The Mad Man a Poem by Teal Swan

from a lost wilderness a slow-motion movie plays I see myself as a child the simplicity of running barefoot of the mud across my face my feet had never walked across the lifelessness of payment my hands had never run across the tribulus of metal and glass I was unknown yet to the world did I leave behind that simplicity thinking that significance would taste good the more they see me the less they see me the more of a projection I become whatever they need me to be so that they can love me whatever they need me to be so that they can hate me instead of themselves no more simplicity I have a column that has lured me away from that wilderness it has thrust me into the lifelessness and tribulus of the world the churches of my tears scream a eulogy a eulogy for the joy that once belonged to the people they do not miss it because they do not remember it instead they walked the pavement feeling as if something has been lost and the earth grows louder louder to try to reach them through that pavement and metal and glass like the voice of a mad man locked behind the depraved walls of an asylum it is the madman who was saying it is the madman who was saying

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  1. Thankyou teal, that is a very touching poem sent straight to the depth of the soul. When were in a state of confusion and the hunger sets in and there's no one around who will even look at us or to hear are inner screams it is like walking in the wilderness of loneliness. And as we are Awakening our voice becomes fainter to those who are asleep. Peace love and light and ❤ many blessings to you ❤❤❤❤

  2. They hate her instead of hating themselves ? It could be. It could also be that this is the self concept her ego tells her to create in order to feel «special». Who knows the truth ?

  3. Earth will push humans to respect and love it but after they know how much it’s important
    It will starts next spring for 7 years

  4. Teal Swan, you can't help others if you stretch yourself too thin. Taking breaks, as often and as long as you need, is healthy. Please give yourself all the love, rest, and relaxation that your soul requires for perfect health. That's your #1 priority. Your supporters will understand, and your haters are irrelevant. Please don't push yourself too hard. Take care 🌸

  5. u must have taped in to collective to have been able to see my inner todlerBEING….

  6. Things are not what they seem. I know "there is a inner wakefulness that is directing the dream. That will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are" rumi excerpt. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience not human trying to reach a spiritual experience. Your poem resonates with me. Ty. Love and balance!

  7. Beautiful. I relate to your poem because I miss my previous reincarnations. To be a knight and a cowboy, to live off the land, hunting, riding, just me and my horses. I always craved for that, for that freedom. I play video games all day because of this craving, I had to deal with drug addiction, because of this craving, that will never be satiated. I play video games all day and I'm labelled a mad man, but I don't care what people think. I'm reliving my lives in video games. I tried everything and done everything, sex, drugs, rock n roll, concerts, rave parties, sky diving, scuba diving, roller blading, biking, surfing, even tried love, but my only true love is lost, killed by progress and civilization. I will always be a mad man, because it's all I have. Thank you for this Teal. I love you. Namaste. PS: I love loneliness.

  8. Those illusions of silver-projection, better than a real rejection. Life ejection, all introspection, till nothing's left to share connection. Without affection, the heart's dissection. "Oh God, let me keep a cross-section from my vivisection." Without protection there's crowned-perfection, insurrection is disconnection. Our interconnection is all stage direction, a golden section of a coin collection, over-correction to under-protection.

    Abrasively, abruptly, absurdly colorfully. Obtrusively abusively, and very-much illusively. A foolish lucidity, musical approvingly. Incredulity! Prudish impunity. Immunity? Reputedly…. Pffft, Overcredulity. Beautifully, bodily, fruitfully, truthfully. Immovably lunacy, usefully unity. Ruthlessly, scrutiny, presumably, disreputably. Obtusely prudency, imprudently caducity. Truancy mutiny, jewelry jubilee. Neutrally unsuitably, youthfully gloomily. Only ingenuity usually, most beautiful translucency.

    Antidote to Indigo? Suppose syndrome dominoes chromosome. A pocket-load fortissimo and impose alone. The Interscope Eskimos enveloped-all by heliotrope-tomb. Hesiod wrote (of Hesiod)… སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས་

  9. “I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.”
    ― Kahlil Gibran, The Madman
    Waiting for your book ❤️

  10. Beautiful. and speaks to me very closely. The only other side, dear Teal, whichI think you need to hear is: some of do not need to 'hear' this, some of us sing this poem with you.
    Lots of love from Hungary

  11. Thank you for sharing this. I felt that. Love and blessings to you Teal. You are a brilliant Star.

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  13. Beautiful poem! Speaks so loudly to how much we've lost ourselves as humans.

  14. Love is always the answer. I love you unconditionally, for we are all connected to Love, by Love. You are Love. I am – Love. Peace in me. Peace around me. Peace from me.

  15. Teal, I heard this. I know. There is too much "need to be and do…" We leave behind simplicity, and are thrust into a life where we must "be…and DO"….but what was wrong with not doing all these things? It's because if we wouldn't be involved, we would be letting down others…or so they think. There is no need in all the "extra". And it's hard to live in this world, and feel connected to anyone, when they are all running around trying to achieve what they thing they want and need.

    Edit is this add-on: "the mad men are sane" …as in, in today's day and age, it's the mad men running around that are considered sane. You aren't saying they are. It's very poetic. You are saying they are considered the sane ones…but really, why is it so INsane for one to want to live simply and not dabble in the stresses of this world? I get it.

  16. "…the fool on the hill sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head see the world spinning round."
    I always appreciated Teal's writing and poetry more than the spiritual teachings. This style also reminds me of Elliott Smith songs. I'm waiting for Teal to sing, I bet she can do that very well.

  17. Please make more vids based on women's reproductive system and sex in regards to women. Thank you teal x

  18. This poem grabbed my heart and made me feel so warm. You need to be insane to feel sane in this world today. Let’s bring the simplicity back, the purity back..

  19. Hi Teal I have very specific question that I want to ask from you. I want to remember the day when I first became spiritually awakened. Is remembering the past possible.Can we tap back and recall a memories from a certain point please can you answer my question.can our mind be used as time machine to rexperiencing certain events.

  20. The ending gave me chills. Thank you Teal, I love you, you are lovable excellence to me.

  21. Beautiful in it's dark splendor….feels familiar…I heard the "madman" finally got through to the right set of "ears" and got busted out…A "Neo" sort of fellow….heard he even took out the "Architect"….A Song to celebrate…

  22. Depression is just the nostalgia of our true home and the readiness to leave this cheap artificiality.
    But we can't. We have to be here.
    Suicide is not an option. We have to die slowly. This life is not worth living by any standard. It is nothing more than a study of fallen archetypes. There is no joy here and no beauty. Those who say there is just don't have a frame of reference. They are like pigs who enjoy wasted food very much.
    Will the planet ascend above this misery? If not then why the hell are We here? We who remember what true humanity should look like.
    I sometimes wonder if those who accept the Matrix have a soul or if they are soulless clones. If I am the only real being here, to test my wits, surrounded by projections of people who are not real.

  23. Very much like my clients, those with dementia, they have no recollection ……of that ……which is …….lost.
    I love you Teal of that there is no doubt xxx

  24. I am very sane then .lol. It's a very beautiful poem.
    I was an Empath. In a place where you are among people with some of the most horrific pain, anger, sadness and every emotion… feeling basically like I was a "Blue Tooth" device always receiving signals trying to pair with me, I was so confused… "I thought what the hell" I made a choice to use my gifts and was able transmute the overwhelming raw emotions into healing energy. Much to the chagrin of the most of the staff… How? Flowers. And saying what I knew had to be said. I was a vessel and God/source worked though me to offer comfort,compassion, support, and guided my words. The flowers were arrangements all over the place ,so one day I had enough of the suffering and took flowers from the vases and put them in my hair, and pockets… When someone was having a real bad day or needed extra care I would present them with a flower and a hug, anything to help. The energy would be transmuted to a place of love,and strength instead of… Xyz . and to be completely transparent With everyone… Yes , I was also helping myself as an empath. For me… I love myself and others , we are one. Talk about mirrors …. basically mental hospitals are a Fun Houses' "maze of mirrors". It will mess with you…if you let it.

  25. woow… Saludos from Mexico city!!! love your mind!!! and the way you express yourself! thanks for all…

  26. Well hello, sorry for intrusion, thank you for a intriguing poem, also, couple of advices would be great, if you ever read this, contact me. Best regards.

  27. l will die for you, protect you as long as GOD draws breath in me.

  28. Teal, I hope you find the simplicity and that raw joy you felt sometimes as a child. And I hope you find people that love you for you, and not what they want you to be.🖤 the mad man is sane.

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