THE NOVELIST: Alone (a Novelist Story)

I stood in the heart fiction envisioning a tablet for which I could fall the historic stance people into stone walk Catholics of an ancient movement the expansion becoming a Roman grassy field a plane underneath side as the image of the cosmos started a nasty little cool move accursed sensations of purity Candida looming with I found a tree from the massive distance and several short steps later I looked at the decision of nature placing my hand upon its mystic dark spiraling out into a cavity of death ranchers who so different a breath what is room is Manson the landscape surrounding the fields are alive brightly and yet the overcast is real but this tooth was a sucker for Skinner thunderclap art and reporting the overcast thickened the stars who done the great tree spook and I saw the brass was paid until mild hints of the former green light at escaping remnants of its beauty Flint a composite soil beneath what I asked looking up to the great tree what is the promise for the chaos news now the great tree summer night I thought that examples of the shadow of projects which Rock Consuela the following hemisphere presume his skills his great treats his lovely the boons of the Midlands dancing from side to side developing a many thousands of people make the landscape smaller into eleni eleni stone wall path way around Towers architecture Lansing this fictional world of a classical realm dreamy one of many fronts did she consider no remaining in place my consciousness developed within the recesses of the city into at first people no longer in track emotions physical species these are places I do not mister each I am far more I looked at the great truth focus Open University my will step into the return of the grassy field and the park was true so hard against terror upon one another the most nutrastim evolutions of innocent ecstasy as they smile the lulu and stars will be clearly simultaneously the sandstone great Tracy observe in this scene by aware that simple are attracted to the floor below our teacher these waters are seen as no you are looking back to the scene with her mother then openers remain silent as he watched the data attract I do not miss pleasure are you going to say the shuffle he answered this game my being on the surface one unmanaged I will never allow myself to be me and go here without emotion the Noldor it's infected his chin toward the scene before ecstatic injuries left a home many infinite worlds exposed not seen senses if I should be without this away soon I remain distant human emotions buddy perfect what about designers and in that most perfect vision my focus screams – thank you right truth it sort of compassion it watch the movies deceased and of the last night of his fictional texts they never any expression with effect and always watch the swirling mass of the fields of energy the current function – about fitting for our vibrant really the students piece the great tree removal challenge of the stars its branches became the Democrats the novice mode for crossing mr. shusun come his way is never faltered as the time fiction ceased rendered into accomplice the macho and welcome to the Infiniti thank you fortunately if we kept along appreciative premise

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