The Magic Flute – Queen of the Night aria (Mozart; Diana Damrau, The Royal Opera)

The vengeance of Hell boils in my heart Death and despair flame about me! If Sarastro does not through you feel the pain of death, then you will no longer be my daughter. May you be disowned forever, may you be abandoned forever, Be destroyed forever. All the bonds of nature, If not through you, Sarastro becomes pale as death. Hear! Gods of Revenge, Hear a mother’s oath!

100 thoughts on “The Magic Flute – Queen of the Night aria (Mozart; Diana Damrau, The Royal Opera)

  1. This is still my favorite performance of this aria. I’ve heard many others, and while they’re technically perfect, they’re… soft? Bland? Only in this version do I hear the rage and raw hatred that this song was meant to convey. Absolutely brilliant performance.

  2. It is like this song was written for her!
    I personally adore this performance
    to the point in which this is my favorite Queen of the Night🖤

  3. Me:*singing*
    Me after my voice crack: well Mrs. teacher what's your favourite role u played in opera?
    Her: I don't know, maybe queen of the night
    Me and my whole class:*scared in piano pianissimo*

  4. How orgasmic this must have been to compose.. always lightly envied Mozart for his divine childlike genius.

  5. The amount of forehead in this aria alone, shining ,shimmering, splendid😂

  6. I want that couch bed thingy. Idk what that's called but I want that

  7. If my mom yelled at me like that … I'd probably just give her the necklace …

  8. Wish I had been born in a German singing country viz Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Maybe more fun?

  9. No me canso de ver ésta pieza, por más que grito nomás me desgañoto y no me sale 😂

  10. Gd, the way she emotes here makes the staccatos seem like snarling. This Queen of the Night is a stone cold bitch .

    Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen,
    Tod und Verzweiflung flammet um mich her!
    Fühlt nicht durch dich Sarastro
    So bist du meine Tochter nimmermehr.
    Verstossen sei auf ewig,
    Verlassen sei auf ewig,
    Zertrümmert sei'n auf ewig
    Alle Bande der Natur
    Wenn nicht durch dich!
    Sarastro wird erblassen!
    Hört, Rachegötter,
    Hört der Mutter Schwur!

  12. I saw this in music class and my music teacher tried it more high pitched than I thought

  13. I would do anything to watch full version of this with the manuscript in my hand, in the middle of a cold, snowy winter night… Help me sisters, brothers!

  14. My history teacher wouldn't dismiss us until we listened to the entire song. If someone makes a sound or tells someone to be quiet he restarts it. This took 30 minutes and two of my friends were in the back crying

  15. Когда дочь библиотекаря получила плохую оценку по литературе)

  16. Só na dinâmica dela já dá pra sentir que é melhor que a Maria Callas

  17. Let's not ignore the Queen's mistresses and their wonderful expressions in the background.

  18. My classmate attempted this, it was so bad, and the worse things is my classmates liked it, So I had to sit there torutured and cringing by this girl sing "wahahahahhahahhahahhahhahah" amongst the claps of stupid classmates

  19. Yo Sister the Role of Mistress Of Evil has already been filled.
    Get over it.

  20. I’m a proactive vocal magnet student with love of all things music, but I must say… why does Diana Damrau look like Shayne Topp from Smosh?

  21. Diana Damrau is the best Queen of the Night ever. Also for her dramatic presence.

  22. No matter how many times you may have heard The Magic Flute, there's always something new to discover. Diana Damrau sings and acts brilliantly!

  23. I want Dimash try and sing this bc he apperently got classicaly trained since he was 3 by his mother which she was a opera singer herself

  24. Change the speed to 0.25x and you will here godzilla in the background in somewhere at 0:30

  25. Absolutely amazing!!!! Her acting, body language and singing….amazing! And the costumes & set?!?! Magnifique!!!

  26. is it bad that my teacher says that i’m a bass singer but i can hit the top note in this? 😂

  27. I thought this was a happy song with fairies and unicorns dancing. Boy was i wrong

  28. A great performance. One of the most incredible masterpieces ever.

  29. I'm sorry… I can't… I just can't… everytime…

    Thanks a lot
    Miranda Sings

  30. I most certainly have to recognize the woman's ability and talent, but this is not a show that I would be interested to see. I am more of a Cats person.

  31. When are we gonna get Disney's The Magic Flute? This needs to be a Disney villain song.

  32. Imagine you mum just being pissed at you and instead of her yelling at you all you hear is get your a OHHHHHH OH OH OH OH OH OH OOOOOH, OHHHHHH OH OH OH OH OH OOOOOOH

  33. Magnificent . this is the best sound I've ever listen . from libya . norgh africa 👂👌👍

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