The Poet Is In 2015

Paula the selfless Paula the loved blue-eyed and fair-haired my cool aunt the one who showed me how to draw outside of the lines I'm Amy Houseman on the deputy director of MCA arts and design and today we're at Fulton Center in lower Manhattan and we're celebrating National Poetry Month we're working with our partners at the Poetry Society of America who helped us with the poetry in motion program and we've invited over 20 award-winning poets to be with us to create special poems unique poems for members of the public music under New York is here with us today where we have a whole roster of incredible musicians that are flying at Fulton Center we all start featuring artwork by Frank viva on the large screens it's a free event it's open to everyone and we've been really thrilled to have so many people here with us today the title is for paula from Rafael via Patrick the day I arrived in a pink scarf as homeless her Skylar was written Mike Timothy Lou Skylar is a gymnast and she loves Harry Potter for Brad lights out having poetry at the intersections of New York where all kinds of people pass through daily and this vision was made possible by the MTA Arts and Design the Poetry Society of America and many many many dozens of poets who have come here to sit at the desk and write poems for people who sit down my poet was Mattia Harvey and I asked for a poem for my husband did a great job she made me cry which was great 21 years zips by like a line spooling out from a typewriter 21 years and I am still opening the door to a stranger I've been an uncle a long time but each new face brings its own dawn you'll never see Harry Potter swinging from the low bar too high never seen him riding a camel across the desert I just think it's like the most incredible thing to see that poetry actually can matter I find the faces and the stories that are shared so openly I'm kind of moving I thought I was scorched earth loves fire releasing across the anchors of my heart I thought I was done then we met and he showed me a truth I forgotten the wonders you've seen how sharp and wise your third eye the one that sees in full color every hue and texture alive in their blood lover of all things ephemeral ancient and forgotten father of Tess and Lydia lover of poetry poetry poetry pochi belongs to the people it always has this event to me illustrates that the poets who come here to write overjoyed to be here the people who come to wait in line are hungry from what really only poetry can give them it's very quick here you're given six minutes so you want to touch down on something that will surprise them because in a way that's what a palm does out of the trees and hills into the garden inside this big city to see all the moving pictures and meet the poet's c'est la vie we've made together ten years since the day we stood together and the great good fortune of being together the heart is not a pear blossom the brain is not a peach each wish is aware wrapped in a pink scarf swag if you miss the poetry in motion the poet is in festival today we welcome you to enjoy poetry on the subways and buses throughout the rest of the year we hope to see you next year

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