The Love I Come From | A Poem By Aishwarya Suresh | Santhy Balachandran | Avnitha | MV Creations

I come from the love of a thousand white doves from honey soaked coins of gold Ground to paste, the song of brass touching brass when the same pestle meets the same mortar for a thousand years I Come from the love of a thousand more and the brush of a fingertip upon my tongue gold and honey dripping from my lips first I tasted love, from a thousand mothers in my one. I come from the love of a thousand days under the moon Oil in my hair, oats and almonds on my skin, milk on my face bathed in water heated and spiced, Scrubbed with the red bark of holy mountains Jasmine behind my ear, pinned in my braid the fragrance of Earth mother Earth Then, I smelled love. Placed within me by my own mother and her mother and a thousand before her lingering for a thousand more. I come from the love of a thousand pearls from endless azure seas whiter than the lotus petals floating around me and rubies glistening like pomegranate seeds brimming with the nectar of celestial dreams. Wished upon me for a thousand lifetimes By my mother, her mother And her mother’s mother for all of their daughters strength and beauty ethereal purity, instilled within me. I reached out my hand and touched love resting on my collarbone as diamond droplets upon my ears As silver Ivy wrapped around my wrist, as a thousand tiny copper bells announcing my footsteps and in a thousand other ways that I could not see But in a thousand more that I could feel, love was adorning me. I come from walls that resonate with the hum of a mother’s lullaby and the melody of ancient wooden cradles rocking for a thousand generations a thousand chimes of golden lockets and words spoken like molasses so sweet, the song of mother’s love. Of crinkling silks of crisp pressed cotton, of dainty laughter Carried through the wind out through a thousand open windows and back in to me. I come from the love of a thousand music notes Whispered in my ears, the first sound I heard was the music of love In each song a thousand little love notes written an infinity ago Folded by my mother’s hands and delivered by a thousand singing sparrows, Music to last a lifetime, Love to last an eternity. I come from mornings illuminated by a thousand kisses on my cheek, long before the sun rises to light up the sky and kiss its blossoming flowers and mango trees. I come from the bark of an ever-growing tree With seeds of love planted a thousand eternities ago Ancient roots deep into the core of the earth and branches that caress the heavens and shape their leaves, showering down a thousand mystical stories folktales float in the air that I breathe. I come from secret family recipes and coconut dreams and a thousand other mysteries, my heart is butter Whipped a thousand times by my grandmother’s hands with glistening sugar Sprinkled in by my mother and cream poured in by me My soul is a thousand mint leaves with ginger, soaking in crystal water, bubbling in crimson heat. From the fire that last within me embers from the hearth at the center of the universe that first warmed me. I come from twelve thousand memories of peaceful slumber in my mother’s belly. And the thousand days after, when love woke me as the first sight my eyes could see. I come from a thousand moments of love like these passed down through the centuries, from a thousand mothers, down to me.

17 thoughts on “The Love I Come From | A Poem By Aishwarya Suresh | Santhy Balachandran | Avnitha | MV Creations

  1. Beautiful words,, rendered like a magic.. With the visuals and the background score flowing together in a sycronised steam… Excellent….

  2. Beyond words…the poem,iits rendering, visualisation along with the music.. together just magical

  3. wow…speechless chills. very beautiful piece about roots and culture. Synchronized rhythm and melodious accents are excellent.

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