The Magic Forest Fairies – HD 3D Animation Pixie Dust Poem for kids – DizzyMoonTV

At the bottom of the garden, live the colourful
fairies, and if you look close enough, you just might
see, Them hard at work, amongst the tall oak trees.
The Red Fairy called Crimson, whose nimble and hasty,
makes Red the strawberries to make sure their tasty.
Give them a try, their delicious and sweet, she makes them that way for children to eat.
The Orange fairy called Amber, who can be somewhat shy.
She paints sunsets and sunrises in the vast canvas sky.
In autumn she’s busy making all the leaves fall,
And sleeps in a marigold, with no cares at all.
The yellow fairy called buttercup, is always sunny and bright,
who wakes up early in the morning and sleeps all night,
She tends to the sunflowers, to make sure they beam,
with bright yellow colours so they can be seen.
The Green Fairy called Jade, who is always cheerful and laughs,
is in charge of the plants and tends to the grass.
When summer arrives she shakes all the trees, to release all the pollen to help out the
bees. The blue Fairy called Jewel, who is Icy and
Cold, freezes everything in winter, which is a sight
to behold, With glistening snow covering every inch of
ground, it’s a great time for children who like to
play around. The last of the Faires are called Indigo and
Violet, who are always together and come out after
twilight. They dance and they twirl all night long,
and sing sweetly to children their lullaby song.
Now, if you go down to the bottom of the garden on very special days.
when the clouds have been raining and the sun shines it’s rays,
Gaze up to the heavens and behold the sight, as the fairies link arms and take up flight

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