The Outing – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

the outing right class X right class X I’m talking I’m talking I want complete quiet and that includes you David Alexander yes you no need to turn around baby there aren’t any other David Alexander’s here are there Louise it isn’t absolutely necessary for your watch to play us London’s burning just now is it right as you know it was our planned to go out today to the Science Museum now I had hoped that it wouldn’t be necessary for me to tell you yes you as well Abdul you’re in class 6 as well aren’t you I saw that mark I saw that any more anything out no trip nothing I had hoped that it wouldn’t be necessary for me to tell you how to behave when we go on a trip but and this is a big but you haven’t heard a word I’ve said have you Donna this is a big but I have to tell you how to behave don’t I why yes it is because you never listen but there’s another reason isn’t there yes Warren because of what happened last time let’s remind ourselves of a few things shall we the food even as I speak would chupa leave it I can see that fan has opened her can of drink I don’t I don’t believe it I really don’t do we have lunch at 9:30 at school no we have lunch at 12:15 but fan you’ve already begun yours if you remember last time Joanna had eaten all her sandwiches before she even got to school Lloyd sat on his orange and bursted an Alfred put one of those little chocolate Swiss rolls in his pocket and yes it melted yes so remember lunch is when yes yes yes yes of course lunch is at lunchtime but when 1250 correct now perhaps I thought when I got up this morning I won’t have to tell classics about what to do when we get to the station but then I remembered David’s little gang who decided they wouldn’t wait for me to tell them what train to get on and before we all knew it David and his little gang we’re heading for the seaside on their own now when we get to the museum of course you’re not listening are you live yeah but then of course you didn’t listen last time did you and then you wondered why you’re set on Lloyd’s Orange after Lloyd had already sat on it once when we get to the museum do we run about the corridors do we run around screaming do we go sliding on the shiny floors no we don’t know we don’t know it Thank You Marvin that’s enough very glad you’ve got jam in your sandwiches Mervyn we’re all glad you’ve got jam and your sandwiches Mervyn but what’s it got to do with sliding on the floor of the Science Museum precisely nothing I’m very sorry Mervyn but nobody nobody at all wants to know about the jam in your sandwiches move in now when you’re ready when you’re quiet we’ll all go that doesn’t mean leaping up in the air does it Karen Louise why is your watch now playing the he’s a jolly good fellow yes I know it could be she’s a jolly good fellow Zoe but that isn’t what we’re talking about now is it moving if I hear about your sandwiches your Jan or the jam in your sandwiches if I hear about any of it once more I shall give them to the Ducks yes John what do you want I don’t know what ducks John any ducks right when this complete quiet complete quiet you’ll find your partners and stand by the door oh no not one of those not another one of those little chocolate Swiss rolls again Alfred surely not Marcia you cannot have Charmaine and Donna as your partner because that makes three and three doesn’t mean partner does it and perhaps you could put your comb in your bag for at least three seconds just giving us enough time to get to the door right okay then classics we’re off why not leave your watch in Louise

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  2. This is my second favorite poem. Any part with that Mervin (or is it Mervyn?) is funny. I can tell so many grade school teachers can relate to this poem.

  3. I am suprised there are 12 comments. This is one of Michaels best poems!

  4. This is so damn true. Well done for capturing a classroom so well micheal

  5. I'm very sorry Mervin but no body nobody at all wants to know about your sandwiches

  6. It's not even edited and it's still amazing. Michael Rosen is just brilliant.

  7. londens burning, Londens burning! fetch the enjens, fetch the enjens! fier, fier! fier,fier! pour on water ,pour on water ! I ❤Londens burning ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍💔💓💓💝💜💛💚

  8. 3:04 But Nobody, Nobody At All Wants To Know About The Jam In Your Sandwiches… M E R V I N


  10. W E R E A L L G L A D Y O U ‘ V E G O T J A M I N Y O U R S A N D W I C H E S

  11. im t a l k i n g
    There's a big butt sniggering
    s t a t i o n
    M E R V I N
    the ducks?!?!
    oh no
    p a r t n e r

  12. I went to watch you at Chester story house on Monday 12th of November 2018 you were amazing!!!!!

  13. Great poem Michael, I used to read and listen to your poems all the time. My favorite books were Don't put Mustard in the Custard, Quick let's get out of here, The Hypnotizer and Hairy Tales and Nursery Crimes. I'm looking forward to seeing more especially from Hairy Tales and Nursery Crimes . You're extremely talented.

  14. I'm very sorry but nobody, no one at all wants to know about the jam in your sandwiches MeRvYn

  15. Your the best Micheal your rhymes are so funny (: and your YouTube channel is really good

  16. Michael I'm talking to you its time for bed Michael: alright

  17. that doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about M E R W I N . No one cares about if you have jam in your sandwich or not M E R W I N .

  18. I like how at 3:45 you can hear a small goggle come from behind the camera.

  19. I'm going out on a limb and saying that that Orange proved that Lloyd wasn't really the brightest bulb.

  20. Right guys, we parked the Rocket Ship I'm Talking (x2) I want complete quiet And that includes you FredBear Yes you no need to scare anyone are they Freddy isn't absolutely necessary for you to stuff anyone in suits just now it's it
    Right as you know it's our plan to go out to a trip to The Science Museum = Leisure Theatre Now I had hope won't be necessary yes you Maya your with us I saw that Felicia I saw Thanks Leo for Sing in Sheet

  21. I was scrolling through the comments like I always do when Michael said ” are you listening Lydia ”

    My name is Lydia and I wasn't listening
    I love Michael so much ever since I watched him at school whilst learning about writing poems

    Also when I wrote Michael it came up with Michael Jackson

  22. My friend changed it for our talent show and not to be rude or anything but I actually think he did it better than michael

  23. If I hear about your sandwiches, your jam, or the jam in your sandwichs then I will feed them to the DUCKS

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