20 thoughts on “The Oh Hellos – Soldier, Poet, King

  1. it's so weird to think about people finding this from animations and not just…liking the oh hellos. they're a very good band with a lot of songs like this one, especially on dear wormwood.

  2. Well. Looks like those 12 MOTHERFU– I mean people who disliked this don't have a good taste.

  3. i’m actually writing a book (kind of) and this song fits the main characters perfectly. it’s three siblings; two princes and a princess. the youngest boy is the soldier, who will grow to be one of the strongest fighters in his kingdom’s army, if he can survive that long. the middle boy is the poet, a boy with a knack for words that he got from his mother that usually lets him talk his way out of things. the older sister is the ‘king’ the next in line for the throne that seems to hate her as she’s consistently met with her father’s disdain, he wanted a king but got a queen, and he’ll never quite accept it. i want to make an animatic but i’m not good at animation so i’ll just dream abt it i guess.

  4. Anyone else plan to sing this at their next camping trip?

  5. Why do I listen to this a lot! This song is really inspirational to me and sometimes it make me think of my sister who died…

  6. Gorgeous song! It's so just catchy and sounds like an old folk tale

  7. I can't say how much I love this song. It actually takes my breath away when I am listening to it. I love this kind of music and these people are VERY underrated. They deserve WAY more attention. I can't stop listening to all of their music.

  8. Idk why but I feel that this song cleanses my soul and it makes me happy and see hope

  9. This rlly makes me picture a cozy bar, with a bard trying to raise the spirits of the people living under an oppressive system… idk why

  10. Soon I shall also do the same with the others but I'm gonna be a very late one

  11. This is the attributes of a king one with a mighty sword who can destroy a town. one one who has the voice of a bard who can slay with a silver tongue. And a leader one with a sturdy mind and looks to fit a ruler.

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