The Past: A Poem

there was a time when I lived out of a suitcase. traveling always on lonely trains, dust
in my shoes and dust in my heart. there was a time when I had no home,
only empty houses, houses of strangers, unfamiliar faces,
file folders and legal cases of children that nobody wanted. There was a time when I lived alone trapped in my head where imaginary friends held my hand and led me to greener
pastures, greener than the empty gray rooms where I waited in reality for unfeeling adults to tell me to stop talking about shoes and ships fairies in glades and sky whales who exhale clouds there was a time when I was alone in the world and hope seemed a fickle thing, but that time has passed.

25 thoughts on “The Past: A Poem

  1. To everyone who is wondering if this is coming back, it is! The cast is currently in Canada filming for the next season! They held that Kickstarter for a reason; to continue the story of modern Anne! The Jane Andrews account also has a new video up on it as well and you should go check it out! Also check up on the Green Gables Fables instagram, twitter, and facebook to see the cast and production crew experiencing Canada for the first time! <- I feel like I am stealing someone's job by saying this.

  2. Great writing, Marie! Loved this so much. Can't wait to see you back again on my screen, @AnneWithAnE

  3. I find this simple yet profound. I think Anne has made the best video so far since it captures the essence of the assignment.

  4. this is beautiful! haha, i want to say more but sadly, words are not enough to express my admiration to the writer 馃檪

    that aside, i cannot wait for the second season! i sometimes feel like a stalker, visiting the cast and crews twitter and instagram pages, not to mention the daily checking of snapchats updates just to know what is happening haha. oh well.

  5. I am never going to read Anne of Green Gables again without imagining Mandy Harmon as the titular character. She IS Anne. Wonderful poem!!

  6. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help with kick starter. Just found out about this web series. I hope I can help in the future as you keep growing awesome!

  7. I liked it…. BUT…. I want more!!!! 馃槢

    LOL! 聽It sounds like it was the beginning of a longer poem, and it ended just when it was about to say, BUT NOW…….

    Will you guys continue it 馃槈

  8. So cute! I'm excited for these videos to continue! Great way of reading the text, too! Now I wish I could reread Anne of Green Gables again!

  9. Can anyone tell me what the song is in the background? It is so gorgeous! Also, lovely job on the poem. I felt it talked about the past and how it was not perfect, but hints at a future that is. Cannot wait to see the next season!

  10. Your videos are so artistic and too perfect, Anne! <3 I've missed you so much!

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