The Origin of MC | Fruits of the Literature Club Chapter 5 – Part 1 (Sayori Route)

I still don't agree with this there will never be a mod ride don't agree with Gregory I'm being forced to a blood of a blob lodged there yeah hey guys what is up zero here welcome back to fruits of the literature club so let's talk about this so the reason you're looking at it and it's like you'd say Ori we're going with first chapter 5 is out kind of not really early release for early access so you what if you're watching it now it might be out depending on when you're watching but most likely for watching this the time the videos would uploaded it's not out but so right now the fall of the routes aren't even available you don't even the middle one doesn't even have a route go away what I know who it is I'm just saying it was like you don't have a route go away but it's the old people have routes are now is say Ori and Yuri so we are going to play say auras route first and then we'll play URIs and then lot the wait because Monica and Nazis aren't done yet yeah so now I think this should work who's like select chapter click say Ori and we go to chapter 5 there we go let's hope that worked there I don't know skip through anymore what was my main issue I'm glad I got fixed thank you Jesus now fruits can finally go on the St everyone's gonna yell at me because I referenced that yeah in a while I'm pretty sure her clothes were 5 I remember looking up I think those are the same clothes yeah a gays don't know what happened last time I can't give you early cab long enough you got to go look for yourself something happened to CRE yes she escaped basically how do I get out of here it seems like this forest just stretches on forever ouch my leg still hurts a lot I really helped zeros okay maybe I should go back and help him you could be really hurt and I might be able to save him no he said he wanted me to get home if I turn back now I could disrupt him and he could die so do what he wants he's doing this for me after all and I want to prove to him that I can be strong too well this time zero has been there to protect me and keep me safe from danger and when these guys took me beat me did things to me used me to get Monica hurt it made me realize how weak I really am I just want to be strong like my friends like zero so I will be strong I busily look around my surroundings in the dark in the night Saul's the force that makes things hard to see but if I keep going the direction zero gave me I can make it out of here when dad and I would go camping you always taught me that if I ever started to lose my orientation I can look around at the way the trees are angled all the trees are pointing in the opposite direction zero told me to go I move slowly and carefully onwards trying to make sure no one no one sees me Oh God that gunfire keeps making me jump it sounds like it's far away from me but it's so loud that I can't fully towel just ignore them say Orion just ignore them if they're still gunfire that means that zero still alive and leading them away please just don't be hurt I believe in you zero you're my hero ah thinking of my legs making it a little hard to keep running but I know I can keep going I can be killed if I don't get out of here ah my foot must have slipped under the small ditch ouch as I stand up I hear something behind me hello there little lady huh I turn and a man who's much taller than me grabs me and covers my mouth he looks to be around zeros height and weight but he's really pale and scary-looking he looks into my eyes and smells menacing menacingly into them No get off me never you little witch you have brought hell on to us the Grim Reaper walks among us and he's taking our lives so we're compensating for comput in recumbents we must take yours you freak he crawls on top of me but I may as I shoved my right knee up and make contact with his crotch yeah it's like it was it goes wide and privately pop out of his head pushing against it as hard as I can I lift my legs up I place my feet against his stomach that's a deeply exhale door leave the pain in my left thigh I pushed the man off of me falls backward into the ditch gave me a chance to get on to my feet and start running oh no no no I make it took that a few seconds start to chase me after again screaming as he gets closer get away from me ignoring this thing in my left eye and over a hill and anticipating the drop that follows and lose my footing and start to tumble down the hill and so I feel something hard hit my head and she dies my feet keep me moving despite the pain I feeling my left arm still weaving in between the trees I pass and gain more and more distance from my pursuers and say or II might say I'm sure I've lost them I can set up another ambush damn it can I actually get into one of the more greener and lost trees my arm wasn't refusing to cooperate with me the parting of my lungs with each breath I take him to kiss I need to stop and rest I've been running constantly and the adrenaline is going to wear off soon looking around my surroundings for any place to catch my breath no small cabin will have a mile to the east it looks to be surrounded by trees and could be a suitable place to catch my breath and rest and get behind a tree the couple large sized rock and throw it to the west yeah go and sound it causes should draw my pursuers away from me I haven't saw it bumps I go through the forest of the rock hits trees other and topsoil on its way down give me myself well and move away from the rocks direction towards the cabin cabin is decrepit from abandon and inconspicuous in nature I'm checking the busted windows and looking into it and I sneak into the door and close it behind me just I have my handgun at the ready I look around the room with my eyes adjusting to the pitch darkness then engulfs me so far so good there's someone slumped over and leaned against the wall opposite from me a squatter the person looks up and the face immediately throws me into panic zero say already what are you doing here trying to keep my voice down he back up the window in the forest I I tried to want to run away but someone caught me I managed to get away from him but then he started to chase me I was running away I slipped and fell that I really long Halen hit I hit my head when I woke up I was only dizzy so I tried to walk around and I found this place here and the dizziness thing go away so I sat down the rest of my head against the wall and then you walked in and scared me I tore to get out I told her to get out of the forest frustration willing up inside of my stomach my hand through my hair and be good to think alright we should wait here for a bit everything goes well over the next hour so we can leave this cabin and get you home do you think you'll be safe well they don't find us by then you could possibly assume we already got out the forest I like use that opportunity to escape I understand say or he looks around and stops on my left shoulder zero your shoulder serious eyes focus on a large blood stain on my left shoulder on my upper forearm it's nothing I just managed to get cut walls joining them away from you is it bad it stings but isn't something I haven't experienced before but enough worrying for now just just relax and stay quiet I holster my handgun in the small of my back around my waistline next time gently place one of my hands will say or his arm in on her back guiding her to sit down after a moment of making sure she's comfortable I sit down next door zero you look tired yeah that's nothing it's just the adrenaline wearing off what do you mean by that it's something that a lot of people specifically emergency services military and professional fighters go through the term is called in adrenaline exhaustion and my job your body produces high amounts of adrenaline due to times of stress effectively ignoring essential flight or fight or flight responses after your body exudes a lot of constant adrenaline uses too much energy in you become exhausted as an after fact I guess I'm just tired from everything so far yeah yes I can understand I'm really tired too my heart has been racing for a while now let's calm down I'm sleepy no solid no so I complete silence say where it breaks it I'm sorry that I caused all this as I look at her she turns her head away and avoids eye contact it was because of me that you and Monica got involved and got hurt she does turn to look at me myself our eyes are watery with her vent and remorse you guys are my friends and I didn't want this to happen you're a voice crack I've been arm around her pull her close don't apologize not for this I had no control over any of this he just came to help my gonna care about you just as much as you care about us I weren't about to sit around to do nothing about this but you guys I placed my index finger over her lips and make a quiet rushing noise say Ari I am rather painfully aware of the situation we're in the Monica's safe now I have to get you home safe as well well this was your fault so you shouldn't blame yourself for any of this especially if we came to help you I just want to go back to the days we were in the club just having fun peacefully I know I do too just days a piece of tranquillity or what I longed for as long it's the reason I came here to the city most heritable the hell in chaos when to live a normal life I didn't have to worry about hurting others I'm still not sure what you do for your job and I know you're a good person who just want to help and protect everyone no se re no I'm not I wish I could tell you how I truly feel inside but all of this about my past about my own fears after all I've learned is that I'm capable of ignoring my feelings and my hesitations we have to stay strong for say re and I appreciate you say are you uh-huh what do you mean by that all of a sudden I look up to you in a lot of ways how well I always seem so happy they struggle on the inside with your depression friends always a priority for you your concern for their safety and happiness is honorable fact you always want to do what is right well my voicecrack as I finish the sentence the turning sour taste lingers behind my words I actually really admire it it's not something I can do but you do it so easily that's something that I want to learn zero you can be sweet and caring at times to not affect ya like you always made sure I was okay if I was feeling sad during the club you always made sure I wasn't alone during lunch and how we would eat together and when the bully started bothering me you promised me you would protect me that's right okay you paid a bunch of girls start bullying the sweet girl just he could come in and save the day on an attempt to win her heart to exhaust the upset about that so I leaned my head back against the wall relax and I do that because I care about you say re not the effort I put in tonight you know the last few months what I've been put forth was anyone but you never since you started pestering me to join your club or even to walk you home afterward I felt something with you like you're someone I'm B I'm able to count on in more ways than one they haven't felt this way in a long time since I stopped my sentence abruptly this thing of tears welling up in my eyes sorry scoots closer to me and rest her head on my red shoulder thank you for everything you've done for me you're a great friend and a great boyfriend I don't respond it isn't that I don't know what to say that they can't physically bring myself to speak anymore exhaustion has to make each of my limbs heavier and heavier it's like you no longer move them I close my eyes and slowly lose consciousness and then he died see we're in hell at question mark time the worst time of hell hell doesn't tell you what time it is that's why it's called hell coughing makes my lungs burn more and more scratches and tears each convulsion I forced myself to my knees and place my hands on a cold concrete floor to hold me up now I managed to throw it up just give me these weird pills and drinks and they all make me either really dizzy or really sick I don't like it at all my stomach turns and makes me wince as a sharp pain causes me to vomit again uh-huh my body feels hot every time I puke I've been managing to drink water from the water hose for a while so I don't feel too sick anymore my stomach doesn't feel right after a few minutes I keep having hallucinations of beer things on the walls spiders weird figures shadows which is scary because there's no light in here to make them I just want to cry I want dad to like me my mom back the dizziness is coming back you can't hold myself up anymore the sounds of a loud bang and several people yelling wake me up drool oozes out of my mouth and puddles onto the floor yeah gross try to pick myself off their ground but I don't have the strength to yeah it's thought of something really loud most air startles me what's going on up there the door of the basement opens my heart sinks no someone's here to hurt me again I can't move God they're raiding is that my father turn off my head so I can see but my body store refuses to cooperate he rushed the other side of the room and heard something clicking like metal hear him stumble he's flying over something forcing all my remaining strength into my neck my turn in face of the sound is coming from my father's unlocking what looks to be a hidden lock that leads out of the basement outside he slides something out and drops it on the ground exposing the run to the light of the moon that shines outside wait what what I can't even speak now I'm too weak he doesn't even look back at me before he climbs out the basement disappears he left me he left me here Laura's in this house had come down here and hurt me and he left me how could he tears uncontrollably start to drip down my cheeks never has left him my heart has been torn open I can no longer control my breathing or my tears so there's more to his cruelty and insensitivity than I expected I mean kid your father kind of beat the out of you I think you'd be a little happy that he left you and he leave his son when he was spent years torturing without so much as a glance back exactly what wait a minute I'm a little confused there he spent I spent years torturing you why would you think he would care look why would you think he would care to come back I don't how dare you leave if anything what did most people were tortured be like a final he's gone the one good thing that happened he left me I I hate you I hate you Father a fraction of a second something snaps in my mind several pairs of footsteps walk down the stairs and around the room what is this one of the pair stops right in front of me before a flashlight I shine onto my face oh my god there's a kid down here looks injured – what are you above I don't know what we found your client Stanek coming from one of the people standing around me they have a child down here you heard me correct male white I'm gonna be pretty young and injured got it come upstairs now flashlight allows me to see several people who are all dressed in black and I'm scary guns walking around the room when does a girl with brown hair bundle estilo was talking on I think a walkie talkie yells a girl rip she talks back up the stairs a minute that feels like an eternity later another girl in the same get up as the rest walks down the stairs but she has blonde hair she walks over to me and kneels down to look me in the eyes dereck on you poor boy please huh please just leave me be I have enough strength to say those words I'm surprised I was able to get pleased out a girl's face stiffens but her eyes don't scare me anymore I'm not going to hurt you she looks around at the other people like she's about to make an impulsive decision dammit alright I'm going to take him the rest of you continue your sweep Shelley's in the room not and start moving about though those are guys so first I was like if a guy says I'll take him die so it's more or less like a so it's more like a damn it alright I'm going to take him there has to be continued your sweep Jerez in the room start moving about the girl in front of me gently places her hands and arms underneath me and lifts me up creating cradling me in her arms well what is she doing just leave me to die here she brings me up the stairs and into the hallway leads to the basement ah lights are all too bright for my eyes the handle I'm forced to squint or even closed my eyes nothing but plight is all I see my eyes are permanently broken from the constant darkness this is so uncomfortable my stomach burns I can barely breathe and I can't move and I can't see where I'm even being carried to if I myself slightly shaking my head trying to stop the lights I'm straining my eyes calm down calm down that's okay I promise I can't see how I'm being taken I've no idea what direction or even going in but all of a sudden the mites no longer sting my eyes and I'm greeted by a starry night sky what is out here I look around the large gravel that my father lived on several large grabbed a lot that my father lived on there several cars lined up lieutenant till a long cinderblock wall looks like the girl is carrying me to the last car of the line once you reach the car gee man just to get one of the doors open and places me on to the seat and afterwards yelps prop me up right and looks me in the eyes how are you feeling I tried to open my mouth but instead my chest feels heavy and I'm gonna fall forward luckily she grabs me before I can but I could and leave the seat back so I'm a comfortable relax just don't able to talk yet huh just lie there and rest for a while I'm voicing her image become hazy immediately after hearing those words I'm falling asleep poor kid looks like he's been through hell he's not only covered in cuts and bruises there's just a lot of vomit on the floor when we found him they drugged him to test the effects bastards he's just a boy damn Ashley it's been a while since I've seen you this go this is someone else question marks are confusing tell her to meet always talking damn Ashley it's been a while since I've seen you this concerned ever someone isn't one of us I can't help it Julia when you said there was a child down there alive like just my maternal instincts just took over seeing him there on the ground and just some death really sent some strong messages and signals to my mind I see her any soft anime no idea what you're talking about it's kind of cute you know Julia I don't know why we're gonna do about him he was listed nowhere on the briefing and I don't even think there's a proper procedure for the for this regarding the kid he must be his son should check for any children listed under his name mm-hmm he's truly alone in this role now no he isn't yeah ash are you going I'm gonna make a few calls and get the cleanup crew out here all right are you really taking that chance question marks help I mean I hope they hurt they do the opposite of help mark sock you should be like two question marks in like a third question mark one characters one question mark then someone else talking is to question why is it up who's talking here god damn it leaning on the wooden banister of my forearms I got onto the lake it's normally very blue and clear but the clouds will block that or it just means a gray pole of limitless thoughts and memories I keep looking off the side expecting okay who is this this is me this is me now okay if I keep looking off to the side expecting to be there with me whenever I do she isn't every time heart hurts intensely and it spoken to anyone at all since I was given the news to speak anymore there's no reason to there's some footsteps behind the end of hand is gently placed onto my shoulder hey got my head to look at Julia during a black suit no makeup I spread as just as she just stopped crying not responding back out into the lake she stalks him alone she takes a moment to lean onto the banister with me and taking the ironic see it's nothing in front of us I'm sorry Julia huh don't you start apologizing now I've heard that all day and coming from you just makes it worse I can't help it you were just as close to her as I was she laughs sadly I think you're wrong about that she loved you with all of her heart no she found you you knew you were going to be a big part of her life no I was I I caused her quite a lot of stress and misery Hey don't say things like that you're starting to sound like your old self right my apologies Julia once again Pat's my shoulder but then reaches around the places where I'm over my shoulder embracing me slightly this was her favorite place to be that's right I knew I'd find you if you brought you so many times as she thought she was annoying for doing it what now don't go off and start telling do you think things like that no no my voice sounds fine but I'm definitely trying to hide my emotions of Julia and the people around she's been annoying for bringing me to this place I always loved coming here even if I didn't say it Taman Ashley because that part is my fault I never told you I like this place even being here with you goddamnit I enjoyed every minute of being around you I didn't have to come to this to help me become Who I am today actually you see me for myself and all I wanted to do was dying give up on this world of course your beautiful blue eyes I'll pass my hatred and resentment you saw there was good in me I still need to know if I have that in me anymore since all I do is follow the orders I'm given and I with a cost or life involved this is affecting me a lot and I know it's hitting you worse do you want to talk about it no I think I'm just gonna sit here for a while all right Julia listen for embracing walks back to her car will be here right next to me when I could say that I was sorry for everything for all the hell I put you through being ignorant combative all the time well I could say thank you for everything promise you helped develop me of your own care how much effort you put into making me who I am I can't say those things I missed my chance and I never have it again zero and I need to tell you something I know life has been hard to you and it may seem like no one cares or is there for you but you mean a lot to me more than you'll ever know I'm here for you and even at the very blue sky were to fall now it's dead before you ready to protect you to guide you to watch you grow and develop gods above begin to cry on to the land noses of the quote itself had broken God's heart those who are left around me have already fled from the rain to their cars and left background the lakeside and appears I'm the only one left normally the rain doesn't bother me today is so much heavier and every drop that hits me has a weight that just adds to the imminent sense of the world crashing onto my shoulders this guy's following Ashley you aren't before me I'm alone and I don't know what to do he able to keep the strength of my legs anymore I fall on my knees and lead to it and lean towards the ground with my hands rest against the wooden deck and support me don't cry zero don't cry tears start to blur my vision as I desperately try to keep them inside no matter how hard I try the tears fall I miss you Ashley throw my body up and screaming to the sky after my explosive outburst I throw my hands back out onto the ground and start to bang my fist against the deck and I myself then I hesitate anymore I start crying loudly and desperately try to get this pain in my heart to go away but it doesn't fade no matter how hard I scream or cry all of a sudden feel a hand rest against my shoulder I turned back look at the figure through my tears Sarah Julie stands behind me shocked and also crying as soon as she never thought this burst of emotion would come out of me she doesn't say anything else after calling my name drops onto the deck with me and wraps her arms around me we both sit and cry together in the rain for a while a creep okay well that's a anything that's a good place to put end dish so yeah things are getting interested we got our MC flashback uh I mean I guess we all kind of assumed actually died so she died I think that was pretty obvious we are we saw an MC mourn he was mourning of course and yeah also we learned to say or he can't follow instructions and now she's in the house with us so I'm interested see where that goes see what to say or you can see it's gonna be like resonable for say or he's it's gonna be actually we're gonna have to tell her to move in places or who knows maybe we can get what I think is gonna happen where say Ori she's been beaten up so badly she's finally she's gonna stand up she's gonna help us you gonna beat the out of somebody that's something I'm gonna go into a little later probably at the end of this route and I'll go into something about I'll go into something about the characters that I think should happen now go into it at the end of this route you'll see what I'm talking about but yeah anyway that is it for this episode hope you guys enjoyed depending on when you're watching this the link might be in the description down below and I not be sorry for the short episode it might be a longer one next time who knows maybe I'm trying to keep these short to give you people the reason to keep coming back grande it's been 30 minutes it's not that short anyway don't be don't be stingy don't be greedy I've got 30 minutes anyway yeah hope you guys enjoyed this has been zero wanna don't

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    Spooky Forest Geometry aside, Chapter 5 seems off to a fairly good start. We already knew just about everything in the flashbacks, but it was nice to see some of the details filled in, and to have MC show more emotion. I'm curious to hear what you're going to go into about the characters, but yeah, before that happens we gotta get out of this cabin, heh. Can't wait for Part 2!

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