The Night Before Dickens – A Holiday Poem

Hello friends, I’m Charles Dickens. And now, a quick holiday poem. Twas the day before Christmas, and oh what
a night, Nakatomi Corporation was in for a fright. He flew to Los Angeles, upon and airplane,
New York City Detective, Johnathon McClane. His estranged wife, named Holly, who won’t
share her bed, “Come to the coast, get together, have a
few laughs,” she had said. McClane sought his wife, in efforts to woo
her, But his plans were cut short, by the Hessian,
Hans Gruber. Gruber came to the tower, Nakatomi was conned,
His ultimate objective to steal the bearer bond. McClane was the cowboy, and Gruber the sucker. Who was told with a grin, “Yippee-ki-yay,
mother…” Whoa, that’s a dirty one there. John walked on broken glass, barefoot ‘cross
the floor, And stole Heinrich’s detonators, and then
the C4. Harry showed off his watch, to make coworkers
jealous, And tried to negotiate, the dead schmuck Harry
Ellis. Takagi, and Tony, then Heinrich, and Marco! Alexander and James, the death toll did grow. Cornered by Gruber, McClane could not run,
He gave up his uzi, but had a concealed gun. There are holiday traditions, both warm and
so bright, But until Hans falls to his death, it’s
not Christmas night.

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