome to my channel and in this video I'm going to talk about the magnum opus of Joffrey trust and witches Canterbury Tales Canterbury Tales is a collection of 24 stories Chaucer initially intended to write one 20 stories but then he died before he could complete these 120 stories these stories are told as a part of a storytelling contest which takes place by a group of pilgrims who are moving from London to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Sir Thomas Becket there are in all 30 pilgrims 29 pilgrims coming from different sections of society and one narrator so these 30 people journey from London to Canterbury and while they are going towards Canterbury and then they will be coming back from Canterbury they'll be telling – to David's so each pilgrim will be telling four tails in all – while they're going to works actively in – while they're coming back from Canterbury so in all these thirty pilgrims would be telling 120 story but Chaucer was not able to complete right take these 120 stories he wrote only 24 stories and he done so in Canterbury Tales what is important is that we look at the characters who are coming from different sections of society and also the tales told by these characters from net point of view today in this video I am going to share my views on four most important Canterbury Tales so let's start so the first day is Knight's Tale Knight's Tale is the first tale which is a part of Canterbury Tales also it is a high romance told and you know it complained this was a question in December 2005 that Knight's Tale is a higher once told in and the answer was you know accompanied so remember these two things about night stay number one it's the first day and number two it's a high romance told in here I copy now let's look at the tale told by ninth which is called Knight's Tale now it's taken approximately 80 there are these two friends are he told us what a best friends and they're also thanks they go to Athens which is a city in Greece and for a Peter vigil ahead the Duke of Athens Theseus he captures them and he imprisons these two friends okay now listen maybe it's a weighted or friends are tightened element they are looking outside the prison and they see this beautiful girl Emily and oh no Catherine's Emily Sofia which offers both of these Knights who are best friends fall in love with the same good and this creates tension so now these two friends decide e-ticket a missile Jovie battle medicina for Emily such are eternal fine so these two people trick the gods and go kind of a prison ship harder they had they involved in a patent battle magenta archite but due to divine intervention when he patron there is a sort of earthquake which happens and our kite dies at that wound he falls from his horse and he turns so who gets the hand of the beautiful girl Emily its paladin and with this ends the Knights think so Knight's Tale is basically story of two knights archives in Parliament falling in love with the Google Emily they battle together and who wins archive within who gets the hand of Emily it's founded so this is the guide extend the second most important tale is wife of bath's tale now my papa talks about a very beautiful story of a knight who's part of King Arthur's cold but before telling that story she talks about several other questions in her pro noon so in the prologue to Wife of Bath she talks about three important questions number one she talks about her relationship with her five husbands and how those has been treated her number two she talks about her views on Madden several times so she contemplates on this question that is it trying to marry several times she gives instances from King Solomon's life from Bible the third question that he talks about is about her views on virginity so she you know contemplates on this question that is virginity important for being a true feeling so these questions are very important from their point of view because they we ask every times in it if you want to study Chaucer in detail and all the other works by Chaucer as well as Canterbury Tales you can join my online course the details of my online course is available on my website of a knight who is a part of King Arthur's Court that's Knight rapes a young maiden and he's being punished for this ground but queen of King Arthur in the winds and saves the night by telling him that if you go and get me an answer for the question that what woman wants most I will save you from the punishment so the night finally goes on this quest and he goes an hour so any people about this question that what woman wants most but he's not able to get her satisfied a tree answer finally he comes across an old lady who tells him that I will tell you the correct answer but only at one condition that we will do whatever I see the night agrees and the old lady tells the knowledge that such as other girl a dirty coke which idea to what yet again he that girl is able to control her husband and if she is able to do that she finds herself happy so what woman wants most so woman wants that she is able to control her husband this is what a woman wants most in her life so finally the night goes to the king of escort and tells this answer to the Queen the Queen is happy I am satisfied with the answer and she finally tells that you will not be punished anymore the night goes back to the old lady and tells her that yes you were correct and now as I have promised you I will do whatever you say the old lady tells the night that you should marry me this is what I want and the night is horrified because a night would never let you marry a lady who is so old and so a baby and me but he doesn't have an option so then I would say okay it's your choice whatever or you say so the old lady gives the knight a choice that I can either be faithful and faithful a daddy or I can be unfaithful and beautiful you tell me what you want me to be so the knight says that it's a difficult choice and I ask you to choose I will not choose whatever you find satisfactory you can do that and this at this point the old lady turns into a beautiful girl and say that I was testing you and you were able to fulfill the challenge by giving me the right to choose because the question that Queen posed on 92 is that what woman wants most and the answer was woman wants that she's able to control her husband and she is able to choose for her husband and this is what the knight did in the case of old lady and the old lady was happy about it so this is how the story ends and finally night marries beautiful young lady who is beautiful as well as faithful the third important tale is privacy privacy is the head of group of nuns okay and Chaucer before starting Priory still tells that Pyrus is wearing a brooch which has these word inscribed on it and the words are love conquers on the prologue to private stately contains a prayer to Virgin Mary and the tale is about juice hatred towards Christian so now let's look at progress daily Friday still starts with our description of a boy a small Christian boy who lives in Jewish waters okay so Jews as you know our integrations and they hate Christians so the Christian boy is living in juice waters and in that Jewish quarters we find that there are so many Jews who see this boy in this small little boy going to school every day and while he is going to school he keeps singing a lot a denturist now I'll murder dem straight sort of Christian prayer and heaps in Ganga and this angers Jews and Jews finally decide that we will kill this boy so they cut the throat of the boy they murder the boy and they throws his body in a seal a ditch boy's mother comes and service for the boy and finally finds the dead son lying in the seabed inch and he starts crying and praying to Virgin Mary and she also starts singing alma redemptoris and when she sings are buried emptiness the dead boy too joins and he to start singing and married interest and the mother is amazed to see this miracle and then she realized that it is due to the blessing of Virgin Money because Virgin Mary has put a miraculous seed on the tongue of the boil which allows the dead boy to sing and finally she remove the seed from the tongue of the little boy and the body of the boy raises to heaven so with this ends the pride his tale and it beautifully shows the power of prayer both important Canterbury tale Islam's Freeston it is a beast fable with a clear moral and I'm sure that even though you've not thought of Canterbury Tales but you must have heard of this tale in your childhood I read this tale once when I was going to punch a thoughtful book ok so it's a that kind of story now let's look at the tale it is about this rooster or trumpet here 20 here is a rooster who is dreaming that he's being eaten by a fox and he's very scared in his dream next day when he gets up he goes to a field where he finds the force and that Fox wants to eat Chanticleer so Phi what that Fox does is that that Fox started praising tropical your singing and say that you sing so well and I would like to hear your song from your mouth and 20 clearer you know gets into his trap and he closes his eyes silly okay and that is the moment when Fox grabs taranta here and runs the twenty clear is also stable so twenty clear do does the same thing what Fox does and he starts saying that you know I am so amazed that you grabbed me and you tricked me in such a way I would like to listen from you that how did you grab me and how did you come up with this plan so go to xx clearly is there in Fox Marvel and Fox News Corp a credit card and Obama's a possible run and Fox also gets happy and he just opens his mouth in order to tell the story how he planned this trick and how he grabbed or chopped it clear and that is the moment when John if he runs away so the moral of the story is never trust of Latin and this was also a question in UGC net exam wherein they ask that what is the model of Nance Bristol and the model is never trust a flutter beware of flattery so with this we end some important our discussion on Canterbury Tales if you would like to study all other important works in detail you can join my online course the description of my online course is given in the description box below also at the same time to subscribe to my youtube channel because we post videos for UGC net English aspirants every Saturday and Sunday you can go to my facebook page and participate in the goal net wins also you can contact me on whatsapp my whatsapp number and other contact information is given in the description box below so till the day we meet next happy learning keep loving literature Oh

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