The Lyrical Poet V.I.P. – Lyrical Execution ( Music Video ) ( Shot by Trap Beat Nation )

it's why ipalo opponents it's why I battle opponents I got hot 16 for anybody who voted for any batter who owned it for any father who voted for any powder who run it from the top to the problem the bottom to the top it's a lot of fun and rappers in the candy cone flop a little wet juice under waiting for motivated to make a statement and you can cover what you want but you can't replace me I'm like a little weapon being jet the second zone where it's heated crazy young one rhythm hit your chromosome I know it's playing up you hate me you wanna come in with me we I encounter what they come impress me you're playing a few Betsy I put you in the metric I spit some in and here's a cigarette knowing people techie amazing how are you rappers Clinton be the greatest Resaca now the leverage is a different way you say this being such an average you need to be in Paris and now you really rhyme about the money and your cameras every so creative like the guy who runs the force here mention legend ever in I bring up as appeal to the stage to the booth for the image I'm here to send my country and there's on EWTN yeah yeah this why I will describe a little boat I got a hot 16 my in the pile of mush for anybody watch for any pilot who and the batter who was from the top to the we bomb to the top it's a lot for the rappers in the canticle slide a little better give this ticket forward hitch I hope with this I ain't you telling in there pounding I'm just speaking my mind hitting my time in the library Marin this prime you know old another proper not get better with time ain't no pattern hanging with me on this lyrical loving mother rap I hear my guts kidding no I'm a rebel with a panic away put the effort pathetic I'll get another shot be dropping up here to get crazy but when you win the pity if y'all wanna sell out and make it harder there a day to put your paw through Yahoo when I'm down the power know where their camera in the drought IV the rivers then they get the drop on tape on the south we're not be wrapping those things maybe clapping in hand rhythm touches the beach and they be doing they dance in my skills to wear pants tan catching my speed don't give up what they were not give the crowd didn't eat yeah yeah a little pony sixteen by anyone for any private football for any pilot who won in the battle for the top to the pop the bomb to the top it's a lot of fucking rapidly cannikin flop on my timeline Clement daddy hi I was talking about the Brits and how they posted on the black background with a guy looking like a million nails we catch him on the street stay on fools dancing we're fan the street crazy main thing that going kid they came in this is change or what the rabble super faint I break your chain with the transom started working my horse where artists are resounding retard I'm gonna push your regards wait your love without hate man kill another you funds into the wet is infected ain't gonna be no escape shit how deep are cetera I'm correcting the gangs because it got put in the Erica Jong challenge other parties keep appealing MCS and if we bring up a real thing we will succeed Jim remember be lumpy anything you do it and for our revels this is where poets juice yeah this wire or iPad or Polly's I got a hot 16 were in the bathroom or antibiotic we're watching for any powder who are in the battery watch for the top to the bottom the bottom to the top it's a lot of other rappers in the game long fly a local execution yeah I gather hot 16 where the founder he wore any powder for walking for any pilot who was anybody who want to talk to the

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  1. Ok den bestfriend I love it keep going u gone be a star one day

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