The Orc Writer

you know there's always that speculation and the orcs are bloodlust and hungry for war and just wanna fight all the time I would like to clarify though that's not true most of the time some of us actually aspire to be different things and I feel like I could be one of those ones that could you know breaks new ground you know II mean I mean like you look at me and think that I was built for battle and believe me that is what my father said get set up for me and I just was not a fan of it at all my brother certainly was when he came home for the first time with the skulls of his enemies at school it just oh no creeped me out it really did now I don't know if cuz I was wrong at the time but just was not me so I I pursued different things I I wanted to write so I wrote my first book about you know growing up in my household and let's just say my father was not a fan of it mainly because I talked about other things besides war you think he would be mad of all the things I insulted him in fact he actually told me you liked that part unfortunately the first book didn't do so well you got canned because the only the only special circulation among the tribes and let's just say maybe I uh I did get a little angry I found the first negative critiques hold well I broke his house a little bit just a little not not enough that he couldn't possibly go back to him but enough to send a message to him you know I mean you know when I did that that was the first time my dad ever told me he was proud of me and the irony one time I finally get mad and I said I didn't know how to feel but hey works Buicks you know what I mean

43 thoughts on “The Orc Writer

  1. slams fists on table ORCS CAN WRITE

  2. Orcs can write.

  3. O R C S C A N W R I T E . Good for you Kael'thol you're an awesome person break the stereotype!

  4. well now this is a good spinoff it is very interesting and kinda like it alot

  5. I wish I was able to be as creative as you when I write. Me scribble big bloody shoot stabs.

  6. To be perfectly honest I saw the word Orc and thought you were bringing back project O.R.C from the space orcs series

    But I like this too

  7. โ€œOrcs can write.โ€ I support this orcโ€™s dream and wish him luck for his future!

    Also I hope you have a great day today P.M! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Yo, this is totally what my d&d character, a Full-Orc Wizard, is like in-game!
    God I love smart Orcs.

  9. This amazing! Great job pat, I'm proud of you ๐Ÿ˜

    Orcs can write!

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