The OTI – Arabic Poetry – Imam Shafi’

يُخاطِبُني السَفيهُ بِكُلِّ
قُبحٍ ‎فَأَكرَهُ أَن أَكونَ
لَهُ مُجيبا ‎يَزيدُ سَفاهَةً فَأَزيدُ
حِلماً ‎كَعودٍ زادَهُ الإِحراقُ
طيبا As-salaam-Alaikum. I’m your brother Akhlaaq again today with you with some amazing poetry. This is a very, very famous poem by a very, very
famous scholar of Islam, Muhammad ibn Idris Ashafi’ and this poem you often hear recited
all over the world. He says ‎يُخاطِبُني السَفيهُ بِكُلِّ
قُبحٍ The foolish person addresses me with every
type of ugliness. ‎فَأَكرَهُ أَن أَكونَ
لَهُ مُجيبا I have to respond to him. I have to reply
to him. ‎يَزيدُ سَفاهَةً فَأَزيدُ
حِلماً He increases in his foolishness, so I increase
in my patience. ‎كَعودٍ زادَهُ الإِحراقُ
طيبا just like incense, the more you burn it, the
more fragrant it becomes. An amazing piece of poetry. This is a reminder that often you are going to be in situations. You are going to be in
discussions, where you’re being asked to discuss ugly things things which may embarrass you
things which you may not want to talk about, your being addressed in a foul way talking
about foul things, but you have to respond. You have to reply so here Imam Ashafi’,
he’s saying that I’ve been in the same situation as you are. What’s the best way
to deal with that. He says the more ugly the situation becomes, the more angry the person
becomes, the more ugly that character becomes. He says in a beautiful analogy. Be like incense, the more it’s burned the
more fragrant and the more beautiful aromas that you give off. i.e. the more your character
simply just improves in the face of a poor character and the face of poor manners. This
is really really amazing amazing advice and this is all of course predicated on controlling
your emotions. Controlling your temperament at the time that is needed to be done. So who is Imam Ashafi’. He is known Abu
Abdullah Mohammed ibn Idris Ashafi’ , and he was Qurayshi. He was from the the tribe
of Quraysh. He was born 150 after Hijri. He died 204 after Hijri. As you know he was a
very, very famous scholar. He was the third great Imam of the Ahl Sunnah wal jammah. He
was Faqih, he was a Muhadith, a Mufasir and he was also Lugawi. He had the ability and
talent to write poetry. So this poem has been attributed to him and he was a judge, a Qadi.
He was known for his intellect and his intelligence and he was also surprisingly a very, very
skilled archer, it’s often said about that he would very rarely miss his target so Allah
Subhan wa ta’la has blessed him in a number of ways. One of the way that he blessed
him was, he was very eloquent, he was a linguist and his advice was very, very universal. Anybody
can follow this Muslim and Non Muslim alike. JazakAllah khair. I am your brother Akhlaaq
and Inshaa Allah I’ll see you on our next dose of Arabic poetry. As-Salaam Alaikum.

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