[Music] what is happiness it seems like an easy question that we all can answer I mean even if you look it up you will find that it’s literally the stay of being happy but it’s not that simple in this world that we live in today it seems like being happy is nearly impossible we dream about what’s fake and we’ll forget about what’s actual we wake up every day with no smiles but with a lot of frowns all of our ups are turning into downs we lost our confidence and we’re just full of doubts waiting for success to come and knock on our door and say hey here’s what you were asking for we don’t see what we have and we just want more I hate to break it to you my friends but this is not how it works and yes life is intense and frankly you need to try more [Music] so if you wake up every day with no purpose wandering around feeling worthless feeling like your life is senseless all your dreams and desires are being passed just because you’re feeling lost even though you truly know that trying won’t cost eventually this is not okay why wait for tomorrow when you have today don’t think about how to do this or do that in a matter of fact if you get up and try you will see the impact [Music] so if you stop with your hesitation you’ll be able to move your inspiration to implementation and surely in your life you will find stabilization [Music] long story short happiness doesn’t come from money from owning a mansion happiness comes from satisfaction from doing what you love from having a passion and by no means do I think I’m perfect but I find my happiness by doing what I love and loving what I do so what about you where do you find your happiness [Music]

10 thoughts on “THE MEANING OF HAPPINESS (Spoken Word)

  1. Love it. This empowers me to have confidence in my poem I'll be presenting tomorrow. If you have do it so can I. ☺ Awesome job Abrar.

  2. This is so beautiful and powerful! You have talent. I hope to see you
    joining my #weaswords spoken-word community group someday. It needs
    voices like yours. If interested in joining, just use the hashtag
    #weaswords to the description box of your favorite spoken video and I'll
    add it to the playlist, give it some shares, and be happy to earn
    someone in my team! <3

  3. This is beautiful Abrar, wonderful words spoken so well, you should be very proud of this! By the way I make short movies and recently filmed one about traveling to Norway and Mexico, I'd love to hear your thoughts 🙂

  4. This is going to be a long comment. Here we go. The words you used in this video are all powerful. You didn't ramble, or go of topic, you were straight to the point and every phrase hit home. You made lines rhyme, which made the ideas your presented easy to remember and enjoyable to listen to. Most importantly, everything you said is 100% true. I'm a positive person, but every now and then I do get cranky, and seeing a video like this makes me remember all over again why I love life. So thank you for putting all the effort into making this. That cloud time lapse was beautiful. This video is one of a kind. You're not only speaking what you've memorized, I can see that you truly believed every word your uttered.

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