The Most Dangerous Stretch of Water in the World: The Strid at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

Behind me is a bit of water called the Strid. There are a couple of Strids in Britain, but this is the one on the River Wharfe, at
Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire. And I reckon it is the most dangerous stretch
of water anywhere on Earth. Now that’s a bold claim, I know. There are certainly rivers that have taken
more lives, and there are rapids and waterfalls that few
boats could ever sail. But generally, you can see them coming. This is just an innocent looking stream in
the middle of some woods. You could jump over it. People occasionally
do. But if you miss that jump, it’ll kill you. This is what the river looks like about a
hundred metres upstream. Same river. All that water went down. Thanks to the local geology, the river basically
turns on its side, gouging out passages and tunnels in the rocks
below. Those banks are actually overhangs: there isn’t any riverbed just below the surface, it’s a deep, boiling mass of fast and deadly
currents. There are claims that falling in has a 100%
fatality rate. There’s no way to confirm that, of course, because “local person doesn’t die in river”
doesn’t make the news, but it has claimed a lot of lives: there are even tales from the 12th century
of a young boy, set to be the future king of Scotland, who died trying to jump across those waters. And anything, or anyone, that falls in might not come out in any recognisable form: it could just get pulverised against the rocks
underwater over and over and over again. I’d try and put a camera in, but then I’d have to get close to the edge. And the edge isn’t sharp, it just curves towards
the water and it’s covered in slippery moss. Besides, the water is opaque and brown with
peat stain, you’d see nothing. Is it survivable? Maybe, with a lot of equipment
and a lot of luck. And you’ll find occasional testimony from
foolhardy people who’ve swum in the calmer pools at the bottom
on drier days — but that’s also where a young child drowned
back in 2010. That’s why it’s so dangerous. It looks safe, it looks tempting, and it’ll kill you. [Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!]

100 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Stretch of Water in the World: The Strid at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

  1. I swim in that river every morning just to get my blood pumping for my daily 40 mile jog. All this before 6am of course.

  2. Do we have a way to stop the flowing water so that we can actually see what's inside of it? Like channeling the water into other water stream of something? Damn I'm just so curious

  3. But it looks still safe

  4. Perfect now I can be hide and seek champion for the next millennium

  5. My father and uncle went in the strid and nearly drowned, they made it out by pure luck, they where around 8-12 at the time, so it is possible.

  6. If you want to see a deadly river you should go to the Missouri river.

  7. In my city we have something similar it's called the Gun's Barrel, large river narrowing to ten feet wide and 20+ feet deep. Many people and animals get caught in it not thinking the current is that strong, many people have died in the under tow.

  8. The Roanoke River in Roanoke Rapids used to be the same as that, until thay damd it up the Indians called it The River of Death.

  9. There's a river like this in northern California (Consumes River). It's not as deadly, but it has similar features. The spinning currents pick up cobblestones and grind out large round holes through the rocks. If you fall in, you get pulled into one of those holes and can never escape. Fortunately, in the summer, the water level is much lower, so it's swimmable for half the year. It also makes the tunnels visible, so you can get an idea of just how deadly it can be when it's full of water.

  10. Why did it look so calm if it has such strong currents? I think only some parts of it are really dangerous. The calm parts shown would be calm.

  11. Bet only people who can't swim drown. 💯 I get right out of I fell in. BS

  12. 1k people did not like this video, and went on to try swimming in that river…

  13. The river turned on it's side ! Scary thought. In North America and other spots we also have undertow and stepoffs that kill many people, in otherwise calm looking water. The Meremec River in Missouri, near Castle wód State Park ! Every year a kid from an Intercity church group drowns there ! Signs posted and all , swim at your own peril !

  14. The Kern river in central California moves up to 75mph and claims 6 to 18 people in the summer, 90 days, every year. Most bodies are never recovered. It is titled "The River of Death" check it out.

  15. Its probably filled with all types of valuable items from all the rich kids jumping in it.

  16. The major problem as with concrete lined canals is the algae and zoogloeal slime on the rocks and sides; it's impossible to get a foothold or a grasp anywhere to pull yourself out.

  17. I grew up on this river. Felt its power. Be smart and give it it's due respect. And most of all…dont be a pussy.

  18. It looks dangerous, we have a place in my town that has a small stretch that looks just like this and 7 people have drown in about 15 years

  19. Have you ever heard of the wild Colorado? That stream is a piss trail in comparison!

  20. Just so much BS! Clickbait all the way. I could name a few really dangerous pieces of water that makes this little slip no more than a spring runoff, but I won't. Needless to say, this person is full of crap.

  21. I beg to differ, your river is nothing compared to the "Killer Kern" River in California it has claimed almost 200 lives since 1969! The Kern every.year at least 3 people die this year 6! People won't stay out! Walking along the bank it has grabbed people venturing a little to close!

  22. Old Yorkshire saying
    "Wharfe is clear. And aire is lithe. Where aire kills one. Wharfe kills 5."

  23. This gave me the absolute creeps just watching this. Are there no signs warning people to stay away from this watery graveyard?

  24. Moral of the story is. Don't be a moron, don't try jump the river and you will be guaranteed survival.

  25. To be fair when the Scottish king tried to jump over it,there was a mince put& bottle of buckfast on the other side.

  26. In summer you see many teenagers attempting to jump the strid. Bolton abbey is one of my favourite places to walk. It always surprises me how many people swim in the waters of Bolton Abbey. When there is a much safer inland swimming point close by at Burnsill.

  27. I’ve capsized my kayak and that stretch and made it out hundreds of times as it’s my nearest river, good for barbel fishing too

  28. I can confirm, i jumped in and i didnt come out alive, you have been warned

  29. Why are all videos recorded in England so gloomy, cloudy, and just so dark and oppressive regarding the sky?🤔

  30. Maybe someone can try jumping into it inside a barrel like they do at the Niagara Falls . Maybe they will survive.

  31. Something Tom Scott might not know:
    There are hundreds if not thousands of rivers on the planet that do just what this does, turn on it's side with undercuts and potholes that will kill you that are significantly more dangerous. Not diminishing the danger here but it is not unique or most dangerous stretch of river in the world.

  32. 1:20. Look to the top right of screen. You captured Bigfoot on film bro!!

  33. You should jump over it .. and yell… don't do this at home kids.

  34. The Spital Bridge River Dee in Aberdeenshire is a wee bit strong current also.

  35. its also highly aerated, air is less dense than water, making the water less dense. makes it harder to stay afloat in, and easier for you to sink in.

  36. Not going to lie would Tom was a disappointed that you didn't get equipment and jump in

  37. Thanks. Now im terrefied of the humble stream. Okay, that's it I'm not leaving the house.

  38. Oh god that would be such an awful way to die: like: "what really this is how it ends. Oh come on ".

  39. I’m sure that last sentence would describe a lot of ex wife’s

  40. What a load of bs!! I live 5 mile from there and I have swam it! Nice bs story though 😂

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