The poet and The boy || Korean BL

Hey, Mr. Heyeon yeah? Shit, This isn’t because you pity me, right? Huh? No, right? What are you doing tomorrow? they saw me with my eyes rolled back in my head, foaming at the mouth and about to pass out. I think that’s when i became an idiot. Mister! It’s a gift Did you play me? Won’t you come with me? Come with me. Is Mr.Hyeon home? Is this what i get for being nice to you? Ever since we met, I’ve been… Who asked you to be nice to me? I said, Who asked you to be nice to me? Please just say you won’t leave. Please don’t say that you’re leaving. Please. Please. I met him first. We are family. Then i want that, too I need someone like that, too. They say it was nuts at the hospital, getting my stomach pumped. But I don’t remember any of it. Let’s go. Come with me. When are you coming? Ah, I can’t do it. I mean, I can’t come. Why not? Come with me.
I can do that. Seyun! Seyun! I can’t help but do this. I’m leaving.

8 thoughts on “The poet and The boy || Korean BL

  1. Human gets attracted to something they're missing in their own life. oof, i need that kind of love πŸ˜­πŸ’”

    This is sooo amazing and touching! i will watch this for sure! 🌸

  2. Heavy breathing OMG! The same boy from "love alarm".. already have BL movie!?

    Yep, You broke me again ;___; I haven't seen this movie.. But This is so painful to watch! it hurt my heart πŸ’” Your edit is so emotional and dark + This song.. oh god…its so unfair! .. I'm speechless! This is full of feelings ❀

  3. I didn't see their chemistry maybe bcs I see them looks like dad and son (?).. Just my feeling and opinion.. But I loved ur video. It's beautiful.

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