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I'm mark Stewart from hometowns and heroes and today we're a skyline regional park here in Buckeye Arizona one of the fastest growing communities in the West and this is the perfect place to introduce to you some of the hometown heroes that have been featured on Direct TV giving more of themselves making this a better country and to start off the show let's meet Rebecca blackwell this show you're about to see is a look at our hometown heroes community of Yuma Arizona and what this city is doing in collaboration with Mendte in the field of autism Stacey chancy is our hometown hero in citizen of the year in Yuma she describes her background and her personal life experiences and work in helping children and families diagnosed with autism hi my name is Stacey Chauncey my family and I moved to Yuma just over three years ago I grew up in Florida and then I went to school in Italy and then moved back to the States and were you know an active-duty military families I always felt the drive to work with children and families with unique needs just felt very drawn to how they see the world not just how the world sees them and that really drove my path of Education I've always had the passion but education-wise need you need a background in education special education psychology and I found that once I became a parent of a child with unique needs that it was really important to pursue more knowledge gained more experience because autism then became a part of our life we came to Yuma about three years ago as an active-duty military family and I'm so excited to be in Yuma this is by far the friendliest community most welcoming passionate and compassionate community the community with children with unique needs really does wrap its arms around one another they really are profoundly supportive of each other how can I help you with your child oh here's a lead you might want to try this have you explored this it's actually incredible when all these families came together and reached out to Mendte Mendte came down and explored how and where are they needed here in Yuma at that time Nicky poplu check the director of curriculum for Mendte suggested that we develop a coalition here so Fabian Martinez and Yesenia Rios and myself we came together and we developed the Yuma autism community coalition and we all came together to explore and reach out to one and and really start building a fellowship of families so with Mentos exploration they found that it was going to be a great fit for Mendte to come here in Yuma because Mentos already in Phoenix so it was just that natural progression to come to Yuma and provide this level of support this collaboration and look towards long-term goals for all of our kids with unique needs presently Mendte Academy Yuma is providing services we're supporting five districts we have students that are transitioned from five different districts in Yuma we do support all districts whether it's directly or indirectly we're supporting their students they call us for support we come out we do observations we provide feedback in ways that they can change or enhance ways that they're using at the present time and then we collaborate where are you seeing growth how can we change it what else can we do to support you and that is is really beneficial to all the students the students that have transitioned here are working where K through transition age so once they graduate high school they can actually have students here until right before their 22nd birthday to provide more skills outside of the school setting you know training how do I ride transportation you know so many components there so when Mendte came to Yuma they needed a program director which I am very excited that that is the role that I play to build a team here to support all the students that transition here from different districts in Yuma and they come to school here we're located on the Pecan Grove campus so all of their academic functional living skills everything takes place here but we also do community outings so we're always looking to build community relationships to give our students opportunities to engage members of their community because they are community members so giving these opportunities really grows grows each student I know that I have a firm belief in any of the diagnoses aren't a definition of the child they are simply a means to get every bit of support this child can get as also the families anything that the families need to help them help their child reach their their goals and that's what a diagnosis is for if a family has a feeling or there's just something they don't understand or their child's not reaching milestones it could be any number of things but always talking to your pediatrician is one of the best things that you can do that constant communication helps them track those milestones then the pediatrician can say you know what I think we need to refer you to a developmental pediatrician or something along those lines to help get a better understanding of maybe why those milestones aren't being reached at this time but this is the steady growth or there isn't isn't growth where there should be so having that tracking process is a really good place to start but I can honestly say getting the diagnosis or a diagnosed multiple diagnosis is it's crushing at the same time as it is an incredible and almost a sense of relief I described it as white noise when our family received a diagnosis for our own child I just heard all this noise in the background they were still talking but I didn't quite sure what they were saying because all I heard was that diagnosis and I immediately went into what do we do who do I call what are the next steps and that is what drove my passion to really harness applied behavior analysis and pursue that profession because it is proven that the principles of ABA are truly truly impactful with children on the spectrum once the intervention starts and those programs are just work that program it's amazing to see that that diagnosis is is no longer applicable I mean that's that's amazing so knowing that makes me just it it drives me to know that that can be achieved applied behavior analysis really focuses on BF Skinner which I'm sure you're familiar with BF Skinner the Skinner box you know training training animals to do certain things and then reinforcement was delivered I mean this was a very long time ago but BF Skinner focused on our verbal operants the six verbal operands and to really give you it would be quite a lesson to be able to share all of that but the principles of applied behavior analysis really identifying how we can help each child through the therapeutic process of ABA is is what is found to be the most effective early intervention for children on the spectrum that seems to be when a lot of diagnosis occurs by the age of 2 because milestones aren't aren't being reached yes ma'am early intervention means honestly as soon as as soon as you're concerned you reach out whether it's sensory integration or applied behavior analysis whether they need occupational therapy you know we all need certain things throughout our day it's just finding what each one of our our kiddos needs to help them be more successful throughout their day principles of applied behavior analysis really identifying how we can help each child through the therapeutic process of ABA is is what is found to be the most effective early intervention for children on the spectrum I will say that when our students come to school we have very high expectations every day we set high expectations for them and we really teach everyone to have high expectations there's it's then giving them the tools to reach to reach those expectations how do I help you become more independent what tools do I need to give you to help you tie your shoes to help you use the restroom independently and so forth get your work done it's it's those expectations and building the skills to be independent that create the long term success here at our campus we integrate occupational therapy and speech and language throughout our day so our students have a protocol that we provide based on their our ot and our speech-language pathologist so we're sure to provide multiple times throughout the day the occupational therapy or the speech language lesson that they need to have integrated throughout their day and we follow it so everything we do is tracked we do a lot of tracking here very data-driven yuuma is I think a great model for what can be if other districts aren't collaborating like we are this team is is phenomenal every day we have we have Wow's in our Wow's I call them the may Wow's are how did you wow this person how did you wowed the students how did the students wow you the moments like that and they they just fill us and continue to fuel that that passion and that drive how can we make their day better how do we make it more meaningful how do we make it relevant how does this apply to what they're going to do next it's those those small successes that lead to huge victories every day we're incredible together I think is the best way to put it and I just very thankful to have received this award because I'm bringing attention to this new community that we're really building here in Yuma towards the long term our new culture of how we're supporting each other and our kids for the long term my name is Matt caste I'm the principal here at Pecan Grove Elementary School the mental program is housed here my background is in I taught pretty much everything I've been a kinder teacher a first teacher I also then got my degree in special education where I taught students with learning disabilities as well as later students on the autism spectrum including two of the kiddos that are now in Stacy's mentor program here on our campus we were I've also taught gifted and English language learners I've just had a lot of varied experience before getting here which has really made um Stacy and the mentor program a great fit for not only our school but our community so we were fortunate enough to get Stacy here and to get them into a program here to help out our community Yuma as a whole and she's really offered a service for our students and our families that just wasn't available before so stacy is not just the director of the u momenta program but she is an asset to our school as well so she has helped our school tremendously she gives us insight with some of our kiddos and helps is happy to jump in when need be from everything from handing out a band-aid on the playground to working with our kids with higher needs and help you can give us advice so she's not afraid to jump in in which I love every one of her staff members has the same mission because she's contagious stacy is our hometown hero and I'm so proud to have her this is Shannon roof special education director of Yuma district one Thank You Shannon for being here here to talk about our collaboration and how we built this partnership here in Yuma County beginning just over a year ago when your superintendent Jaime attended a meeting with all of our families here in Yuma that reached out to Mendte about providing an extra layer of support and it was so well received and from there we have grown this amazing collaboration to port students from your district along with other districts here in Yuma County children on the spectrum and other needs here in in Yuma yep absolutely so before Mendte got here we did have one other private day school that we worked with and that started about three or four years ago and prior to that yuma county did not have a private day level option of service for students with intensive needs that program is designed primarily for students with emotional disabilities whereas Mendte targets our students that have significant need in on the autism spectrum or other kind of rare low incidence disabilities so we're we're fortunate that now we have opportunities that they had in Phoenix and other cities big cities for these types of services unfortunately we didn't have it before but we do have it now and we have meant to here and our other program and we are blessed to be a partner with them not only do they help with students in the Yuma School District one but they're also helping the students around in Yuma County and all of our other districts if there is a need Stacy and her team will partner with the other districts and those students can also receive our support when students do transition into the program the district's our district and the other districts are here to support the family in that transition as well as the meant a team and then when they're ready to reintegrate back to their home school and their neighborhood then we're also there to help with that transition and I know that stacy is here because she is a hometown hero for Yuma County and we couldn't be more proud of her and it couldn't go to a more deserving individual I am Kathy Burwell I'm the regional business manager for the mental group so essentially what I do is I travel throughout the state working with our different schools and just answering questions and building relationships in the communities I've been working with Stacy now for about a year and she and I started working back and spring last year when she started coming up with the meant organization here in Yuma and she's really built this organization up from the ground so she's done just a phenomenal job with our school here she and I have worked at close you know hand-in-hand as we've developed and grown mento Academy out here in Yuma and we are so proud of Stacy we are so proud that she is a hometown hero because she's a mental hero and she's truly a Yuma hometown hero she was really the perfect fit for getting a program like Dement Academy humi off the ground and started and to reach out to the community and to reach out to families and to work with students in the way she works with students it it it really was an ideal situations we are so proud to have Stacy with the mentor organization she has added so much value to everything we do we're so proud to have her as the Yuma hometown hero and I just you know wish her the best and thank you for this wonderful honor my name is Lindsey Flint I've been teaching this is my 21st year of teaching I was a general education classroom teacher for 20 years but I worked with Stacy last year and just fell in love with the way that she treats kids in the way she is in the classroom and just the way she helped me as a classroom teacher so when she was moving to Mendte I took that opportunity to join her I was looking for a team I wanted to work with a group and she's an excellent leader and motivator and I just really wanted to be a part of Mendte and what was going on my classroom is the high school students my job is to be working on life skills with them teaching them how to ride the bus how to shop in the grocery store how to do some different job skills and things like that that will enable them to find meaningful employment once they get beyond high school we are so proud to have Stacy as our hometown hero my name is Manolo Seto I'm a been a resident for 12 years now I am one of the speech therapists that work with mentor Academy Yuma and I am absolutely excited and delighted to be part of Stacy's team this has been such a welcomed and wonderful journey building this school here in Yuma and reaching out to the Yuma community and I hope that it continues to grow and that more and more people become aware of our program and how amazing of an administrator we have hi everyone I'm Stephanie little wood and we're at the little wood fine art and community co-op it's located on 14 80 South 2nd Avenue in Yuma Arizona today we're talking about Stacey chance who is our hometown hero Stacey and I came to Yuma a few years ago and we came about a week apart from each other and we connected through our children who are both on the spectrum and we found that there was a lot of love for kids with autism and autism related disorders and we felt that we really had a place here in Yuma and she dug in and the road is kind of evolved to where the little wood co-op grew in a partnership in a love for art and love for kids with special needs and in bringing that to the community my name is Fabian Martinez and I am a founder of the Yuma out to some community equation I am the father of two kids in the autism spectrum and since day one that we start getting together with a few parents we decided to find and create a school for kids on the spectrum we know our community has lots of needs we don't have many professionals specializing on the autism spectrum so therefore we decided to create this coalition step one and the coalition was to create the school fund the school we were lucky enough to get support from the mentor group and now we have our very first autism school here in town we're really grateful to have miss chancy being the the principal I think she was she was the right person we just came across stumble into her and and she's been doing an amazing job for the community so we're grateful to have this school this is an amazing accomplishment we are really really grateful and thankful and lucky to have miss Stacy as her local hero hi my name is Renee Cara there's my wife hello am i Raquel don't we have a beautiful boy his name is Matthew he's in May he will be 13 and he has autism and that's what brings us to this really great school has been a really positive for him his life in general has been a whole lot smoother so with him being more comfortable we are more comfortable we're at peace we drop them off we go to work we do what we have to and then we pick them up it hasn't always been that way that's why with Stacy being in charge of this school we are so grateful Stacy made made us feel welcome and made us made sure that he was gonna let us know that he was going to be safe and pretty much it's been a positive experience from the second day on there's no words to describe how grateful we are to have such a supportive program here in Yuma you know what it's really great that not only is she in charge but she understands she knows firsthand what it is to be a parent what it is to care and what it is to get an education for your child there's a saying walk in my shoes and then you'll understand she has Stacey is our hometown hero in the city of human you can see the love and admiration people have for Stacey and the City of Yuma does have a lot to offer and here are some of the things that we experienced for lunch we stopped at brownies cafe where they've been serving food since 1947 and we met Bobby Brooks the owner it's not fancy it's comfortable and they serve good food and he's got some great historic photos of Yuma and Bobby is a community hero himself and we stayed somewhere new right off exit to Spring Hill Suites by Marriott joined hometowns and heroes to show its support for our new hometown hero Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Yuma Arizona welcomes its guests to delicious complimentary breakfast its suite rooms are known for having refrigerator microwave and sink and offer two rooms a living area with sofa and desk well I love the amenities like the great fitness center a nice pool and a great jacuzzi if need be a washer and dryer and a conference center its own convenience Diller and it's a short walking distance to the Cracker Barrel and Penny's diner we urge you to support Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Yuma Arizona it's a strong community member and supporter of home towns and heroes in the late 1940s Gerry dieter homesteaded to human and he developed what is today the peanut patch ah the peanut patch it's a part of human history and once you come here you'll be back time and time again my name is Donna and I am the owner of the peanut patch the peanut patch is a rich Southwest tradition here in Yuma Arizona we are located between 4e and 5e on county xiii addresses 4322 East County 13th Street our telephone number would be nine two eight seven two six six two nine two the peanut patch has a rich history here in Yuma because peanuts started back in 1949 52 somewhere in that area because they were homesteaders on this property that wanted to do something unique and Jerry de dear was one of those homesteaders and he planted the very first crop of peanuts here and did very very well with it he did that for many years and then in 1977 they opened up the retail store known as the peanut patch carrying three major products fresh roasted peanuts fresh ground peanut butter and their homemade peanut brittle made with that original homemade recipe still made the old-fashioned way cooked in a copper kettle poured out on a marble slab and then spread each batch is 17 pounds of peanut brittle and it is the best around we also have many other products we have homemade fudge with over 200 different flavors that travel through this season we also do a lot of our own chocolates in the store we are the retail distributor for bard a company we say if you want to go date in youma we have the best hand selected grown on private property just for our customers we also do several things with our dates we have the date shaped machine the newest and best product we've added to our store they are just awesome and will even make you a peanut butter shake we also carry a lot of other products in our store our peanuts are roasted right here on site both dry roasted and oil roasted we try to carry almost every nut there is out there because when you're at the peanut patch we're nuts about you we also carry a lot of different jarred goods such as salsas and you know they taste just like what my grandma used to do they're wonderful also at the peanut patch we have a lot of inspirational little sayings around the store a little box little signs and we also have some Christian books or inspirational books so we we kind of carry it all and you know we love our community we want to be a part of our community we are very privileged to have been asked to be a part of hometowns and heroes thank you so much for putting us on your show if you live far away don't worry the peanut patch has its own post Docs and it's a great way to send yourself or your friends a little bit of a peanut patch in Yuma we met an inspiring professional whose programs will soon be going nationally and internationally hello everyone my name is Eric frost and I'm the owner and CEO of Eric frost consulting I want to give you a little background by myself I'm a retired law enforcement officer I have ten years on our SWAT team as a breacher an assistant team leader I've been hostage negotiator on narcotics officer I've done a detective division I've been a detective for over ten years five of which I ran homicide was lead detective I've done an explorer advisor you name it in law enforcement I've done it the reason I come for you today is I want to tell you about Eric Frost consulting where we provide we provide safety for your family in your business give threat assessments on what's gonna harm your business what's going to harm your home I'm here for the everyday person as well as the companies as well as businesses we do active shooter training for businesses one of the things I focus on is premise liability I don't want you to get sued I don't want your staff to get hurt so the reason I come in is I teach your staff what to do what to do an active shooter situation what to do when they're out in the open what to do when they're in their office we come in we help with policy and procedures we help with everything in the guidelines to make sure your staff goes home safe at the end of the day it's amazing to me in today's time that people still focus on doing active shooter training on a computer it doesn't answer your question it doesn't take away the premise liability you need an expert like myself to come in and teach you exactly what to do and how to do it the run hide fight as well as other so many other techniques you can do there's many things that we do there's real-estate safety if you're a broker and you don't know about the Beverly Carter case we do a case study we do training to help your relatives be safe we do everything from active shooter workplace violence self defense I've created something that's called etg self defense it's a technique that's used to disable an attacker no matter their size and some of the techniques I learned on SWAT and working with other special operators so it doesn't matter if you're nine years old or 72 we have very range and we teach you how to disable yourself I really want to focus on our schools see I've talked to many teachers and many students who can't even tell you they don't know what to do when an active shooter situation happens why in today's time are we still having our kids get under desk that is outdated lockdown is outdated it's a good tool but it's not the only tool so bring an expert like myself to come into your business and keep your family and your business safe thank you you know as a safety instructor myself for the National Association of Realtors I felt that this class was the most valuable safety class I'd been to in a long time I came in the class today and being a guy I thought in a casserole of women I was about to turn around the lean but I'm very happy I stayed everything's I wasn't prepared for or expected in this pass really helps you focus and be cognizant of what's around you I really I really like the fact also that Aaron has so much experience you mean air can we kind of grew up together Sheriff's Office I think this training is a lot of fun actually I'm also a realtor so not only do I get to teach the classes but I get to learn as well every time so I think this is great for realtors this is actually great for everyone when you contact air across consulting what you're going to get is an expert who will make a plan for your business and your family my consultations are free I will travel anywhere in the world to help you out so if you need to keep your family and your business safe please contact air across consulting well thank you for being with us on hometowns and heroes I hope you enjoyed the show just as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you and if you have a hero in your hometown please let us know about him or them and we'll see what we can do until then let's make this world a better place join us again next time to hear another inspiring story featuring our next hometown hero if you have a hero in your hometown let us give them a hand

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  1. Because of Menta Academy, my son has reached many many milestones and We are so proud in the support that Menta Academy has given and continue to give. Thank you Ms. Stacy and MAY staff.

  2. Stacy you are a genuine person whom I've had the privilege of knowing. Glad you came to Arizona. Yuma at that! 💙

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