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  1. Okay, I've got one, and it has seriously creeped me out for some time now. When I was a kid in the mid-80s, Jaclyn Smith starred in a made-for-TV adaptation of The Bourne Identity, that ran over two successive nights on CBS. (She was Marie, not Jason, if it comes to that; I don't remember who played Jason). But to this day, both Doug Liman and Robert Ludlum vehemently insist that the 2002 Universal film of the same title was the first time the material had ever been adapted, for any purpose, and to any sized screen. Liman can be forgiven, but Ludlum would have had to be paid for the earlier version; there's simply no way that he could fail to remember it.

  2. Hundreds to thousands of people interacted with Nelson Mandela during the critical time period. Do they think he died in the 80's?? Of course not. Did they just not switch universes or something? This is silliness.

  3. I swear to fuck that Shazaam is a real movie we watched as a kid. What a mindfuck

  4. its berenstein idgaf who you are i remember reading the cover and it was stein

  5. James Bond is such a misogynistic series. You have this pretty young woman with a fucking ogre. Obviously directed by an ugly fool.

  6. It was definitely sex IN the city, I was completely blown away that it was "and" the city. I think reality might not be a stable as we imagine…. If it was just me, than fine, but after reading "and" on that dvd box my girlfriend had I soon discovered that MANY people recall that as "in the city". these things are so subtle and strange and so specific to often one word that it is hard for me to believe that it is simply a mass memory glitch. I think something happens with the probability of things occurring in the world and that it is slowly becoming more apparent now that people are interconnected on mass. But than again I'm insane so who knows…..

  7. Who else got vietnam flash backs when they heard the Berenstain bears theme

  8. how I understood is that we aren't shifting between parallel universes, but every decision we make splits the timeline creating infinite timelines that you could interpret as "parallel universes". Sometimes in rare ocassions we "remember" stuff from an alternate timeline for example parts of a conversation or any other random scenario ( a déjà vu). But when something major happens like the death/ not-death of a big personalty, the naming of a tv show, or appearance of a mascot, multiple people may "remember" the same thing from another timeline and by spreading the "wrong" information other people remember it to.
    But this whole "theory" is wrong until proven right, I mean something like this could happen if multiple timelines exist, but we just don't know if they do and until then all of this is bs/misinformation/naive personalities.

  9. what's more likely, humans aren't perfect, or that we're constantly hopping between parallel universes…

  10. The ultimate Mandela Effect would be if Mandela is still in prison

  11. Our trust in our memory is just as misplaced as our trust in our perceptual senses. Indeed, one logically follows the other. We all can hear, feel, smell and see things that are not accurate or even real at all. It happens all the time. So naturally we occasionally remember things that never happened… or at least happened very differently to how we perceived them. How do you separate one from the other? Science-based skepticism.

  12. Wtf, I got Mandela affected by your intro. Never heard the "Just Lemmino" at the beginning

  13. Dollie always looks like she's wearing braces. She even holds her mouth like she has braces. That's probably why people thought she did.

  14. this happened to me last week. my schedule was definitely on the 4th-floor building room 9 to be exact, I have confidence in my memory so I'm pretty sure it was right. but then when I looked at my schedule it says 1st-floor building room 9. I was surprised and laughed a little that saying "oops haha my bad I guess my memory is bad" but then again when I took the stairs I saw one of my classmates going up and he said where u going? our class is at 4th-floor building 9. and I said to him, we are at 1st-floor building 9 bro check your schedule catalogue. and we both got shocked and rushed to our classroom . so basically there is some sort of alterations i suspect its mandela effect.

  15. This guy is a bit silly if its alternate reality stuff, then you'll be able to find evidence that it was always this way lol because the reality changed not the person ….get it now?

  16. The editing in your video's is litteraly mad. The fact you do all this on your own is just unbelievable

  17. I always thought that the “suicided” pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was “Epstain”, but which is it? And it wasn’t Trump that was his pal, but instead it is Bill Clinton (along with a who’s who of Hollywood socialites)?

  18. The problem with all the false memory claims is that memory is not completely falliible either. It can t be. If it were, then society itself must collapse. either way, memory becomes much more deeply subjective than naive realists want to admit. The actual question becomes foucauldian; who is it that determines what a memory should ultimately be and how? Should only consensus opinions count? or should there be artbitrary power censers for a supposedly objective truth? To determine an actual "memories" validity in any ultimate sense is not difficult, it is impossible. If you doubt this then remember the verdict of the Rodney King trial which included video footage of King clearly being set upon by 6 armed officers. Of course, even within scientific academia, there is cloistered horror and consternation , as recent quantum mechanical experiments have revealed that objective reality is a pipedream. For that is what is under assault here, the notion of an objective reality. This is in fact what is falling away now, as we start to enter an entirely new paradigm-busting reality structure. For an informed opinion on mandala effects please see Cynthia Sue Larson, who has several academic degrees to her name including one in Quantum Physics.

  19. Dan Aykroyd vs Dan Ackroyd is my own personal Mandela effect. I LOVED Ghostbusters as a kid, and was also obsessed with reading and spelling (nerd)… I must have looked at his name a thousand times yet was blown away at the age of 40 when I found out it was "Aykroyd". As I choose not to accept that I may have been a derpy child, instead I choose to accept the alternative … that time and space itself must have altered IN THE BIGGEST INTER-DIMENSIONAL CROSS RIP SINCE THE TUNGUSKA BLAST OF 1909.

  20. What the fuck is going on? I'm 47 and for years now i have been saying we are in a simulation. I notice patterns when i drive like I am in the Truman show. I also remember stein, jiffy peanut butter, curious george with a tail, Life "is" like. Would explain why I see something off everyday I go out really baked. Something is off kilter.

  21. But… 3CPO is all gold…
    Monopoly one made me really start to question the reality of everything.

  22. The 3cpo leg being goold might be due to the combination of gritt, reflectivity, and camera quality of the time

  23. It looks like Chris Pratt accidentally said "Shazam" in that clip and they dubbed in "kazam".

  24. "The man who shot Liberty Valance" -"when the legend becomes fact, print the legend"….
    Or the matrix had a deja vu and the black cat regenerates, and the building changes

  25. C3 PO's confusion is probably also due to toys of the character depicting him with an all gold body. Some got that detail correct, but most manufacturers either didn't notice that detail, or decided it would be more cost effective to make the toy's body a solid color.

  26. What if our altered memories is due to radiwaves from 4g and 5g cellphone towers. They have to have some kind of an affect on us. If it did would we care or is the convenient cellphone tech to much to toss?

  27. i still fight with my gf she says she watch shazam on tv but no i dont remmber it and im a movie rain man

  28. I was a child when I saw Moonraker and never saw it again but as soon as you mentioned it I remembered this scene. I remembered her braces. It was memorable scene because of her having braces.

    As for Mandela dying I remember my parents talking about him as someone important dying so maybe it was just false news at the time that stuck around.

  29. I remember vividly Sinbad being a genie in a movie. He’s like an asshole, a selfish character who through granting a kids wish and living with this boy, he becomes sympathetic, and learns to become a better person. It’s so weird. At the ‘end’ there’s a tearful goodbye because the final wish is granted.

  30. Great video. I only wish he'd have spent less time debunking examples and more time delving into the cognitive mechanics and behavioral aspects of the phenomenon. In other words, it'd seem more useful to explore why people misremember events en masse, rather than showing examples of things that people have historically misremembered.

  31. Hi, about the braces thing, I was expecting to see braces on her before it was shown she did not have, Even though i've never seen that movie, ever.
    I think I expected to see that since It does have the scene built around it, i mean the stereotypical "ugly" girl and the metal teeth guy smiling.

  32. Even though I fully believe in the Mandela Effect
    Everything about this video screams to me

  33. I was pretty convinced that the Mandela Effect was just false memories even though some cases of it have freaked me out a little. HOWEVER that was before a few months ago when it was pointed out that the "fruit of the loom" logo never had a cornucopia. That is just not possible. My mom only bought fruit of the loom underwear, undershirts, socks, etc. growing up. I can see the logo clear as day. I showed the "new" logo to my family who don't believe in the Mandela Effect either and now they're even freaked out. The logo entirely wrong without it. I wouldn't even recognize the logo without it. I'm spooked.

  34. Like I remember a bitch I found on xvideos and I found this one vid I kept watching and Week later the video was gone

  35. JFK. Saw the video hundreds of times before the 4 seater turned into a 6 seater and the governor got shot as well… Very well done video on something that can't be proven or disproven, but I personally believe it's very real.

  36. When i was on the 5th grade, i drew some circles on top of some eggs on my science book with a pencil. The next day, I had a study group with my friends,I saw the same exact circles on their books aswell and was surprised. I think this is the Mandella effect in action…

  37. I remember an alternate universe where no one ever mentioned the mandala affect., an alternate universe where it he was called Nelson Mendela and an alternate universe where I was the one who actually came up with the first sentence of this comment.

  38. I bet god was like: ay lemme fuck with these people and just transfer them to a different universe where everything is the same expect the kitkat symbol a lil bit different lmao

  39. Answered your own question at 4:26. The people with the false memories got them from the shared idiosyncrasies of the shared culture/world view. Even different countries share aspects of culture regardless of language. How much and what aspects vary but the biggest intersection is the body of culture that's globalized, the part that's contemporary modern culture/world view. Culture and psychology work on prompts and setups of conditions. Based on a given prompt and setup (stimulus such as the situation with Jaws and the lady), you're likely to have associated images, thoughts, and feelings related to them rooted in that culture/psychology.

    Long story short, the minds connect dots on their own based on the culture and psychology it's given. A common pattern of culture and psychology will produce a pattern of images, thoughts, and feelings among the people who share said culture/psychology. Thus, it's "logical" for the big metal toothy guy and little lady to get together and the lady to have braces.

  40. Don't know 'bout you, but I will certainly remember these two: 2:54

  41. Ok so basically i watched a video about the Mandela effect about a year ago where the Bernstein bears example was reveresed, i know I'm remembering properly because i remember one guy saying "i swear it were bernstain, because everyone when i was young made fun of the word stain being in their name.", but now everyone is saying it's the other way around, i don't know what to think anymore.

  42. I'm not religious but check out the many changes to the KJV bible. Also, to Mandela Effected Capricorns – The sign used to be a regular goat. Now it's a 'Sea Goat', with a fish tail at the back.

  43. so are we not going to talk about how “reddi-whip” magically changed to “reddi wip”

  44. Explain how some things have changed, and then went back to the right way, theres whole videos on youtube about movie misquotes, where the misquote is now the right quote again, such as the huston we have a problem line, theres about 10 to 15 videos saying its a misquote and now if you watch the movie thats the actual quite again, its real, idk about the whole mandella death thing that its named after, but its a real phenomenon, and cern basically admitted that its them, in there happy video, they had a scientist sitting there with a sign saying bond #1 them mandella under that, look up the 1st actor to play james bonds last name, you guessed it nelson, the the goddard tunnel thing qhere they had the baphomet dancing around and all kinds of wierd shit goin on they had guys in huge head masks representing the heads of state and what not and a huge clock on the wall, all sudden it starting goin backwards and they all started bowing down to it, bc they figured it out, they can send info back in time and change it, and theyre doin this to see if well notice before they go and flip the switch and chsnge everything, so far there doin a pretty good job at making us look like idiots

  45. Details small enough that you might have started to commit them to memory but not fully, or details that you never noticed in the first place but your brain filled in the blanks because of prior experience in combination with peripheral vision from never focusing on the detail cause this effect. At least that’s my theory.

  46. As I was watching this video, my friend and I both had an instance of the Mandela effect happen. He thought I was supposed to get off at a bus stop, and I thought he was supposed to get off at that same bus stop, yet that bus stop wasn’t either of ours.

  47. Have you noticed that all the examples of Mandela effect are really silly…I mean nothing world changing… just error of memories

  48. Delayed choice quantum eraser experiment shows this YouTube video creator is an idiot.

  49. It wasn't just the fact that Nelson Mandela died in prison. It was the ramifications from the result of his death which made the most impact. Through the death of Mandela in prison riots broke out in South Africa in protest of Apartheid. The South African government had to cave in and eliminated Apartheid as a result of Mandelas' death. Mandela was touted as a hero and a martyr. I don't see those who oppose the Mandela Effect ever explain this phenomenon. How did Apartheid end in South Africa according to the ME deniers?

  50. Regarding Sinbad's Wardrobe:
    "He wore clothes that could be confused with that of a genie."
    "He dressed like a pimp."

  51. What about Tony Soprano's daughter rushing into the diner in the finale episode and we seeing a frontal shot of her walking in, but that actually never happened?? I had to go back and rewatch the scene because I was certain it happened, as did many other people, but it was just in our heads.

  52. What happens when the Mandela Effect occurs, then occurs again, so I misremembered something that turned out to be true, and the conversation I had with my classmates about it had resulted in my classmates forgetting I had a conversation with them?

  53. Another thing, my brother vividly remembers reading a "what happen on the day of your birth." fact that said Mandela died on 23rd of July 1991.

  54. I vividly remember the movie Shazam with SinBad. I remember not enjoying it and wanting to watch something else😅

  55. I originally heard about this subject on Coast to Coast am episode with Starfire Torre. It was called "time slips".

    The Berenstein Bears are a tricky one…as those books were read to me as a child and at that age I was just learning to read. So..now I'm supposed to believe that every word my mother taught me through engaging me through reading was correct…except when she taught me how to read the word Berenstein…hmmm seems pretty illogical to me. Hence why the Berenstein/stain debacle is so mind blowing.

  56. What abour engine planes, that's a big mandel effect, they are not under anymore

  57. Google "Clint Eastwood cigarette trick". That annoys me so badly. I'm positive I saw it on TV in the nineties but no record of it exists.

  58. Occasionally I will get a sort of super deja vu. It’s not the normal brain error though, it’s when I enter a room or environment and realize that I’ve seen that exact same place in a dream or something similar. There’s also a few times when I try to remember a moment but then I realize that I have two separate memories of the exact same moment.

    It’s weird but I just try not to think about it 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  59. i know for a fact that i've seen this shazaam movie. how can it not exist? u got me on this one xD

  60. so many people remember Sinbad with Shazaam.. but it didnt Exist??!! where is the false memory here?? this Channel is a fckn moron.. .. everybody had the answer.. can we just admit once in a while.. we have no answer and we have no fckn idea.. that mindset is the start of real science.. people need to UNSUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL.. they are giving you unsubstantiated claim .

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