The Most Unconventionally Romantic Zodiac Signs

Oh hello there kids, you must be wondering
what an old timer like me is doing in this antique shop. Actually, today is my wedding
anniversary and I am buying gifts for my partner. It’s not easy to pick a gift for her though,
she is an eccentric one. Why? Perhaps because of her zodiac sign. Certain zodiac signs have
an unconventional idea of romance. Today we are going to talk about them in reverse order,
starting with number five, which also happens to be my wife’s zodiac sign… Aquarius Now, what does the water bearer say about
romance? Not so much, Aquarius is a very unorthodox sign and they are often considered to be less
emotional than others. As a result, critics often claim that they are not romantic. I
would beg to differ though because their idea of romance is slightly different. Thanks to
romantic comedies and novels, our idea of romance is centered around poetry, chocolate,
flowers and wine. An Aquarius may not agree with this, they
would probably do something different. Perhaps, they will fix your laptop or make a new dish
and name it after you. Sounds a little different right? This just plays into their ingenious
and inventive nature. Look at my partner for example, she still loves old record players,
which is why I am here. Now that we’re done with Aquarius, let’s
talk about her next door neighbour and my zodiac sign. At number four, we have the tough
and ambitious… Capricorn That was pretty obvious, huh? After all, it
takes a black sheep to appreciate another one. Known as the GOATS of the zodiac, Capricorns
are ambitious and their will is unbending. They want success, each and every part of
it. There is no second place or draw for this sign, the only thing that matters is a victory.
Even if it is against all odds. I am like that and needless to say, the typical poetic
romance does not really appeal to us. However, we are very caring and will go out of our
way to do anything for our partners. Look at me as an example, I would not spend
money on flowers or chocolates, flowers would die and chocolates would either be eaten or
get spoiled. I would rather buy something more useful for my partner. So, here I am
at an antique store buying a 1940’s record player. What more proof do you need? Not romantic? Sure it is! It’s just that
our idea of romance is different from yours. Speaking of ideas, let’s go to the sign which
is known for its ideas. Calculating its way to number three, we have… Virgo This is a very interesting sign and a reliable
one too. A Virgo has the tenacity of a Scorpio, the drive of a Leo and the caring nature of
a Cancer. All of this without the roller coaster of emotions. What’s more? They have mastered
the art of time management. You will never see Virgos wasting their time
on making traditional romantic gestures. Yet, Virgos like to serve in a relationship. They’ll
organize your desk and create a routine for you to follow. They’re also big about those
late night text messages and calls that this generation of people are so obsessed with.
They can nag a bit and sometimes can be cranky too, but they always have your best interests
at heart. What’s even better? They are ruled by Mercury
and as such are excellent communicators. So, you can always bet on the Virgin/Vixen to
rescue you if you ever find yourself on the losing side of a verbal battle. Speaking of Verbal battles, here is the undisputed
boss of Verbal Battles. Hopping and dancing at number two, comes the child of the zodiac… Gemini The twins are often regarded as bipolar, fickle
and at times a b t brash. They can nag a lot too. Hmm, I guess it is the Mercury effect.
Anyway, much like their Virgo cousins, Geminis are excellent at communication. They can talk
themselves out of any situation. If I had to send someone to debate for my life, it
would definitely be a Gemini. These guys take debates and arguments as mental stimulation.
As a result, they excel in these scenarios. Unfortunately though, the twins have a bad
reputation when it comes to romance. If romance meant just words, Geminis would
have been the undisputed champions. These people would read, memorise and recite lines
from poems. Romance is more than just words and Geminis struggle on the action front. They may tell you that will always be there
for you and then they may just forget about it. There is one more problem or rather should
I say, “bad habit.” Geminis tend to bite off way more than they can chew. So, they might
promise a romantic candle light dinner but will end up burning the house down instead.
Yeah, as I mentioned earlier, a Gemini is the child of the zodiac. Now, let’s see. We are done with Aquarius,
Capricorn, Virgo and Gemini. Who’s left? Any guesses? Well, who else could be numero uno
then the headstrong and impulsive… Aries Yes, the first sign of the zodiac is also
one of the most unconventionally romantic signs. Before you date an Aries, I have a
question for you: Have you ever done any babysitting? If not, then be prepared to do so with this
sign. Imagine an eight year old in a candy store who knows that all those candies look
delicious. Yes, that is how an Aries many see relationships at first. If you want someone
who’s a bit more passionate or romantic, you can go for a Libra or Scorpio. However,
they cannot give you what Aries can. Aries are passionate but their idea of romance is
not just limited to holding hands or buying gifts. This is a person who wants to express
their love for you even if it means going to the extremes. Sure, a Leo thinks that the world is a stage,
but that stage wouldn’t be big enough for Aries. An Aries woman might want to climb
to the top of Mount Everest to prove that she loves you. Whereas an Aries man might
come skydiving from an aeroplane in order to propose to you. These are wild gestures
to any traditional mind but to Aries, they’re not good enough. They are incapable of showing love in a traditional
way with words or gifts. Add this to the fact that they are impulsive and you have a love
who is willing to risk their life to prove their love. Sounds a bit scary right? Well don’t worry,
they are actually a bit like a Gemini, and can be childish at times. You might have to
teach them a lot about adulting too, at least at the emotional front. The idea of Romance is subjective, people
perceive it differently. Some like to immerse themselves in the passion of love, while others
just want to do the little things to make their love known. It is different for every
sign just as every zodiac sign is different. So, what zodiac sign are you? What is your
idea of love and romance? Let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear
from you.

41 thoughts on “The Most Unconventionally Romantic Zodiac Signs

  1. What zodiac sign are you? What is your idea of love and romance? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

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  3. Im a Taurus and i think romance to me personally is holding each others hand and kissing. So basically physicality

  4. In known as the queen of Zodiacs

    Ok… no I'm not in just the first in line

  5. My sun sign: Gemini

    My moon sign: Capricorn

    My rising sign: Cancer

  6. I’m a Pisces, and my concept of love and romance is very complex. The thing is, I always try to decipher what is a platonic love, a romantic love, and a passionate/ sexual love. My idea of romance is the base of a solid platonic bond. You can’t love someone unless you like them first. So, romance is basically what friends do but though a different light, and more holding hands and dating.
    I also know that love is expressed and accepted in many different ways: Some are more traditional romantics, others see it as something lighthearted and fun, and some find it to be a mixture of both

  7. I’m Aquarius and have 3 sons…. A Gemini, a Capricorn, a Virgo and best friend was and Aries… lol

  8. Do you have any problem with Pisces
    All the time you underestimate the Pisces
    All lier

  9. Okay, maybe I'm the only Libra here but seriously, Libras are both romantic and some of us are pretty creative, too. Libra is known as thesign of the romantics. We like to make our partners happy, whether its a home cooked dinner or a dinner out. And we love to give gifts too. And there's more, but nothing I could write on You Tube..

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