The Poetic Read: Mastering Voice Over and Communication Skills. Tips For Voice Over Actors

– Hey what’s up, my name is Kabir Singh, I’m a voice actor, poet, and philosopher from
Los Angeles, California. One of my favorite types of deliveries of a voiceover script, or when I’m reading some sort of copy is the poetic read. Now the poetic read is a
very special type of read, but I think everyone has a
little bit of poeticness in ’em. And how to articulate it using your voice can be a fun little experiment. And for me, the poetic read
is my specific cadence. And a lotta, people do different
poetries in different ways. You know, you have the beat poets that really punch their
words, and they hit ’em really like this, they go high and down, and that’s one style. But there’s other types of poets too. I mean if you look at the early writings of any really good rapper,
whether it be Tupac or Nas or one of these really good rappers that used to write poetry,
their book of rhymes, ah, the poetry was subtle,
and the cadence was different than what you expected poetry to be. For me, my poetic style, it involves a different style of poetry. I like to rhyme all my words, but when you’re dealing
with a voiceover copy that doesn’t have words that rhyme, how do you bring that poetic spirit out? And that could be a fun
experiment you can do. So if you’re on a microphone,
and you have a certain copy, now the feeling was you
could look at certain words, and tie an emotion to it. Let’s call it a poetic emotion,
whether it’s deep love, or some sort of deep sorrow. You can have these poetic emotions, and find ways as an actor to feel ’em, but technically speaking
also when you’re doing like a voiceover project that is looking for an
inspired poetic read, it just takes a little bit
of massaging that pace, that rhythm, learning which
words you would like to punch, and which words you would
like to just run by. And that’ll help you find your cadence. And this is just purely for,
you’re not gonna do this, these types of reads too
much for commercials. They’re very specific
reads for like churches, and inspiring, that are
looking for inspired, inspiring their congregation. And the poetic read, when you’re looking for
the poet inside of you, you don’t have to rhyme the words. It’s not about finding poetry that rhymes. A poet is the one who
can understand suffering. One who can understand life, one who can understand love,
and one who can understand, or at least hope to understand these different human emotions. And then communicate ’em in a verbal beat, in a verbal pattern. And then you’re gonna learn
to find your own beat, and a little bit of music knowledge, or a little bit of rhythm can help. But they’re all tools out
there that you can learn to find your inner poet. So when you’re doing any
type of voiceover copy that requires you to
read in a poetic nature, work with the cadence,
work with your volume. Play around with the highs and the lows, the peaks and the valleys. And that, and a poetic read, look at references of
great poets, you know. Even stuff from Emerson, Shakespeare, these are all great poets. So I hope that was helpful a little bit inside of the poetic read. Again my name is Kabir Singh, voice actor, poet and philosopher. You can find out my
work at

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