The myth of Thor’s journey to the land of giants – Scott A. Mellor

Thor—son of Odin, god of thunder,
and protector of mankind— struggled mightily against his greatest
challenge yet: opening a bag of food. It’d all started when Thor, along with his fleet-footed human servant
Thjalfi and Loki, the trickster god, set out on a journey to Jotunheim,
land of the giants. Along the way, they’d met
a giant named Skrymir, who offered to accompany them and
even carry their provisions in his bag. But when they made camp,
Skrymir dozed off and Thor couldn’t untie the sack. Frustrated and hungry, Thor tried
to wake the giant three times by striking his head with his hammer
Mjolnir as hard as he could. But each time, Skrymir thought
it was only a falling acorn and went back to sleep. The next morning, Skrymir departed and eventually, the travelers reached
a massive fortress called Utgard. Inside the long hall,
they met the king of giants, Utgard-Loki, who greeted his guests with a challenge: each of them was to prove they were
the best at some particular skill. Loki went first, declaring himself
the world’s fastest eater. To test him, the king summoned
his servant Logi and the two were placed at either
end of a long trough stuffed with food. Loki ate his way inward
with blinding speed. But when the contestants
met in the center, Loki saw that his adversary
had not only eaten just as much food, but also the bones
and even the trough itself. Next was Thjalfi, who could
outrun anything in the wild. The king summoned an ethereal-looking
giant named Hugi, who outraced Thjalfi easily. But the boy would not give up
and demanded a rematch. This time, Thjalfi finished close behind and the king admitted he’d never
seen a human run so fast. Thjalfi tried a third time,
running like his life depended on it, but Hugi was even faster than before. Finally, it was Thor’s turn. The king offered him a drinking horn, saying all his men
could drain it in two gulps. Thor raised it to his lips and drank the surprisingly
cold and salty mead in the longest gulp he could muster. Then a second. Then a third. But the level of the mead
in the horn was only slightly lowered. To test Thor’s renowned strength, the king
offered a seemingly easy challenge: lift his pet cat off the ground. But this cat was as tall as Thor. Every time he tried to lift it,
it arched its back, and straining with all his godly might,
he only managed to lift one paw. Enraged, Thor demanded
to wrestle any of the giants. The king summoned
the giants’ old nursemaid, Elli. Though the woman looked frail,
Thor couldn’t overpower her and grew weaker the longer he struggled,
until he was brought to one knee. The three companions prepared
to leave, disappointed and humbled. But as the king escorted them out, he revealed that nothing in the castle
had been what it seemed. Loki lost the eating contest because
his opponent Logi was wildfire itself, devouring everything in its path. Thjalfi couldn’t outrun Hugi because
Hugi was the embodiment of thought, always faster than action. And even Thor couldn’t defeat Elli,
or old age, which weakens everyone eventually. As for the other challenges,
they had also been illusions. The drinking horn
was filled with the ocean, and Thor had drained
enough to cause the tides. The cat was the serpent
that encircles the world, and Thor’s efforts shifted the earth. And Skrymir had been
Utgard-Loki in disguise, deflecting Thor’s hammer-blows to form
valleys in the surrounding mountains. The giant congratulated
them on their prowess, which so frightened him he would
never allow them in his land again. Thor and his companions failed
the challenges presented to them. But in trying to achieve the impossible, they’d pushed themselves
harder than ever before and changed the world
in ways no one had expected.

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  2. Gaiman’s Norse mythology is incredible and this was my favorite story in it, I love Thor Loki and Thialfi so much

  3. ..and he said to Thor – stay out of my way BOI ….hit like if you get it 😈😈

  4. After playing god of war, i legit find it hard to sympathize with thor

  5. "Thor and his comanions failed the challenges presented to them. But in trying to achieve the impossible,"
    LOLSRSLY?? Haha

  6. Actually in the myths, Thor was NOT trying to wake Skymir, but kill him.

  7. I believe e how people view religion I mean it’s like my god is real beacause he created everything and that is me evidence

  8. I read Neil Gaiman’s book and it was good, a little inappropriate at times but still good

  9. Thvoli: I can’t outrun anything in the wild

    Thor: I am mightier than all of you

    Loki: I can eat really fast

  10. I did it the other way around actually. I loved Gaimans albeit short read and this was perhaps my favorite story. Thank your for the animation

  11. Anyone one noticed that the human servant was the taller than the blue giant

  12. Kratos could do all the challenges with God of war 4 up and running

  13. It is so funny to, as a danish person, try to guess what the english names corelate to in danish.
    Many times fx., i will be like "who tf is that human?", and then like struck by a lightning, i'll go "oh, that's totally tjælfe!"
    I had also never heard of the land of the giants.
    Fun fact, they're not giants. They are described as big troll-looking creatures, called either one "jætte" or to "jætter". It is a very tough word to pronounce in english, and i tried my best to find a clip of someone saying it, without luck.

  14. Actually Thor should have won the challenge with Eli since Old Age strengthens Asgaurdians.. I guess

  15. Man polytheist stories are just so much better than anything in the bible I have a hard time understanding why people converted…besides the whole threat of death of you and everyone you love thing

  16. I have just read this chapter 5 hours ago in Neil Gaiman's book: norse mythology.

  17. Anyone else come here from overly sarcastic productions because they thought the story felt familiar?

  18. Thor, Loki and Thjalfi: show how strong they are
    King of Giants: "Thanks! I hate it!!!"

  19. Thor could just had put his hammer on any giant and it would never had got up

  20. If this myth gets used as a quest in God of War 5 and the trials get turned into mini games or boss fights, it would make fire an interesting challenge.

  21. Thor Son Of Odin, God Of Thunder, Protector Of Man Kind And Also Should've gone FOR THE GODAMMIT HEAD

  22. Loki should’ve just done a Kirby, and literally inhaled all the food.

  23. YEEEEE boy this is amazing because it reminds me of Avengers! Lmao, it’s my favorite mythology story.

  24. "Thjalfi couldn't outrun Hugi because Hugi was the embodiment of thought"
    I thought it was because Hugi was light or something like that lol.

  25. damn ted-ed i love ur vids, but where do u get this information from?, cuz as a dane i as child was told the same stuff, though more accurate and more true, because not all in this video is quite as it happened. loves

  26. Wait in the Last myth about how Thor got his hammer Loki had his mouth sewn shut. So how was it he is able to speak in this one?

  27. I live in Sweden so I already new about this myth but you made it so much easier to understand than in school

  28. Dioses me habéis sorprendido,
    Os he intentado engañar,
    Con mi magia todo lo cambié,
    Con gran poder os enfrenté,
    Oídme y lo explicaré:
    -Loki luchó contra el fuego,
    -Thor casi se bebe el mar
    -Ese gato es Jörmundgander y la vieja es la muerte
    ¡Maldito te voy a mataaaar!
    Te revienthoooor ¿dónde narices se ha metido??
    Tío, no te vuelvas Loki😏😏😏

  29. Asgardians grow stronger with time so Thor should not have lost the last challenge.

  30. I remember this tale, i think it was on tv, but in that version the king was making fun of thor all the time and ridiculing him, by the time the king reveled the tricks, Thor went on a rampage

  31. why am i laughing about the fact that thor is strong and god but can't pen a bag of food?!? XDDD i'm so XDD

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