17 thoughts on “The Novelist: Official Trailer

  1. Around 2 hours into the game so far and really enjoying it, although it's heart wrenching stuff. Not sure why this hasn't got more positive reviews on Steam. I highly recommend people give this game a chance.

  2. looks like another one of those indie games where they put sad music in,

    and the critics cream their pants talking about how deep and brooding they are.


  3. If you want to see a playthrough this game, I highly recommend having a watch of +YOGSCAST Will's series. It's what made me interested in buying the game!

  4. You just know there's some novelist playing this game to procrastinate going "Man, I totally ace this video game, but how come my career, marriage and relationship with my child is falling apart?"

  5. Oh great, it wasn't enough to witness my parents marriage implode as a child…now I get to play it as a video game.

  6. i swear if pewdiepie plays it im going to fucking punch my wall i dont want him to play this art people like him dont need to play real art he doesnt even understand what ART is 

  7. So excited for Dec 10th! Nice to see more ghost games and one that deals with family issues.

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