The Midnight Ruin of Paul Revere (with Chris Parnell) | Adam Ruins Everything

(whistling) – [Narrator] Put down your
smartphones and let me, your trusty uncorrectable narrator, guide you through my animated chronicle of fascinating historical facts. Let us being with the
founding of our nation, the American Revolution. It’s the story of honest,
faithful George Washington, who lead his band of patriots to victory. – Come, patriots, fight for liberty. – [Audience Member] For freedom! – [Audience Member] For liberty! – [Audience Member] And because
we hate tea for some reason. – Actually. – [Narrator] Patriots, like Paul Revere, whose midnight ride saved Boston. – The British are coming,
the British are coming! – Uh, that’s not– – [Paul Revere] The British are coming! – [Narrator] And the brave soldiers of the Continental Army who, united by a desire to be
free, overcame tyranny. – [Adam] Actually everything
you just said is wrong. – [Narrator] That’s it,
who do you think you are, interrupting my show? – Hi, I’m Adam. – [Narrator] Adam, who in the– Ah, you must be one of the Frenchmen. You don’t come in until later. – I’m not French. – [Narrator] You’re going
to tell me you’re not French with hair and clothes like that? – Nope, not French, but destroying misconceptions
is my raison d’etre. Many of the stories we
know about the Revolution aren’t really history, they’re myths. So I’m here to set the record straight. – [Narrator] Stop dog
earing the page, you jerk! You’re ruining it. – Sorry, ruining is kind of my thing. I’m Adam Conover, and this
is Reanimated History. (rapid music) (scream) (explosion) – [Narrator] Now that
the blond man is gone, allow me to regale you with the story of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. It was April 18th, 1775. Paul was sent to warn the militiamen of Lexington and Concord of an
impending British attack, but first he needed to know will they come by land or by sea? – That’s the signal. One if by land, two if by sea. Away to Lexington and Concord! Ya! The British are coming,
the British are coming! The British
– Revere rode through the night,
– are coming! – rallying militia with his cries. Dozens of patriot lives were saved, and it was all thanks
to one man, Paul Revere. – [Adam] What a stirring tale. Stirringly inaccurate. – [Narrator] (groans) Okay,
where are you this time? Are you the horse again? – Nuh uh, up here. First of all, Revere never
said, “The British are coming.” At this point, many people
in the colonies were British, so that would have been really confusing. – The British are coming,
the British are coming! (bang)
(horse whinnies) – I’m British and so are you! Are you saying we’re
coming or you’re coming? Stop yelling in the third
person and go to sleep. – They actually called the
British Army the regulars. – Oh, uh, I meant to say
the regulars are coming. – Regulars, why didn’t you say so? Bang, bang! – Second, Revere didn’t ride
around the streets yelling. That would have gotten him captured. This was more of a well
planned intelligence mission. – The regulars are com … Sorry, the regulars are coming. – Thank you, no need to yell. – But most importantly, Paul Revere never even
completed his midnight ride. – [Narrator] What? – Remember those famous signal
lanterns from the beginning? Revere didn’t even see them. They were actually for a
different Son of Liberty named Dr. Joseph Warren, and for the historic
ride, he decided to send– – William Dawes. – Huh? – [Narrator] Who on
earth is William Dawes? – [Adam] He was another Son of Liberty, and the first man to be
sent on the midnight ride. Revere didn’t set out until later, and they wound up warning the
militia of Lexington together. – The regulars are coming,
the regulars are coming. – [Adam] Then after leaving Lexington, they were both detained
by British soldiers and thrown in jail. Another rider named Samuel Prescott ended up warning Concord. In fact, by then lots of
other riders had already been dispatched to warn
the local militias. – [Narrator] But if all those
riders were warning the towns, that would mean Revere’s midnight ride wasn’t special at all! – Exactly. In fact, in the years that followed, most people forgot about
Revere’s midnight ride entirely. It wasn’t even mentioned in his obituary. (light piano music) (chimes)

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  1. Uhh ok. I’ve just learned some inaccuracies that he says everyone is telling. Inaccuracies I’ve never heard. How about just give the facts and leave it at that. “Did Paul ride?” Yes. Specifics and tiny details are great for history buffs. At this time frame, there were plenty of people in the 13 colonies who were not British. And honestly The whole thing was decided by people who did not feel British and had no love for the British. Do you really think they thought of themselves as Brits? It’s not that what is being said as correct history is incorrect, it’s just that some of the reported false history isn’t necessary. (But to tell you the truth, schools barely cover American history now anyway. It’s sad. I feel it’s very important.)


    I know dumb things.
    cough Jefferson invented a mac and cheese machine and the swivel chair cough

  3. It's actually kinda funny/sad what our school systems focus on if you think about it. We're so focused on learning our history, but even that's not accurate due to myths that became real and were put into history books. I mean it makes no sense to focus on history, when that history is so inaccurate and not teach us life skills that those without parents who are actively in their lives can actually teach them, or those with parents who are always working can teach them either….

  4. The British are coming, the British are coming.

    Gotta cure this OCD, gotta cure this OCD.

  5. looks at thumbnail
    hm.. tall hair, glasses, well dressed, clearly busy telling people something…

  6. Meh… Used to love Adam Ruins Everything, but then he made a few episodes where he told politically biased lies and misrepresentations, and now I can't take anything he says seriously… Why did you have to go and do that Adam?

  7. Has anyone ever heard of Sybil Ludington? Probably not, because she didn't have a poem about her. She rode out all night for a total of 40 miles to warn some miltamen soldiers in 7 different cities that the british, or regulers had pulled up ships in a harbor somewhere. I can't remember where, but her father sent her out. He was a general who got news imediatly.

    *Sorry my summary has a lot of holes in it, look her up though! She's fasinating!
    **Sorry for bad spelling!

  8. Adam Ruins everything pffffffff more like Adam saves everything

  9. Woman- who’s making all that racket?

    Paul- it’s me paul Revere!

    Woman- Paul Who?

    Paul- Revere! Revere

    Woman- I have pots and pans I need sweetie!

    Paul- what about the British?

    Woman- I’m sure they have all the pots and pans they need too!

  10. someone does something important in history
    Adam: I'm gonna ruin this man's whole career

  11. I watched this and the next day my tracher was teaching it at school…..

    I wanted to correct her so bad

  12. You know what would be funny. A crossover between Adam ruins everything and WTF 101

  13. Grant used to be my favourite CH peep now Adam rules with an iron fist

  14. Those lanterns were certainly were not for Warren. Dawes was not captured, revere was released shortly afterwards and was in Lexington for the battle. The midnight ride was to go to Lexington and warn John Hancock and Sam Adams, a mission he did actually complete. Oh and no he wasn’t considered special in his day, the only reason we remember him is Longfellow, but he should absolutely be remembered because he was heavily involved with the sons of liberty, free masons, etc. and stands as one of the first middle class men mentioned in the history books.

  15. Why Does The Narrator sound like the narrator from Word Girl?

  16. hamilton was in the continental army so………………. just STOP

  17. At my school we did a thing called "Walk through the American revolution" and I'm paul revere.

    And I said "The regulars are out"

  18. the british are coming the british are coming so get off the video or die from the british…….. anyway I restarted this video so many times because this video is so funny and also because this video is educational. ( more funny than educational but still educational……. just 4 percent more funny ).

  19. My great great grandpa was one of those people. So yeah… just wanted to share that and feel special.

  20. "Put down your smart phones", but im watching on said smart phone.

  21. No offense but we can't trust a British to tell an American story and Adam is very much in British

  22. Narrator: Put down your smartphones
    Me: Okay but now I can’t watch the video

  23. Sure is a choice to use that yellow snake flag. Personally, I prefer the tree flag that everyone forgets about, and the cowpens or grand union flag would've fit better. The minutemen Paul was warning used the crazy-ass Bedford Flag, which is a whole armored arm thing for some reason.

    But sure, dredge up a flag that was specifically adopted by modern lunatics why don't you.

  24. "Trusty, un-correctable narrator"… I think someone forgot he was Jerry… Also, fun fact, one of Paul's old silver shops, was a mom and pop rental place in the 80's/90s. Its where I went to rent snes games as a kid.

  25. 0:00 "Put down your smartphones-"
    Me, watching this on my smartphone: You're the boss.

  26. How do you know it’s wrong if it’s the elmetry school curiculum

  27. When do we get the video about the Continental Army taking over the Airports?

  28. Was George Washington really honourable I mean he did scam the French AND the English

  29. Actually Revere never made to Lexington, he was arrested before he got there

  30. Americans: HAPPY 4TH OF JULLY 😀😀


  31. watching this on phone
    Put down your smartphones
    Good thing this is a phone not a smartphone

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