The Novelists – I Don't Want To Be Like You – Live from the Yellow Room

this is peterotica and live from the yellow room these are the novelists I went to your college and your degree to be told who it is that you thought I should making I don't wanna be like you I suture my future I can say my example I don't wanna be like you the Joel you wrote I don't want to be like you yes tell me about the song last year actually the end of 2009 I thought I was going to law school so I spent most of 2010 studying for LSAT and doing visits and I called my wife from from Boston and I just said this is not me can't do this so I got to go back and live in the car again with my friends and play music so she stayed with me fortunately enough she's a good one but um so the song was just about resisting cultural influence in general I grew up in a pretty strict religion as well and so there's a lot of that idea of not wanting to wear the member's jacket and learn the argot and write you know it's a it's about trying to like belong to different groups at the same time comfortably and it seems like groups cultures have difficulty sharing members so the song was about trying to resist that strong cultural influence that bullishness but so getting in the van with your friends and driving around yes these are your friends yes these are my friends absolutely mmm how long you been playing together Zak and I for about four years oh okay the third three years Megan and I played our first show together in 2008 the beginning January Eric and I two and a half years ago or so so but but as a band since last yeah and you alright things you do you only write individually or do you write as a group as well we're on the brink of writing as a group we did a little bit does that mean we did a little bit on the last brand newest it's so brand new that basically individual artists who've come together for this project that we're all we all have this vision and we're all inspired by it but we haven't yet had the opportunity to explore writing together yeah that brand new the arrangement so far I've been all cover yes okay but yeah the songs themselves are still individual right that's why we called the album backstory too because it we knew our goal was to write together but at that point it was real just like let's check in on three things that megan has been thinking about and three things right yeah so hence the back story that was the arrangements – because they're done as a group they I think they make it sound like if you listen to the album or if you see a performance that we do I think it still does most of the feedback because it seems pretty cohesive it doesn't it does seem like a bit yeah common thread because the arrangements are all you know we have different ideas and and some songs have been recorded in other formats and stuff like that but when they're done in this band it feels very like feels like the novelist's because of the way that we kind of we spend a lot of time slaving over the arrangements so yeah cool well we're gonna get a couple more songs from you thank you so every lead singer we represented it represented it you heard me

2 thoughts on “The Novelists – I Don't Want To Be Like You – Live from the Yellow Room

  1. liked the lyrics, but can we really resist cultural influences?

  2. Awesome! You guys are one of those bands that are incredibly much better live then in the album! And this song is amazing!

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