The Mystery of the Kansas Gnome Homes

(birds chirping) (soft piano music) (soft piano music) (whimsical orchestral music) (whimsical orchestral music) (whimsical orchestra music) (whimsical orchestra music) (birds chirping) – [Girl In Gray Shirt]
Look over here, guys, there’s another one over here. – [Young Girl] Oh, guys, look in here. – [Girl] Hey, what is it? (children laughing) – There’s two more. (children laughing) – [Young Boy] There’s another one. – [Young Girl] Oh, looky. What’s in here? – [Young Boy] I don’t know. – Hey. – [Young Boy] I wonder
where the fairies are. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Young Boy] They just had tea. – Well there looks to be
a small gnome community moving into Overland Park. Take a look at these tiny gnome homes. How they are being built, is a mystery. It’s being called Firefly Forest. – The city doesn’t know
why’s building them but they’ve actually found
two along Tomahawk Trail. (birds chirping) – We move all the time, we
basically move once a year because of my dad’s job. I’ve moved 13 times in
my 15 years of life. I hope we can stay in Kansas. I’m sick of moving. (soft guitar music) (pans banging) – Hey, I love you. When we first got married
I thought we’d buy a house and live in it forever. I never imagined having to
pick up and move every year. This move is a lot
different, we barely unpacked and my husband is moving out. – [Robyn’s Husband] This has
been a really hard time for us. I worry most about Tyler ‘cause he’s just got the sweetest heart and I’m not quite sure
how he’s handling it. – I didn’t really like Kansas at first, but then we discovered the forest. I can’t feel sad here. (bright orchestra music) – That’s pretty cool, huh? – [Kelly] You like that? – [Evie] Yeah. – Evie is constantly
seeking out the houses. When she does see a door she just runs. – [Evie] Not in there. – I’ve been on a journey that
I never thought I’d be on. I have a daughter that’s seven. And then I have a daughter
that’s forever three, named Allie. And she died last June from brain cancer. Can you find a stick over here that would be good for making art? Allie always loved being outside. She had this spirit that
you could not contain. – Ahh, eeeeh. – I mean she loved nature. And I think it was probably
around the age of two that she started really just loving owls. She just thought they were so cute. She had books about owls, and
she was a terrible sleeper. So then we would just kind of
be like, “Oh, it’s little owl.” You know ‘cause she’s up, she’s a night owl. It was a fitting nickname. (whimsical orchestra music) (birds chirping) – We would go on the trail
kind of as a distraction at times when grief
became too overwhelming. We’re like we need to get
outside, we need to get fresh air. It just felt magical, we
had come upon the house where you could leave
a note for the fairy. I wrote a note in memory of Allie. And it was really almost
like a message in a bottle. When you have to pick up
the pieces and rebuild and it’s very hard. Very. (melancholy music) (whimsical orchestra music) – It’s so cute. – Okay, one, two, three, smile, Ethan. (whimsical orchestra music) (whimsical orchestra music) – I started the blog
because I had been taking photographs and I wanted to
share the wonder of the forest. I love the little, uh, just the hints that there is activity. You know the one house, I
think it’s 12 Hollow Tree Lane that goes from moving boxes, they had the detail of like Acorn Movers on them. And then all of a sudden those are gone, and it’s redecorated. Living in suburbia can
be extremely isolating, but all of a sudden when
there’s little additions in the forest that make people curious then you have a real community. (whimsical orchestra music) – Look. (birds chirping) – [Young Girl] A fairy house. – [Man] Yep. (whimsical orchestra music) (whimsical orchestra music) (mysterious music) (drill whining) (mysterious music) (birds chirping) – [Evie] Mom, look. (soft music) – [Kelly] What’s it say? – [Evie] Little Owl. – [Kyle] She’s got a fairly house, huh? – [Kelly] Who would do this? – [Kyle] That’s really neat. – It’s cool. – It’s the most beautiful
act of compassion that a stranger would
know the pain and think, “I should do something to
honor that short life.” – I was notified by one
of my crew that were some gnome houses out on the bike trail. My director asked me to remove one of these gnome houses in the hope that it would elicit a
response from the creator. And so we picked it up and brought it back to park headquarters. – Whoever’s putting these out there, what’s the ultimate plan? Are they gonna keep adding ’em? Are they gonna maintain them? Are they gonna fall apart?
Are they gonna be stolen? Some of those are in the flood plain, they’re gonna wash away. That’s my responsibility
to make sure we approve what goes into our parks. – [Alex Voiceover] Regulars to the trail were delighted with the
appearance of 12 Hollow Tree Lane. But the delight was followed within a day, with stunned disbelief
at its disappearance. Fear was quelled a bit by the
appearance of a WEMA tent. – Everybody has an opinion about how this forest has come alive. – It might be some very,
very wonderful grandparents. – [Blogger] Nobody really knows for sure, it’s just kind of rumors and whispers. – I’m wondering who is doing it. – I like it being a mystery. – It’s not me. – I’m the least fairy type
person you’d ever meet, and I think it’d be cool to do it, so you never know, it could be anybody. (drill whining) (soft music) (soft music) (drill whining) (hopeful music) – In the beginning, we didn’t
do this for other people. We did it for us. Alright, Ty, what do you think? I would love for them to not
experience the pain of divorce and to stay in that childish
space for a little bit longer. – [Young Girl] Oh, look at them. – [Robyn] Once we saw the
happiness that it brought to other people we were hooked. (children laughing) – It really is amazing
to watch people smile. And to witness that, to be a part of it. Why wouldn’t you wanna create more? (hammer tapping) (drill whining) Okay guys, we have to move really fast. Are we ready, set, go. (suspenseful music) Okay, Ty, you wanna step up in front of us and light the way? We’re gonna lift it up and we’re
gonna just set it on there. You need to go in further. Yup, Ty, come be on lookout. (birds chirping) – So up ahead here is the
tree where I left the note. – Oh, I see it.
– Yeah. – Oh, how nice. – For the fairy. – Oh, my goodness. – Look how it’s carved. – In her name. – I know. – And what a wonderful place for you and Kyle, and Evie to come to. – Oh, I know, isn’t it beautiful? – Oh it’s so healing, oh. – It was in the winter time when I first got the note
about the little owl. I collect them very quickly,
so that nobody sees me. And then I stuff them in my
pocket or I put ’em in my bag. And I remember going
through all of the notes. And they’re very sweet, I love
you, I believe in fairies. You know things like that. And then I came to that
one, and, and it just halted me. And I cried and, you know,
I, I just thought, “Oh, my gosh, somebody’s
lost their child.” Immediately my thought was, “Well, of course, we’ll
make a door for her.” It just seemed natural, it
seemed like the right thing to do and I could do it so I did. – What do you think she’d
say if she saw this? – She’d say, “Gramma,
pease will you take me to see the little owl house?” – Sounds like her. – And what do you think I’d say? – “Yes.” (both laughing) (soft orchestra music) (birds singing and chirping) – I’m really, really sorry. I have done everything
that I can think to do to keep us here in Kansas, I
know you both really wanna stay, but we are going to need to move to Utah. I really need to finish school, and we need a little
bit of family support. – I know life isn’t fair, but this really just isn’t fair. We just got here, and me
and Ty’re really startin’ to make some friends and
don’t wanna leave it. I’m kinda mad at dad right now, just I don’t wanna start over again. – What’s this mean for the houses? – The city is making us take ’em down. (melancholy music) (soft guitar music) – [Robyn] Alright. – [Tyler] So are we gonna
throw all this stuff away? – [Robyn] No, but we’re
just putting it in the bag to get it out of here. (melancholy music) I’m definitely moving onto
a new place in my life. It’s the turning of a page,
beginning of a new story. We’re not gonna touch that one. – [Tyler] At least that one gets to stay. (hammer tapping) (whimsical orchestra music) (whimsical orchestra music) Ahhh. – Nice, got it? – Got it. – [Robyn] Good job. – [Tyler] I dub thee no
longer Firefly Forest. (whimsical orchestra music) – I wonder if we’re quiet if
we can listen for the owls. (owls hooting) – [Kyle] Did you hear that, Evie? – As the watcher, I try just to share the anonymous work of the creators of this
wonderful project with the world. This beautiful little book
that appeared in the forest this past week is not
just a decoration or prop. It’s an actual book containing
a beautiful, original poem that moved me to tears: In the midst of a busy city Lives a small forest
that’s charming and pretty. There’s more to this forest
than some choose to see. This magical place can
set your heart free. – Those who feel lost, forgotten or down Will find in this forest
there is love all around. – [Young Girl] You’ll not be
forgotten is what they’ll say. We love you, we’ll lift you. You’ll find your way. – You’re stronger than you think you are. – You are not alone. – [Kelly] We’ll never be far. – [Alex] What you need is what you’ll find among the ferns and fireflies. Once you have felt of
their kindness and grace take it with you when
you leave this place. – [Robyn] Share of yourself,
and let them all see. The power of kindness, just as the fireflies have done for me. (whimsical orchestra music) (birds chirping) (melancholy orchestra music)

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  31. can someone please answer these questions for me #VCAL
    Alex “The Watcher”

    1. What does she like about the forest?

    2. What does she do for the forest?
    3. How does she react to the book?

    General Questions

    1. Why are the houses being removed?
    2. What are the councils concerns about the houses?

    3. How did you feel about the removal of the houses?
    4. Did you think it was a good/bad thing?

    5. What messages does the forest offer to people? 

    6. Were you surprised to find out who was making the forest?

    7. Why did they make them? 

    8. How do they get the houses there?

    Task 2.

    What are the positives and negatives associated with the forest? 
    Eg. Positive – Brings people together. Negative -Impacts on the environment.
    List as many as you can.

    How would you feel if something like this existed in your community?
    2. If something like this did exist in your community would you want it to stay or go if a similar situation was to arise?

    Choose one of the following tasks or come up with one of your own (Negotiate this with your teacher).
    1. Imagine Galen VCAL students and teachers created a fairy garden like the one in Firefly Forest. And that we were inviting people to a grand opening event – design a poster for the event.
    2. Design what your own fairy house would look like and what would it be named. Is your house there for anyone special?
    3. Write and create a short picture story book that tells the story of your house and who lives in it.

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