1. Philip K Dick is class. Since the Beat poets – the cultural canon opened up to everyone. We should not focus on colour – it's irrelevant – we're all people. Good literature is trans-ethnic, it crosses continents. Usually, the good books are loved because of their universality.  Yesterday's underground movement is tomorrow's high art. In 60-70 years the famous rappers will be on the university curriculums.

  2. Hey Amerie as you probably guessed, I'm binge watching a bit on these vids b/c I find them refreshing (…and I have the day off, ha!).
    Anyway, I've been meaning to ask: have you read anything by Octavia E. Butler? She's "speculative fiction". AMAZING storyteller and all page-turner's. Check out Kindred – which is a time travel story of a black woman sent back in time to protect the life of her slave-master ancestor during the span of his childhood into adulthood. This author, also has different series' with a Post-apocalyptic focus many times with: Mind of My Mind, Clay's Ark, *Patternmaster!,<-last in that series), Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents, Adulthood rites – also great thought-provoking reading. I hope you check them out. I devoured these books years back. Why they have not made any of these books into a movie is mind-boggling. I guess I'll have to do it haha.
    To your final point: You're absolutely right about the need for diversity overall in general. We hear so much about Hemingway which, I feel some of his work (particularly: the Sun Also Rises) is entertaining enough, but also is just a day by day account of his real activities and no reflection on cultivation of creativity. Not to put him down by any means, just saying – I thought James Baldwin should also be recognized more for his writing that just on par if not better. I enjoyed the visual emotion Baldwin was able to bring to life in Giovanni's room despite the fact the story didn't pertain to me. I've only mentioned Black people here but there are so many more with rich offerings to diversity.

  3. I grew up on your music , and I loved it. When will you come out with some new stuff ?

  4. I REALLY enjoyed this video (as did my hubby). I completely agree with your point about keeping a literary foundation which will aid in promoting dialogue. I also agree with you that canonized works should change a bit with the times. This was my biggest issues when given required reading in HS or College. I felt that I could not relate to the works and this prevented me from becoming engaged in the readings. Now that I am older, its a bit easier and I appreciate them more, but if we can get people to promote more modern works as literary staples, it might help more youth stay interested in reading….again thank for the Video 🙂 and Happy Thanksgiving 

  5. So +climbthestacks should do a video response to this! From her videos it seems like She has a very diverse reading catalog so I would love her take on it.

  6. Oohh I'm sooo glad and excited you have a youtube channel now! I can't even believe its really you lol! I love everything beauty and I adore books too, so the perfect combo! New subbie here! <3

  7. Jonathan, I was unable to reply to your comment for some reason, but to answer your question: no, the music for Cymatika is completely different in sound/style from the music I've used in my channel videos. Can't wait for you to hear!

  8. You make a great point about the literary cannon lacking diversity. I personally feel that authors from the Harlem Renaissance, like Ralph Ellison, should have more emphasis placed on their work. Their work reflects racial and socioeconomic disparity in society, which still has some relevance today. I also agree that other genres like SciFi and Fantasy should be included. You can't deny the popularity it has and how it has shaped modern-day, Western literature. However, I respect writings from the literary cannon. This past summer I read King Lear, which I feel is an underrated piece from Shakespeare. I was amazed to see how the relationships between the patriarch and his child have similarities to the father-child relationships I see today. I guess that is partly the reason why writings, like Shakespeare's, have more precedence than other forms of literature in Western culture. Though it is very different, it is still relatable.

  9. My problem with a cannon is that they always include books/events etc (depending on what kind of cannon it is) that are important because people say they are…The works they include are often indeed important but other stuff gets dismissed. Also with books to me personally its more important if a book is entertaining/fascinating (don't know the right word since horrible or sad books can also be included and they obviously are not entertaining) than if it's 'good'. Why is a book good or bad? Often it seems so random too me. I think it's better to teach kids to enjoy reading than to force them to read 'good' things. If a kid wants to read Goosebumps and not Shakespeare, is that really that bad?

    Loved your video btw!

  10. Kinda off topic. But it looks like you have s beautiful home. Would love a house tour! 🙂

  11. Nice video! I think it is good to have a common reference point however I think regardless of who writes it, it should be relatable to the average person. I'm also a big fan and was wondering if the music you feature on your channel is similar to the cinematic music of Cymatika.

  12. I don't know much about any of this, but thanks for doing the video to clear a few things up!

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