9 thoughts on “The Neurology of Reading

  1. Thumbs down, no neruological concepts nor conditions were linked to the act of reading in this video. Although, I did learn some interesting history.

  2. The power of reading is phenomenal. Through the act of reading alone, I've changed my life, for the positive. 

  3. We're you asking a question, in an incredulous way? if so I was the idiot.

  4. No, she's very intelligent, creative and sincere. You are the idiot.

  5. Do not feed the trolls, It has been my experience that responding to nobodies who have made disparaging remarks about other people, who "are" successful, only gives them a stage in which they stomp their little feet, and beg attention. Other people will glean insight and find something of use from her thoughts and words.

  6. Yet she has more credibility on what she says than you ever will.

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