The POEMS Breast Cancer Clinical Trial – Breast Cancer Trials

The POEMS trial was really looking at whether
we can reduce the risk of premature menopause related to chemotherapy using a drug called
Zoladex. That trial was really groundbreaking because we showed that using Zoladex through
monthly injections during the time that the women were having their chemotherapy, it substantially
reduces the risk of them going through early menopause. So this is great news for women.
I had a patient who was very young and developed breast cancer. She was randomly assigned to
the treatment arm of the trial and, in fact, several years later she was still very well
and stood up one day to see me when I called her in from the waiting room and I could see
that she had a rather round tummy and indeed she was pregnant. So the use of Zoladex during
chemotherapy is now an option for women if they want to reduce the risk of developing
premature menopause.

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