The moment a Khoi-San praise singer ushered in President Ramaphosa

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35 thoughts on “The moment a Khoi-San praise singer ushered in President Ramaphosa

  1. This language needs to be introduced to the notheren Cape and Western Cape Schools

  2. Many won't understand why the EFF is not standing up. Our president is such a suck up, this is a Namibian language. Will we have a Shona or Swahili praise singer in the future?

  3. It’s so funny now cos he admitted to have made up this language. 😂😂. It’s not proper khoi

  4. The times, they are a-changing.

  5. Yoh I have to learn this lunguage, for now I don't hear a word.

  6. This is all good and we'll but when will that very language become an official language it makes no sense to be praised at the opening of parliament by an unofficial language

  7. Aowaaa this guy he is lying…Mr bones😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. As real Africans I think we should stop forcing ourselves into this wicked political system, do away with politics and stick to our African roots, do things in African way follow our cultures. It is nonsense to say you're touched by the San praises but at the same time you're Christian, you preach that our culture are unholy but you pretend like you love African culture. Crap….

  9. Felt goosebumps & was a little teary. My spirit realized that i had listened to something powerful. Only after the English translation did i see why…its so beautiful,such powerful words.

  10. I personally feel like this was a bit of disrespect to the San nation, people were just laughing and looking and Cyril and whoever was following him. Parliament needs to take the San serious.

  11. What next? Witchdoctors to come up with economic policy? What a disgrace.

  12. Lol i love the applause even though no one heard what he was saying

  13. This is the translation
    Language of our ancestors

    language of our fore parents

    Language of my mother

    My language

    Welcome to ||Hui!Gaeb (Cape Town)

    Our leader welcome

    Creator bless the words of this leader so it can strengthen us

    Let the name of the Creator Tsui||Goatse be lifted high

    We honour,

    We are in praise and we are thankful that the Creator carried us through the day

    Please guard over us during the night

    Creator help us to unite for our heritage

    Creator bless our coming in and bless our going out

    Bless everything that is said and bless everything that is heard

    Bless us in our journey to inherit the Kingdom of the Heavens

    Our Creator

    Creator of our ancestors

    Our father Tsui ||Goatse

    Oh let it rain

    Let everything live please

    We are very weak

    From thirst and hunger

    Let us eat the veldkos

    Aren't thou not our Creator that we might honour thee

    Our Father

    Tsui ||Goatse
    Got this from the news24 website

  14. Oh my goodness. I was worried someone's eye might get stabbed out, with those sharp objects flying in the air.

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