The POEMS Clinical Trial – Breast Cancer Trials

When I first found out I had breast
cancer I was devastated. Crying, yelling in the street that,
you know, I was never going to become a mother. I remember thinking the exact same thing
and I always knew I wanted to be a mum, my whole life, I knew that’s that was my
ultimate goal. So the only thing that’s going through your mind is am I going to
get through this, have a future and have a family, especially when
you’re 30-something. You’re certainly not thinking
you’re gonna get cancer I first found out about the clinical
trial at my oncologist appointment. The drug would essentially put my ovaries to
sleep and protect them from the chemotherapy. After my treatment I wasn’t
planning on having children straight away but less than
six months and I was pregnant. This is when my oncologist
met Jack for the first time. You can tell by the smile
on her face how proud she was the trial worked. I was also able to have a child
due to that trial that you did. I remember the feeling when
I got my first period again. It was like when I was 14
all over again. It was very exciting. We all cried and
then, yeah, a few months later, I was pregnant I found out. You really changed my life
whether you knew it or not and I think that’s extraordinary.
You’re extraordinary. I loved being pregnant.
Yeah, so did I. It’s just the best isn’t it.
I enjoyed every minute of it. My son is now nine years old and he’s
just a ball of energy, smart and wonderful and I
just love him. My little boy is the light of my life.
I’m so grateful that I got him.
He’s just beautiful. That’s why research is so important because you and I have very
similar stories, almost identical in some ways, yet you’re carrying the BRCA gene
and I’m not so that tells me that there’s something else going on and it’s
so incredibly crucial that we have the people that are willing to
participate in these trials. Being on the trial was a
great experience. The team was absolutely
fabulous to me, any questions were answered.
I’ve felt very supported. Your hair is really coming back there. It came back, it took a little
while but then it came back. If I met a woman now with breast cancer I
would tell them to be proactive. Get as much advice as you can, ask as many
questions as you can and do everything you can to survive and
come out the other side of it. I definitely would recommend any
woman to participate in a trial. It’s awesome to think of how many women
the trial has helped and will help.

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